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Ecclestone & Mosley under fire (updated) 6th July 2009, 20:31

Fresh evidence of the failures of the status quo in Formula 1 have emerged over the past few days. Whether it?s the rumours about Max Mosley?s close ally Alan Donnelly?s involvement with Manor, claims the prospective 2010 entrants were denied a slot unless they elected to use Cosworth power, or Bernie Ecclestone praising Adolf Hitler, […]

Will Vettel become the new home hero? (German Grand Prix preview)

Michael Schumacher may be long gone from F1 racing, but his lasting impact in increasing the number of German drivers in the sport is clear to see. Five of the 20 drivers in F1 this year have their home race at the Nurburgring this weekend. And one of them is hotly tipped for victory following […]

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