Rubens Barrichello lashes out after Brawn strategy costs him more points

Rubens Barrichello slammed his Brawn team after falling from first to sixth during the German Grand Prix:

There was a great show from the team today of how to lose a race. I did all I could today, I got first at the first corner, and they made me lose the race.

He added:

If we keep going like this we’re going to lose both championships.

To be very honest with you I wish I could get on a plane and just go home, because when I go to the team afterwards there will be a lot of ‘blah, blah, blah’ and I don’t want to hear that right now.

Barrichello took the lead from Mark Webber at the start and had a further boost when Webber received a drive-through penalty. Despite that he ended the race sixth, 24 seconds behind Webber.

How did it happen?

He lost a lot of time in his second stint getting stuck behind Felipe Massa. That allowed Webber to recover the deficit from his penalty.

More problems awaited him at his second stop, where his fuel rig didn’t work, forcing the team to use his backup rig. That allowed them to get some fuel in the car – but not enough.

That left the Brawns running line astern, Barrichello ahead, with Button behind him. Button stopped one lap later than Barrichello, and duly took the place of his team mate.

Barrichello’s final stop came ten laps before the end of the race. If the team didn’t bring him in at the last possible moment, he could realistically claim that cost him the chance to say ahead of Button. But without knowing how much fuel they actually got into his car it’s impossible to say.

Given the championship situation many will draw the conclusion that Brawn are favouring Button over his team mate. But when asked if that was the case, Barrichello denied it. On the face of it, it looks as though he was just been unlucky.

There were similar questions over Brawn’s strategy at the Spanish Grand Prix, when Barrichello lost the race to Button.

What do you think about Barrichello’s outburst? Did Brawn get his strategy wrong, or have they made a conscious decision to favour Button? Have your say below.

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121 comments on Rubens Barrichello lashes out after Brawn strategy costs him more points

  1. dmw said on 13th July 2009, 14:05

    Bottom line, Rubinho couldn’t shake Webber in the first stint with a hugely lighter car—a chassis that is first or second in performance on the grid. That was match. It was only a matter of time before Webber overhauled him. And given the ultimate performance gap, at times 1.5-2 seconds (!), Webber could have even lapped him if he had clear air and the motivation. So all of Brawn’s strategic noodling was moot. Brawn is now racing Williams, Ferrari, maybe McLaren.

    For real F1 fans, this is such a classic battle: two great designers, Brawn and Newey, going at it race by race, struggling for the next performance breakthrough. Pushing each other to produce a technical masterpiece every race day, pushing the drivers to extract every new hundreth they put in the car.

    This reminds me of the 91 Group C season, when Ross Brawn’s XJR-14 was so innovative and dominant, but the Peugeot 905, copying furiously and improvising, caught him up creating a tight season finish.

    • Mike said on 13th July 2009, 14:33

      From Hamilton’s times and the look of the car up until the start of the race, I’d have to say that McLaren appear to have leap-frogged Williams and Ferrari at this type of circuit with their latest upgrades. I also wouldn’t say Brawn have fallen that far behind the Red Bulls, despite a poor performance this weekend.

  2. Erico said on 13th July 2009, 15:25

    This is not a justified complain from Bachirrelo, at one time during the race i notice Button making mockery of him by warming his tyres on the start finish so that everybody could see it properly.

  3. Adrian said on 13th July 2009, 15:52

    You know what I’d do if I was Ross Brawn?

    I would let Rubens make all his own strategy decisions – let him run a 2 stop strategy when his tyres won’t last that long. Show him that actually the team isn’t hampering his chances, that he’s just not fast enough. Then, tell him that he’s going to have to support Jenson’s title bid or they’ll replace him straight away with someone who can…

  4. DonSimon said on 13th July 2009, 18:23

    Rubens was talking out of his **** to be honest. The time sheets show how his pace was way out of whack with the Red Bull’s. We could debate all day but there was no way he could have won. And Adrian, its a nice idea letting Rubens make his own strategy decisions but there is a constructors championship at stake. Brawn has won championships, Rubens hasn’t. Whilst I think drivers should be free to speak there mind and I don’t think Rubens did anything unprofessional he was straight up wrong.

  5. Kovy said on 14th July 2009, 6:40

    Rubens is partially right, he could have finished 3rd if the team had not messed up his pit stop. He still needs to pick up his pace, though.

  6. don deele said on 18th July 2009, 10:58

    Rubens should seek to end his career at another team. Obviously he’s still competitive. Ross was there during the #2 days at Ferrari. Why would anything change now? I think a Latin connection would do him well. I think Flavio and Carlos should hire him. Sponsors linked to Piquet can stay on.

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