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Mosley’s latest attack is another desperate attempt to cling to power 26th June 2009, 20:56

If Mosley was hoping his latest broadside against the F1 teams would goad FOTA into reviving their threat of a breakaway championship, it didn’t work. So he took matters into his own hands, writing to FIA members to warn them: No doubt we face a difficult period. This may well result in short-term problems in […]

New Toyota chief expects more losses

Akio Toyoda, the newly-appointed president of Toyota Motor Corp, expects it will take be at least another two years before the company turns a profit. Speaking at his first press conference since taking over the role, Toyoda said: ??We want to do everything possible to avoid a third consecutive year of losses.?? The company posted […]

What the fans expect from FOTA

Max Mosley may have seized his first opportunity to resume hostilities with FOTA but it’s clear the teams’ association intends to play a major role in shaping the future of Formula 1. FOTA embraced the support of the majority of F1 fans and broadened its campaign against Mosley to include many supports? grievances. But how […]

F1 links: Jean Todt and expenses

Some curious odds and ends in the F1 news today. Apparently Jean Todt is working as a tourism ambassador for Malaysia and is paid around “RM1 million”. I believe this means 1 million Ringgit, which is around ??172,000. See below for this story, an excellent piece by the BBC’s Jake Humphrey, and inevitably more on […]

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