F1 links: Piquet dropped as well?

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While news breaks of Jaime Alguersuari replacing Sebastien Bourdais at Toro Rosso, similar claims are being made that Romain Grosjean will replace Nelson Piquet Jnr at Renault:

Thank you and goodbye!

Translated article from well-regarded Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat claims Romain Grosjean will replace Nelson Piquet Jnr at Renault.

Facebook – Ari Vatanen for FiA President

3,409 members already!

Thompson top as Herbert joins test

"James Thompson topped the timesheets at the second official British Touring Car Championship test of the summer at Rockingham – and then handed his car to former grand prix and Le Mans 24 Hours winner Johnny Herbert."

Ferrari set to switch focus to 2010

"Ferrari thinks it will be a matter of days before it freezes development of its current F60 and shifts all its focus onto ensuring that its 2010 car can fight for the world championship." In other words, once the 2010 rules have been decided?

Honda chief says F1 not attractive

New Honda chief Takanobu Ito: "On the other hand, F1 is becoming less of a medium in which companies can test their various strengths and more of an event with mounting restrictions." And which of those Honda strengths would those be? Ghastly aerodynamics? Underpowered engines?

Bring Back BBC Bias!

"What the stewards didn’t investigate, though, was what happened next. Webber bounced off Barrichello, and – no doubt shocked to have found a car already there as he headed to the apex of the first corner – also steered left where Hamilton happened to be going round his outside. It turns out Webber clipped the McLaren forcing him off the track and giving him the puncture that cost him the race. But the Beeb’s narrative was what a “brilliant performance” by Webber. Sorry, I expect sports coverage to reflect at least some of what I feel about the event, not construct some dumbed-down narrative"

Jones: Webber win won’t be last

Alan Jones: “While a championship this year isn't probable, as Jenson Button would have to make some pretty big mistakes and Webber string together quite a few wins for it to happen at this point, it will certainly set him up well for next year."

Bernie Ecclestone adamant job is safe after Hitler comment

"The Formula One commercial rights-holder was surprised. He described the reports as 'b*****ks' and took the unusual course of action of phoning Donald Mackenzie, the normally media-shy managing partner and co-founder of CVC, to set the record straight. But rather than speak to Mackenzie himself, Ecclestone handed the phone — the ringtone of which is set to the theme tune from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly — to The Times. After being told of the rumoured meeting, Mackenzie decided that it was time to go on the record. 'It’s absolute rubbish — we had no meeting, no meeting took place to discuss the future of Bernie Ecclestone,' he said. 'It’s complete and utter crap.'”

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