Rubens Barrichello lashes out after Brawn strategy costs him more points

Rubens Barrichello slammed his Brawn team after falling from first to sixth during the German Grand Prix:

There was a great show from the team today of how to lose a race. I did all I could today, I got first at the first corner, and they made me lose the race.

He added:

If we keep going like this we’re going to lose both championships.

To be very honest with you I wish I could get on a plane and just go home, because when I go to the team afterwards there will be a lot of ‘blah, blah, blah’ and I don’t want to hear that right now.

Barrichello took the lead from Mark Webber at the start and had a further boost when Webber received a drive-through penalty. Despite that he ended the race sixth, 24 seconds behind Webber.

How did it happen?

He lost a lot of time in his second stint getting stuck behind Felipe Massa. That allowed Webber to recover the deficit from his penalty.

More problems awaited him at his second stop, where his fuel rig didn’t work, forcing the team to use his backup rig. That allowed them to get some fuel in the car – but not enough.

That left the Brawns running line astern, Barrichello ahead, with Button behind him. Button stopped one lap later than Barrichello, and duly took the place of his team mate.

Barrichello’s final stop came ten laps before the end of the race. If the team didn’t bring him in at the last possible moment, he could realistically claim that cost him the chance to say ahead of Button. But without knowing how much fuel they actually got into his car it’s impossible to say.

Given the championship situation many will draw the conclusion that Brawn are favouring Button over his team mate. But when asked if that was the case, Barrichello denied it. On the face of it, it looks as though he was just been unlucky.

There were similar questions over Brawn’s strategy at the Spanish Grand Prix, when Barrichello lost the race to Button.

What do you think about Barrichello’s outburst? Did Brawn get his strategy wrong, or have they made a conscious decision to favour Button? Have your say below.

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121 comments on Rubens Barrichello lashes out after Brawn strategy costs him more points

  1. FLIG said on 12th July 2009, 16:06

    And for the people who still doubt that Brawn is always favoring Button, well, just look at the 2 first pit stops – Button and then Barrichello twice. Then, on the third stop, wow, magic! Barrichello first, then Button! Isn’t it a strategic miracle?
    I don’t like Barrichello either, but this is too much. I can’t wait to have real pilots fighting for the title again. Webber, Button and Barrichello are natural born losers.

    • Matt said on 12th July 2009, 16:18

      I agree with you about the natural born losers part, at least for webber and Barrichello. I think Button is a good driver but not good enough for the title, if McLaren and Ferrari had good cars this year, or Williams and Toyota were constantly up there then Button Barrichello and webber wouldn’t be close to winning the title.

    • Patrickl said on 12th July 2009, 17:39

      1) Barrichello was driving very slow before his stop?
      2) He was holding Button up and Button put in a very fast lap when he finally had some clean air?
      3) Barrichello is losing time on his out lap from the pit

      =) Button passes Barrichello.

      If Barrichello wanted to keep button behind him, he shouldn’t have driven like a snail.

      • James G said on 13th July 2009, 18:17

        It’s true that they switched his pit stop, but that’s because Button was clearly going much faster coming up to his final round of stops. Ultimately, Button was the one in dirty air with a grained rear tyre and if Barrichello had been able to put down a hot lap when it mattered then he would have finished in front.

  2. Matt said on 12th July 2009, 16:13

    Thats why they should have signed Bruno Senna, he was a rookie, so obviously he would be the number 2, for at least this season

    • FLIG said on 12th July 2009, 16:15

      And who would teach Button how to set up his little car?

      • Mav said on 12th July 2009, 16:30

        What is it with you?
        These comments are just unnecessary and inappropriate…how could YOU possibly judge if a driver is good or bad? From what you see on screen,lol, give me a break….
        All that self-appointed experts that know it all about F1.
        Neither Barrichello nor Button or Webber are “natural born losers”, how ridiculous is that?
        At least they made it in a F1 car and you don’t.
        Sry, should be no personal offence, but some people here should be a little more cautious with what they say.

        • FLIG said on 12th July 2009, 19:28

          So, only ex-F1 drivers can say what they think about other F1 drivers? Hmmm, odd, because they usually are the ones we laugh at when they open their mouths!

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 12th July 2009, 19:33

            I think the remark about Barrichello ‘teaching Button to set up his car’ is just slagging him off.

            they usually are the ones we laugh at when they open their mouths!

            Speak for yourself. I think Brundle, Davidson and co do a great job.

      • Brian said on 12th July 2009, 20:40

        hahaha, his “little” car.

      • dsob said on 13th July 2009, 11:03

        Offhand, I’d say Ross Brawn might know how to do that.

        I seem to recall him doing some rather good setups on another championship-winning car….ummmmm, let’s see, I think it was a red car…

    • Adrian said on 13th July 2009, 9:51

      Like Hamilton at McLaren in 2007… on wait, hang on… ;)

  3. Hammad said on 12th July 2009, 16:26

    lol, nice one FLIG

  4. Daniel said on 12th July 2009, 16:30

    Well, Rubens is the old guy with nothing to lose and deeply frustrated to see the same story repeat over and over again… failing to be faster than his team-mate in the crucial first races, and being both unlucky and left behind by his own team when he had the chance to win, like in Spain and in Germany…

    Dissatisfied as he might be, that isn’t the best way to change his situation…

  5. Haha @ FLIG great stuff,
    hmm British driver with commanding lead that begins to lose momentum, I swear we’ve been down this road before.

    FFS Jenson’s fighting against a team that fields 2 drivers that have never experienced a Grand Prix winnign car and/or title run, if he was up against the likes of Alonso, he wudn’t even be smelling a Championship.

    Congrats to Mark, and Props to Felipe, hasn’t put a foot wrong the last couple of races.

  6. Rubens was never in a position to win the race, he was able to lead the race after the 1st corner, that is because Brawn light fueled him, but he couldn’t use the clean track for his advantage(car too slow, Rubens too old or whatever) that’s why he got stuck behind Massa…

    Of course Brawn is going to favor Button, now that Red Bulls are much faster/dominating. Championships are wide open again, and Rubens was so much behind.

    Brawn is just too kind to Rubens, look his days at Ferrari, the way Todt had treated him, at least Todt was able to keep the whiner to the inside!

  7. Travis said on 12th July 2009, 16:51

    First of all congratulations to Mark for winning. I honestly never thought I’d see an Australian win in my lifetime (I’m Aussie myself). To hear our anthem play at an F1 almost brought a tear to my eye….

    Anyway, to continue with the discussion, it seemed like it was Massa who caused the main disruption to Brawn today, plus their strategy (but this has already been mentioned above anyway).

    Part of me wondered why Mark didn’t actually turn and thank Massa at the press conference. I think if it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t have got his position back after that drive through.

    • Yes, congratulations to Mark! (I’d like to see Button beaten, by Webber not Vettel)

      IMO Massa wasn’t the problem, Kovi was 3rd lapping about 1 second per lap slower the leaders, he’s the reason Webber kept his position after his DT.

      I think Red Bulls are just too fast for Brawn, after all Webber outqualified them with much heavier fuel load.

  8. Lynn said on 12th July 2009, 16:58

    I really like Rubens and would love to see him win the championship. But his outburst was uncalled for, he’s been in the game long enough to know that’s not the way to behave. Badly done Rubens, badly done.

  9. jockmcspredder said on 12th July 2009, 17:06

    The lack of rain probaly didn;t help Brawn strategy – I think they were relying on it.
    Well done to Mark. Like Jenson, a nearly man now a bit nearer.
    Rubens, would you be happy anywhere?

  10. Pedro Andrade said on 12th July 2009, 17:27

    It appears Barrichello already talked with the team, and is now more subdued:

    “I had a great start today and was really pleased to have got ahead of Markdown into the first corner despite our collision. After leading on the first lap, it is of course hugely disappointing to have finished in sixth position. It was a combination of things really which are now very clear to me having spoken to the team. We didn’t have enough pace compared to the Red Bulls to win but the fuel rig problem at my second stop where we had to switch rigs probably cost me a place on the podium. That dropped me out behind Rosberg and the extra lap which Jenson had at our final stops was enough for him to get ahead of me. We’ll put this race behind and work really hard ahead to Hungary to try and catch up to the Red Bulls. Congratulations to Mark for his first win.”

  11. Rahzam said on 12th July 2009, 17:51

    His main problem is Button finishing ahead of him. He was happy if Button was finishing behind him.
    Main problem is that he want to escape from the fact that he is number.2

  12. David said on 12th July 2009, 18:12

    Rubens is frustrated with the fact his last chance for a F1 championship is slipping away, race by race. His real career problem clearly isn’t Brawn, though, who’ve given him a wholly unexpected last shot, but his acceptance of the Schumacher dominance at Ferrari (under Brawn). There’s a price you pay for this kind of acquiescence in any walk of life: his own frustration over what might have been. Just now Webber, even with just the one win seems like he’ll probably be a lot more content with his F1 career when it comes to an end.

    • Pedro Andrade said on 12th July 2009, 18:31

      There’s no denying it that Barrichello was forced to play second fiddle to Schumcaher, and there were times when Barrichello was denied with the chance of beating him, but he did not lose any of those championships because of the team. He may have lost races but that was it.

      The fact that he is being so soundly beaten by Button further shows that he just does not have what it takes to take that last step.

      • David said on 12th July 2009, 18:41

        I agree Pedro. But the question is how Rubens sees all this, which explains his outburst today I guess. I also think he can’t blame anyone else for being comprehensively outperformed by Button in the first half of the season – apart from the fact maybe the Brawn (in hot weather) suits Jenson more.

        But – and I’m not commenting on today’s race as such – Brawn must be seriously worried Jenson’s lead will be whittled away by Red Bull and a resurgent Ferrari and even McLaren in the second half of the season. If so they really will have to back Jenson fully. Any other team would do the same.

      • Well, I think it’s clear that Button > Barrichello, and I think it’s clear too that Schumacher > Button. I like Rubens, he’s a cool guy but to me, I think that (except for some races) he was clearly behind Schumacher.
        Even if there were no team orders back in Ferrari, he probably would never had won any championship. Maybe Schumacher would have lost some, but I don’t see Rubens as a WC winner

  13. Leaf said on 12th July 2009, 18:50

    Reubens can say whatever he wants. (Right or wrong) We all say we are tired of “corporate” type drivers. When someone speaks out we are so quick to analyse the comments to death and read way more into it than there really is. I do think Reubens will calm down a bit when he gets the full story and sees the telemetry. Is he a little frustrated ’cause he dropped two places in the driver standings today? Well yeah! Also, I do think he will be looking for a drive at the end of the season. (or does he have a two year contract?)

    • John H said on 12th July 2009, 22:34

      Jenson and Rubens both have just 1 year contracts I think. I think I know which one I would extend.

  14. Arun,India said on 12th July 2009, 18:51

    Poor barri.He always tries not be in some ones shadow .But always ends up being the sidekick only.

  15. The difference between Ferrari 2002 and Brawn 2009, is that Ferrari doesn’t try to hide things.

    Seriously it’s a shame for Brawn GP.

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