F1 links: FIA to face ultimatum

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Formula 1 row nearing end

“Once these two agreements are in place, then the documents are set to be presented to the FIA for them to sign. It is understood the governing body will be told to sign the documents or CVC and the teams will begin working together on their own championship.” Is this really the endgame – or are things about to take another turn for the worse?

N.Technology takes FIA to court

"From our point of view, the procedure for dealing with new entrants was not respected and there was not transparency about the process and preparations for the 2010 championship."

Citroën Racing and Sébastien Loeb move to quell F1 rumours

Citroën Racing Director, Olivier Quesnel: "Should Seb get an opportunity to race in F1, our reaction would not be to prevent that from happening, so long as it would happen after the final round."

James Allen’s German GP verdict

"In Hungary we expect Brawn to be stronger as the track temperatures are always high there, but it looks like they have lost the initiative to Red Bull and, what is more, they are caught in a tricky situation now on the development side. They would like to be able to save some money for next season as they are not sure of their budget yet for 2010, but they no longer have the car advantage to be able to afford to do that. Red Bull are aware of this and are pressing hard on development with further steps coming at each of the next races and a big step coming in Singapore for the final push. They have increased their manufacturing capability and taken on new staff on contract, many of whom were laid off by Brawn earlier this year."

Ban the Blazers

"Fans want to see wheel-to-wheel racing. What we don’t want is some well-fed and inexpert old duffer in a blazer penalising drivers for close, clean racing. What we wouldn’t mind is seeing drivers who use back-down-or-crash intimidation being pulled into the pits for a thorough dressing-down." From GP2 commentator Martin Haven's new blog.

F1 fans urged to back jobs fight

Kilmarnock MSP William Coffey said: "This weekend as Johnnie Walker is advertised to the world, it's the turn of Formula One fans to show their support. I am calling on all Formula One fans, as they settle down to watch the Grand Prix to take two minutes to go online and sign the petition – and ask a friend to do so too."

Whitmarsh: Vatanen could be good for F1

"He has been a successful politician – I don't know if that is a plus or a minus but I think inevitably it is a plus because whether we like it or not, none of us were signed up here to get involved in politics but there is a fair amount of politics involved in F1. So if someone is going to be a reformer he has the credential to do that."

Ecclestone Applies For GP1 trademark

Dated 2005…

Bernie flips F1 into GP1

"Trademark applications for logos to ‘GP1 Series’ and ‘GP1’ have been filed by Epsilon Ltd, an offshoot of Mr Ecclestone’s business empire."

Formule One minus its despots would still lose the race for respect

"F1 has treated its audience with contempt for so long that one wonders whether it can ever learn how to behave, post-Max and Bernie."

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