Join me and other F1 Fanatics at the British GP this weekend (Update)

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I'm hoping to meet lots of you at the British Grand Prix this weekend
I'm hoping to meet lots of you at the British Grand Prix this weekend

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There’s been a big response to our plans for a Silverstone Meet & Greet on the forum and on Facebook.

So far it looks like there could be around 100 of us heading to Silverstone for the Grand Prix – here’s when and where we plan to meet up.

Here are the details of when aand where we’ll be having the meet and greets over the weekend.

The F1 Fanatic rucksack
The F1 Fanatic rucksack
I’ll be wearing a bag with an ‘F1 Fanatic’ logo on

the back (see photo) to help you identify me. I’ll also try to post some pictures of the locations on Twitter once I get to the track.


8.50-9.15 – Formula BMW practice
10.00-11.30 – Formula 1 first practice
11.55-12.25 – GP2 first practice
12.50-13.15 – Formula BMW qualifying
13.15-14.00 – F1 Fanatic Meet & Greet – Stowe area
14.00-15.30 – Formula 1 second practice
16.00-16.30 – GP2 qualifying
17.00-17.45 – Porsche Supercup practice

STOWE AREA – I plan to be at Stows for the first Meet & Greet. Silverstone have one of their ‘eZones’ near here and usually some food vans, so keep an eye out for me near here.


Please note the meet and greet for Saturday has been cancelled. I’ve been invited to join Ferrari and have a look around the team’s garage during practice, which I’m sure you’ll understand I’m very keen to do! Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to make it back in time for the meet-up. The Friday and Sunday meet-and-greets will be going ahead as planned.

10.00-11.00 – Formula 1 third practice
11.25-12.10 – Porsche Supercup qualifying
13.00-14.00 – Formula 1 qualifying
15.00-16.15 – GP2 feature race
16.30-17.00 – Formula BMW first race
17.30-18.00 – Silverstone historic sports car qualifying


8.20-8.50 – Formula BMW second race
9.30-10.20 -GP2 sprint race
10.45-11.20 – Porsche Supercup race
11.45-12.30 – F1 Fanatic Meet & Greet – Abbey area
1.00 – British Grand Prix
15.00-15.30 – Silverstone historic sports car race

ABBEY AREA – As the cars approach Abbey there is a concrete area just before the seating begins. This will be the location for our second meet-up on Sunday.

You can download a complete British Grand Prix timetable from the F1 Fanatic

This is the first time I’ve tried to do a meet-up like this, so if you have any suggestions please share them below! The ‘end times’ suggested aren’t fixed – it would be great to watch some of the action with you all when possible.

I’ll be posting updates about what’s going on regarding the meet-up in this post, on the Facebook page and on Twitter with me. Plus, if you get in touch with me via the contact form, I’ll keep you in the loop via email as well.

These are the locations I had in mind (you may need to zoom out slightly to see the markers properly):

Stowe area

F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Stowe
F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Stowe

Abbey area

F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Abbey
F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Abbey
F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Abbey
F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Abbey

But again, I’m open to other suggestions. Can’t wait to meet you all at the Grand Prix!