F1 links: No more F1 at Hockenheimring

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Almost lost among the flurry of details about the FIA-FOTA agreement and Max Mosley’s decision to stand down, the Hockenheimring circuit in Germany today announced it will not be holding another F1 race:

Formula One news: Hockenheim says goodbye to Formula 1

"The city council saw a loss of 6 million euro in 2008 after hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix race. The city owns the track for 94% and is no longer willing to invest in F1."

A deal is struck, Mosley agrees not to stand again

"The resolution came after the FIA World Council, chaired by the Deputy President Nick Craw, asked FIA President Max Mosley, commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari representative Luca di Montezemolo to find a solution. The three men then went to a different meeting room and hammered out a deal. Given the terms that were agreed it is fair to say that Ecclestone probably sided with Montezemolo, as the day before the meeting Mosley was saying that he would stand for election for another term of office and continue his legal actions against the FOTA teams."

Crucial meeting underway in Paris

"There were eight world council members at Silverstone on Sunday, the FIA’s David Ward was taking them round and they are reported to have been unimpressed with what they see as FOTA, backed by the manufacturers, attempting to muscle the FIA out of the picture."

Ted Kravitz – the British GP from my perspective

"Webber, who is 3.5 points behind Vettel, is welcoming the team's assertion that they will give each driver equal treatment. Vettel, when we spoke to him on Thursday, was much more of the mind that the team should focus on one driver to attack Button's huge lead in the championship. Horner made the valid point that actually this fight will be decided in qualifying, with the higher-placed driver effectively given the best chance by the team to win. Saturday afternoons will now take on a gladiatorial importance for Webber and Vettel." But don't the team pick their drivers' fuel loads before qualifying?

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