Pole position and strategy advantage put Vettel in strong position to win

Sebastian Vettel will be hard to stop in tomorrow's race

Sebastian Vettel will be hard to stop in tomorrow's race

Sebastian Vettel starts the British Grand Prix from pole position and with more fuel on board than anyone in the top ten – giving him an excellent chance of winning tomorrow.

Here’s the drivers’ fuel weights in full.

Qualifying Name Weight Fuel (kg) First stint (laps)
1 Sebastian Vettel 666.5 61.5 24
2 Rubens Barrichello 657.5 52.5 20
3 Mark Webber 659.5 54.5 21
4 Jarno Trulli 658 53 20
5 Kazuki Nakajima 652.5 47.5 18
6 Jenson Button 657.5 52.5 20
7 Nico Rosberg 661.5 56.5 22
8 Timo Glock 660 55 21
9 Kimi Raikkonen 654 49 19
10 Fernando Alonso 654 49 19
11 Felipe Massa 675 70 27
12 Robert Kubica 689.5 84.5 33
13 Heikki Kovalainen 695.5 90.5 35
14 Nelson Piquet Jnr 682.5 77.5 30
15 Nick Heidfeld 665.5 60.5 23
16 Giancarlo Fisichella 668 63 24
17 Sebastien Bourdais 687.5 82.5 32
18 Adrian Sutil 692 87 34
19 Lewis Hamilton 666 61 23
20 Sebastien Buemi 672.5 67.5 26

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52 comments on Pole position and strategy advantage put Vettel in strong position to win

  1. lukeaa said on 20th June 2009, 18:45

    Amazing performance from vettel, i really hope this is just a blip for brawn but it looks like red bull have got their game together

  2. Mussolini's pet cat said on 20th June 2009, 18:50

    I wouldnt worry, Vettel will bottle it. Webber will break down, Barrichello will just fade away, leaving Jenson to win. HOORAY!

    • pSynrg said on 21st June 2009, 0:02

      I’m kind of with you on this. But I hope not…

    • Dougie said on 21st June 2009, 9:00

      I’m kinda hoping that Barrichello drives his usual race, and therefore finishes third. Red Bull strategy costs Webber the win and he ends up second.

      Buttons ability to real in the laps when it counts, his masterful overtaking on the first lap, and the Brawn strategy puts him out front for the win.

      Vettel??… oh, he binned it on the first lap ;-)

  3. aero said on 20th June 2009, 19:04

    Right after qualifying I suspected Vettel of running light, but he’s proved me wrong. Great job by him, he’s definitely in a prime position to win the race now.

  4. cswilly said on 20th June 2009, 19:18

    What the heck is Alonso’s comment that they have a good strategy–he is almost the lightest guy in the top ten. Today it he was just slow.

  5. iceshiel said on 20th June 2009, 19:28

    absolutely stunning drive by vettel!! heaviest car in Q1 goes fastest by a good margin!

  6. Hammad said on 20th June 2009, 19:37

    If Button wins this race, it’ll really suck…

    • matt said on 20th June 2009, 19:49

      In terms of the championship it might, but it’s bound to be a fairly interesting race if someone that far back wins.

    • Mussolini's pet cat said on 20th June 2009, 23:17

      rubbish, it’ll prove once and for all he’s world champ quality.

  7. StrFerrari4Ever said on 20th June 2009, 20:15

    Damn what a lap by Seb it looked great on TV but seeing these fuel loads makes it more impressive tommorow is his race to lose and i hope he doesn’t lose it Webber i want him to win to end his bad luck but Vettel with a performance like that would deserve it.
    Interestingly Trulli said he could’ve gone quicker on his final lap and that 3rd was a possibility lets just say Webber wasn’t compromised and got pole or 2nd then Trulli would be 3rd on a similar fuel load to both Brawns which would show that Brawn can be caught up and Williams aren’t far off the race is shaping up to be breathtaking :D

  8. Ronman said on 20th June 2009, 20:36

    My view of the opening lap is that Barrichelo will blast off the line pass vettel and command the race. Jenson will play catchup, and because webber is sore out of luck, as always, he will loose the 3rd spot for Jenson…

    but seriously, does it matter? if FOTA split, all this is pointless, so would the past 60 years…

    • HounslowBusGarage said on 20th June 2009, 20:54

      Sorry Ronman, I take the opposite point of view. FIA/FOTA is pointless; this is where the important bit is. This is racing.
      Forget the last sixty years, they don’t count once the lights go out.
      S*d the administration, racing is what it’s all about.

    • Sush Meerkat said on 21st June 2009, 11:22

      sorry ronman but Rubens has never been good at starts

  9. Damon said on 20th June 2009, 20:45

    Vettel and Bubens better score top points tomorrow if they want to keep their WDC chances alive.
    So far so good :-)

    I hope Bubens won’t sleep at the green light again.

  10. steve said on 20th June 2009, 20:49

    1981 Watson sixth – the five in front fall out Watson wins…… bring it on.

  11. Polak said on 20th June 2009, 21:00

    looking at the weights, Vettel really stuck it. Damn thats nice. He has 4 laps on the quick Brawn.

    I wonder if the heavy Kubica and Heiki will do well.

  12. JUGNU said on 20th June 2009, 21:13

    i am very very surpried, i thought 90% he is lighter than others around him or might be same but he turned out to be the heaviest in Top 10. Stunning performance from Vettel. Who can stop him…maybe only relibilty

  13. David BR said on 20th June 2009, 21:26

    A bit like Hamilton after Monaco 2007, Vettel responded to being held back by the team (he thought) in the last race with real determination. Congratulations! Now he has to hold it together off the grid tomorrow, but I can see him doing it. At least a Vettel-Webber 1-2 could sustain interest in the 2009 season a little longer. The onus now is on Button to show some fight from well off the front row for the first time. Has he got it?

  14. Alex Bkk said on 20th June 2009, 21:33


  15. curedcat said on 20th June 2009, 21:34

    i love martin brundle’s punchlines like today when he said about a hamilton moment-

    ‘he will radio the team for fresh underwears’ lol lol lol

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