Mosley: F1 may go to Silverstone in 2010

Robert Kubica, BMW, Silverstone, 2007, 470150

On the eve of the British Grand Prix FIA President Max Mosley has raised the prospect of the race returning to Silverstone in 2010 instead of moving to Donington Park.

Speaking to the BBC Mosley said he thought it was very likely there would be a British Grand Prix next year – even if Donington isn’t ready in time.

This contradicts Bernie Ecclestone’s oft-repeated insistence that if Donington Park is not ready for 2010, the British Grand Prix may have to skip a year.

Given the political turmoil F1 faces at the moment – with no guarantees what form of world championship may take place in 2010 – it is likely to be some sort of political manoeuvre on Mosley’s part.

At very least, with the FIA deciding not to publish details of its proposed 2010 F1 teams list today as promised, it may simply be an attempt to deflect attention away from the wider crisis facing Formula 1.

Regardless of whether the offer is serious or not, it makes sense for F1 to keep a British round on the calendar: the reigning world champion is British, and the team and driver leading the championships at present are both British, as are most of the current teams’ bases.

As discussed earlier this week, Britain attracts far more fans than new venues like Istanbul or Shanghai.

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30 comments on Mosley: F1 may go to Silverstone in 2010

  1. manatcna said on 22nd June 2009, 2:15

    “Whoever would make the decision to skip Britain would be a lunatic.”

    Well, Mosley is, anyway

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