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FOTA’s rumoured ‘new F1′ calendar for 2010 revives USA and Canadian rounds 22nd June 2009, 21:39

The Guardian claims to have details of the Formula One Teams’ Associations’ planned calendar for its rival F1 series in 2010. As well as bringing back the United States and Canadian Grand Prix, it suggests race are planned in Argentina, Finland and Mexico. Plus, many of F1’s most popular venues – with two unfortunate exceptions […]

Silverstone F1 crowd exceeds 310,000

Before this year’s British Grand Prix I pointed out that it would be madness for F1 to leave behind a circuit that regularly gets huge crowds. And so it proved as Silverstone packed in a capacity audience of 120,000 on Sunday. Buoyed by the success of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button its three-day total attendance […]

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit video lap

Here is a new video lap of the track which will host the 2009 F1 season finale. It was created using the latest rFactor simulation of the Yas Island Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi – check the link below to download the track and play it yourself.

F1 links: Ecclestone vows to protect F1

After spending the weekend at Silverstone I’ve had a lot of catching up to do with the F1 news. Obviously the big story at the moment continues to be the developments in the FIA-FOTA row. The teams remain resolute in their insistence that they will form a breakaway championship. But is it all just a […]

How solid is FOTA’s legal argument? A lawyer looks at the FIA-Ferrari letters

What should we make of the legal letters sent between Ferrari and the FIA, which were made public by Max Mosley last week? The FIA give the impression that Ferrari’s case is flimsy and full of holes, but the Ferrari representatives hit back that the FIA have failed to address the substance of the matter. […]

2009 British Grand Prix stats and facts

McLaren have failed to score point for four races – the first time that’s happened since 1981. But it’s all good for Sebastian Vettel, who joins the ranks of F1 drivers to score a ‘hat-trick’ in a Grand Prix. Here are the stats and facts from the British Grand Prix.

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