New Mosley threat over “dictator” claims puts FIA-FOTA deal in jeopardy

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Max Mosley is fuming over 'grossly insulting' claims he was a 'dictator'
Max Mosley is fuming over 'grossly insulting' claims he was a 'dictator'

Max Mosley has sent a stinging letter to Luca di Montezemolo, accusing the FOTA and Ferrari boss of describing him as a “dictator” and giving inaccurate information to the press following the deal reached yesterday.

Mosley has demanded FOTA “correct false statements” and issue and apology or else he will “consider my options open” regarding his future as FIA president. Here’s the letter in full:

Dear Luca,

We made a deal yesterday in Paris to end the recent difficulties in Formula One. A fundamental part of this was that we would both present a positive and truthful account to the media. I was therefore astonished to learn that FOTA had been briefing the press that Mr Boeri had taken charge of Formula One, something which you know is completely untrue; that I have been forced out of office, also false; and, apparently, that I would have no role in the FIA after October, something which is plain nonsense, if only because of the FIA statutes.

Furthermore, you have suggested to the media that I was a “dictator”, an accusation which is grossly insulting to the 26 members of the World Motor Sports Council who have discussed and voted all the rules and procedures of Formula One since the 1980s, not to mention the representatives of the FIA’s 122 countries who have democratically endorsed everything Iand my World Motor Sport Council colleagues have done during the last 18 years.

If you wish the agreement we made to have any chance of survival, you and FOTA must immediately rectify your actions. You must correct the false statements which have been made and make no further such statements. You yourself must issue a suitable correction and apology at your press conference this afternoon.

Formula One is run entirely by our 5-strong team without any help from me or any other outsider. There was no need for me to involve myself further in Formula One once we had a settlement. Equally, I had a long-standing plan not to seek re-election in October. It was therefore possible for me to confirm both points to you yesterday.

However, given your and FOTA’s deliberate attempt to mislead the media, I now onsider my options open. At least until October, I am president of the FIA with the full authority of that office. After that it is the FIA members clubs, not you or FOTA, who will decide on the future leadership of the FIA.

Yours sincerely,

Max Mosley

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156 comments on “New Mosley threat over “dictator” claims puts FIA-FOTA deal in jeopardy”

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  1. Egos in F1 are huge – so are the mouth in some team principals (Flavio and di Montezemolo, I’m looking at you). I just hope there are some reasonable people inside FIA who won’t let this get blown out of proportion… Can they punish him based on article 151c?

    1. Unfortunately Max has a tendency to enjoy punishment :(

      1. crass maybe, but I enjoyed it : )

    2. They cannot punish him under 151c, except by fining him. He doesn’t have a licence, so it cannot be revoked, nor does he have any race results to have modified or removed.

      What the FIA can do is have a vote of confidence. It would be reliant on convincing the smaller countries that their prize events would be safer without Max than with him – and maybe petitioning the relevant individuals would help.

  2. di Montezemolo could learn a thing or two from Flav about keeping his mouth shut .. but just could not resist one last dig.. now it is personal let see if they turn on him

    1. You really think that would have made any difference? Someone or something would probably have triggered this before October. He must have written the letter as soon as yesterday`s press conference was over. He had no intention of going quietly & with dignity.

      1. There was a piece on the itv f1 website claiming mosleybhs vowednto write explosive memoirs, I imagine it’s still there.

        1. Sorry, mosley has vowed to, rather than that mess in the middle

  3. The best way to describe Max is: “He’s son of a b****”

    1. MacademiaNut
      26th June 2009, 5:06

      That would be insulting the “B****”.

      1. You obviously don’t know much about Max’s mother… google the “Mitford sisters” :-)

  4. This is why a breakaway series is needed. Yesterday’s solution attempted to fix the symptoms, not the disease itself (the FIA, Max, and Bernie.)

    1. well said. I still hope it happens …for next year. Unfortionately, if it doesn’t FOTA is just putting off the inevitable.

  5. “At least until October, I am president of the FIA with the full authority of that office. ”

    In a letter trying to state how he isn’t a dictator? GG Max!

  6. Mother…

    Well, he also is a loonie and a halfwit. He needs a good spanking! LOL!

  7. He`ll push them too far. I haven`t heard that any contracts have been signed yet.

  8. Gianecchini
    25th June 2009, 23:37

    I knew it. That man is a psychopath…what else?

  9. Let’s pray he’s gone very soon so we can get a fresh air in F1… get it modernised? let’s hope

  10. What a horrible and selfish man we have here.

  11. and just when I thought he was going to spend more time with his five closest friends…….

  12. He is like a child stamping his feet because he wants the playground all to himself.

    1. Dont insult the children! My 5-yr old has more maturity than Max ;-)

  13. He needs a very firm spanking, and then….er..never mind.

  14. Damn is George Bush back or what? At least he left quietly this guy won’t shut the F up!

    1. You think George was bad, wait till Obama has been in another year.

      1. Get real, Bush created a big mess that no one can get out of.

        1. Bush is/was incompetent.
          Obama thinks a little too highly of himself.
          Mosely is both.

        2. I am not a Bush supporter but he didnt create this mess but he didnt help stop it either. It was created during the prior administration.

  15. Rick DeNatale
    26th June 2009, 0:26

    This is why I added “I hope” to my “Ding Dong the witch is dead” reply to the earlier article.

    Don’t count your witches before they’re melted!

    1. …and even then there can be a mistake :(

  16. The truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it Max?

  17. ComeBackMontoya
    26th June 2009, 0:43

    I read in the news just now that Michael Jackson has died, very sad news indeed I thought. Then I read that Max is considering staying on at the helm of the FIA, fell to my knees and sobbed inconsolably.

    I can’t believe that after just one day he’s picking fights already. He is a sad, bitter & twisted ‘loonie’ who doesn’t know when he’s outstayed his welcome.

    I sincerely hope Luca does NOT issue any apology to Max, certainly not until Max apologises for the insults he’s been throwing of late.

    And here was me thinking it was all going to be about the racing from here onwards :-(

  18. This guy is on another planet!He just doesn’t get it”none as blind as those that will not see”.

  19. is max mosley the most childish, immature 68 year old in the world?

    1. No I’m sure there is someone else out there that deserves that crown…

  20. Just as we thought we can concentrate on wheel to wheel battle on track MAX had just BLOWN it.

    “I am president of the FIA with the full authority of that office”.
    That does sound like a DICTATOR

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