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Get the most out of your British Grand Prix trip with these tips
Get the most out of your British Grand Prix trip with these tips

We’ve had hundreds of responses from F1 fans who’ve been to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and have loads of advice and experience to share.

Whether you need to know when to get there, what to take, or where to watch from, we’ve got loads of ideas and tips to help you out:

Getting in

Remember also that General Admission tickets are all standing, generally on a grass bank. You have to get to the circuit very early to get a good place to watch the race. If you go for these take some camping chairs with you! In 2007 we had General Admission tickets and watched from Club which was brilliant!
Christian Briddon

On race day last year we were staying in Northampton and got up at 05:30, left the hotel at 06:00 and got to Silverstone for about 07:15. If you leave it any later you will get stuck in HUGE amounts of traffic.

If you get up REALLY early you won?t regret it.

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Park and ride

Lots of fans will be using the park and ride bus service to get to the track:

if you are going to Hinton in the Hedges park and ride, don?t go by junction eleven because that?s where all the traffic is, so take junction 10 instead. I did that last time (after getting lost) and saved me around twenty minutes.

The park and ride sites are open from 2am on the Sunday. The first buses will depart for the circuit at 5:30am. Depends on what ticket type you have, General Admission ticket holders I understand, start to queue quite early for the best places to watch from.

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What to take

Make sure you’ve got what you need to enjoy the action:

You can take in chairs, but the smaller the better (not just because of concerns about obstruction, but because it will be easier to carry). If you can find one of those rucksacks that has an integrated seat, that would be ideal. If you don?t bring a seat, you will be standing. While there are places where it is theoretically possible to sit, it would be on a grass bank and thus only appropriate if it?s sunny, you bring a towel or something like that and you get there extremely early.

I know from experience that Club?s a good place to go if you have a general admission ticket because you can see a lot of the circuit. That said, if I?ve heard correctly, there are no truly bad places to watch the race from as long as you get there early – it depends on what you want to see.

There are a number of giant screens around the circuit and if your budget doesn?t stretch to a Kangaroo, try to get in viewing range of one.
Alianora La Canta

I?m planning on going to Argos tomorrow to buy my full length poncho in case it rains, at ??4.90 its worth having in my book.

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Where to watch

Friday is a great day for exploring the track and watching from a range of vantage points. Here’s some tips on where to stand:

The exit to Copse is good – real impression of speed. The entry to Becketts is also a special place, mental change of direction. And the exit to Club is good, as you see the cars for a long time.
Scott Joslin

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General tips

Extra useful advice:

Merchandise is dear in the circuit but just over the foot bridge fronm the main entrance is a little tented sort of shopping village and it?s a lot cheaper for the same gear, you?ve just got to be bothered to walk.
Paul Havell

You can leave the circuit as many times as you want during the day, you just get a stamp on your hand at the gate when you leave the first time. We usually nip back in between the track action to use the showers and stuff because you dont have to queue like you do first thing in the morning or in the afternoon when everyone gets back.
Claire MSJ

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Getting out

And finally…

Getting out of the circuit on the Sunday has always been quite slow, even after hanging around at the track for a bit after, and then going back, dismantling the tents and casually packing up, we still managed to take roughly an hour and a half/two hours to do a journey which would usually take an hour.
Claire MSJ

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