Jenson Button to use fan’s helmet design

Jenson Button is using a special helmet for this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

It was designed by Bernie Zohl, a fan whose ‘Push the Button’ theme won a competition run by the Brawn team.

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20 comments on “Jenson Button to use fan’s helmet design”

  1. I think Glock is doing this – wearing a fan designed helmet. Is it just me or does it get to be a bit traditional that drivers wera fan-designed helmets at Silverstone. If I recall correctly Wurz had it too in his last ever Silverstone race and frankly it was way better then his usual helmet-design. Despite being made by a 10-year old…

  2. I’m very impressed!!

    I entered, but really couldn’t get the hang of the graphical interface you had to use to design the helmet. I thought I had a few good ideas (though none as cool as the winning one!) but couldn’t translate them onto the screen. I wish they’d offer a downloadable template that you could do your design on and then email to them…

  3. Oh no! This is a disaster – Hasn’t he realised that whenever a driver has a special helmet, or a one-off car paint-job, that that car will not finish the race!!

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