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Your questions: pit TVs and car numbers 27th June 2009, 23:43

It’s time to tackle another crop of your questions. Today we have queries about drivers who left their teams after winning the world championship, pit TVs, and how to get work at the Abu Dhabu Grand Prix. Plus, is there really a road named after Jenson Button?

F1 links: Questions over Donnelly and Manor

While Max Mosley is fuming about FOTA’s response to Wednesday’s deal, the teams are now asking questions about whether his right=hand man Alan Donnelly has acted improperly in promoting new F1 team Manor: Formula One teams to complain about chief steward’s involvement with Manor "Jane Nottage, an associate director of Donnelly's Sovereign Strategy, is understood […]

F1 links: Refuelling ban still set for 2010

Once piece of good news at least today – the teams are still planning to ban refuelling next year. This and more below: Refuelling ban still on for 2010 season "A FOTA source has confirmed that work is currently underway on what modifications need to be made to the 2010 regulations – with refuelling certain […]

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