F1 links: Germany update for Brawn

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After being left reeling by Red Bull at Silverstone, Brawn will hit back with a package of updates of their own at the Nurburgring.

But do I detect a hint of frustration in this quote from Ross Brawn that the drivers were unable to make use of the new parts at Silverstone?

New components for Brawn in Germany

Ross Brawn: "With the confusion over the tyres, we didn't run some new pieces we had because Friday (practice at Silverstone) was very difficult with the tyre temperatures. We couldn't determine how the new bits were working so we decided to avoid confusion and went back to what we had in Turkey; we've got those bits and we have some new improvements for the Nürburgring."

Allianz to debut brand in the UK

"Allianz, the world's second-biggest insurance company, is to roll out its brand as a consumer proposition in the UK for the first time." Allianz have pumped a lot of money into building brand awareness via F1 sponsorship, especially track signage. A potential future British Grand Prix title sponsor?

YAS Marina Circuit Experience

Drive a virtual lap of the new Abu Dhabi circuit (But is it better than the fans' mod version in rFactor?)

How they manage their engine allowances – 2009 engine stats after 8 races

"It does not look too good for Robert Kubica. At this rate it won’t take long for him to start picking up grid penalties for additional engines."

Things that have caught my eye lately

"Wurz reckons that [the BGP 001] is the “most expensive can [sic] with the lowest operating budget ever”, based on the assertion that it was developed in five windtunnels with three separate programmes running. I’ve heard rival teams mutter that this is the most expensive car ever made too, but thought that they were probably jealous!"

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