Toyota confirm Fuji Speedway will not hold an F1 race in 2010

Fuji's F1 return has fizzled out after two years

Fuji's F1 return has fizzled out after two years

Toyota has admitted the Fuji Speedway will not be on the 2010 F1 calendar, confirming rumours that circulated at the end of May.

As I said at the time, I’m not sorry to see Fuji go – it’s not a great circuit in its own right and it pales in comparison to Suzuka, which will hold this year’s race. What’s your reaction?

Are you sad to see Fuji go?

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  • No (66%)
  • No opinion (10%)

Total Voters: 1,149

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Question will inevitably be asked if Toyota is not prepared to spend an eight-figure sum on having a Grand Prix, whether it will be content to spend a nine-figure sum on having a Grand Prix team.

Last month new Toyota chief Akio Toyoda said it will take two years for the company to return to profit. In the last financial year it posted its first loss in over 70 years, of ??461bn (??2.91bn/$4.8bn).

Toyota’s F1 team has been believed to be the highest-spending outfit since it arrived in the sport in 2002. Its 2008 budget was estimated at $445.6m. Reuters suggests it was costing Toyota ??12-??18m ($19.4-29.1m) per year to hold the Grand Prix at Fuji.

Fuji held four F1 races: in 1976 and 1977, and on the Hermann Tilke-redesigned track in 2007 and 2008.

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33 comments on Toyota confirm Fuji Speedway will not hold an F1 race in 2010

  1. Prisoner Monkeys said on 8th July 2009, 6:51

    I think the biggest problem with Fuji was its location. Even if they’d kept the old incarnation untouched for Formula One, it was still sitting in the shadow of its namesake, Mount Fuji. Its poisitioning left it wide open to fog and the kind of torrential rain that sees the cars jsut do laps behind the safety car.

  2. Rob R. said on 8th July 2009, 8:50

    How many tens of millions did Toyboata spend to have the circuit Tilkefied, just for a two year run in the championship?

    • scunnyman said on 8th July 2009, 9:08

      Toyota say there will be no race at Fuji in 2010. They definitely do NOT say from 2010 so maybe there is a problem for 2010 and it will be back after that.
      And yes they really do need a toyboata at fuji when it’s wet, maybe driven by Jeremy Clarkson? He can’t do any worse than the current drivers lol

  3. ajokay said on 8th July 2009, 9:22

    Maybe in 2036 and 2037 the track will crop up on the calendar for a couple more stabs at a race, on a track redesigned by Herman Tilke Jr. It will probably rain then too.

  4. PJA said on 8th July 2009, 10:38

    If it means we get Suzuka back every year I am glad Fuji has gone, but as the article pointed out it does raise questions about the future of Toyota’s F1 team.

  5. Maurice Henry said on 8th July 2009, 20:35

    I think this is the inevitable end game for many of the deals Bernie Ecclestone has done over the years. Don’t be too quick to rejoice at this news. As with Hockenheim and Nurburgring in Germany, alternating a grand prix between two circuits is a way for the promoters of both to halve the, depending on how well you get on with Bernie, eye wateringly high FOM franchise fee. Will Honda be prepared to subsidise this event when they don’t even, at the very minimum, supply engines to any of the participants? I doubt it.

  6. YeaMon said on 9th July 2009, 1:48

    I loved the pure speed of the front straight, and the long fast 3rd turn. Other than that, the circuit was not that great. The design of the newer track still had some the key points to the old track, but I found the old track to be boring as well.

    The two races at the track weren’t all that boring, but in my opinion this is due to the aspect of them being in the latter part of calender.

    It’s nice to see diversity in tracks like the rotation in some parts of the world, but in Japan nothing can compete than Suzuka.

  7. zerogee said on 10th July 2009, 1:02

    I nearly voted ‘no opinion’ because it’s such a dull track and I always forget about it.

    I’ll be enthusing to friends about the unchallenged awesomeness of Suzuka and then think…oh, hang on, it’s Fuji. I get disappointed when Fuji pops up in the next race on Gran Turismo, too…

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