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At Goodwood this weekend… 2nd July 2009, 22:32

I’m at Goodwood for the Festival of Speed this weekend – if you’re going as well and would like to say hello then please get in touch. I’ll be checking my email and Twitter accounts during the weekend so if you want to arrange a time to meet up let me know and I’ll get […]

ISI to make Superleague Formula game

Superleague Formula recently kicked off/gave the green light to its second season of football-cum-motorsport action. I still find the whole concept rather cynical and unappealing but you can’t deny they promote themselves rather better than F1 does. I’ve already written about how much better their website is than F1.com, and now they’ve got a promising […]

Overtaking: Back to the drawing board

F1 has been grappling with the problem of how to get the cars to race more closely for several years. For 2009, the FIA’s Overtaking Working Group proposed a radical solution involving lower, wider front wings and higher, narrower rear wings. It made the cars wretchedly unattractive but, they reckoned, it should allow them to […]

Force India getting closer to first points

One of the quieter success stories of the first half of the season has been the gradual improvement of Force India. An effective programme of development has brought real progress, and the team has finally begun to get cars beyond the first segment in qualifying. They?ve come tantalisingly close to scoring their first points ?ǣ […]

F1 links: Alguersuari takes Hartley’s place

F1 reserve drivers don’t get much to do these days, but nonetheless Red Bull are keen to give their up-and-comers more chance to get get a close first-hand experience of Grand Prix racing. So they’ve replaced their third driver Bredon Hartley with his 2008 British Formula Three team mate Jaime Alguersuari for the rest of […]

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