Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit video lap

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Here is a new video lap of the track which will host the 2009 F1 season finale. It was created using the latest rFactor simulation of the Yas Island Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi – check the link below to download the track and play it yourself.

Although the simulation looks rather flat (which may or may not be realistic) it gives a good impression of the general configuration of the venue.

And you have to say it’s rather standard Hermann Tilke fare with not an awful lot to distinguish it from the likes of Bahrain or Shanghai.

It’s a pity the early plans for a radical ‘hybrid’ track – part road and part street course – were abandoned. However some unusual features remain – like the hotel complex which straddles the track, and the pit lane exit which passes underneath the first corner.

If you have rFactor you can drive the track for yourself – download the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix track here.

If you haven’t got rFactor, and you like racing games, check it out, it’s definitely one of the best out there and you can pick it up for pennies now. It’s still the best F1 racing game you can get your hands on, at least until Codemaster’s new games start to arrive later this year.

Yas Island circuit map - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (click to enlarge)
Yas Island circuit map - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (click to enlarge)

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