German Grand Prix stats and facts

Piquet just has to out-qualify Alonso in the next 25 races to get even

Piquet just has to out-qualify Alonso in the next 25 races to get even

There’s one big fat obvious reason why the German Grand Prix was a landmark race.

But a few other points of interest popped up as well: Nelson Piquet Jnr finally out-qualified his team mate and Force India had by far their best qualifying performance ever. Still no points, though…

Mark Webber scored his first Grand Prix victory – more stats on that here: Mark Webber finally wins an F1 race

He is the 102nd different driver to win a Grand Prix and the 93rd to take pole position. It was his first front row start this year.

All three Grand Prix winners from Australia can claim a victory in Germany: Jack Brabham in 1966 on the Nordschleife and Alan Jones in 1979 on the Hockenheimring.

Red Bull had their third one-two, giving them as many as Brawn, all of which were scored this year. Ten other constructors have scored more.

Red Bull scored their first win at the only circuit where their predecessors Stewart won a Grand Prix, with Johnny Herbert ten years earlier. On that occasion Rubens Barrichello was driving for the team and finished third behind Jarno Trulli.

Fernando Alonso made the 12th fastest lap of his career, giving him as many as Alberto Ascari, Jack Brabham, Rene Arnoux, Juan Pablo Montoya and Felipe Massa. It was his first since the 2007 Italian Grand Prix.

Brawn failed to get a car on the podium for the first time in their history, and with no McLarens or Force Indias there too it meant no podium for a Mercedes-powered car for the first time this year.

Heikki Kovalainen started from his best qualifying position of the year – sixth. McLaren took the third row of the grid, their best qualifying performance in 2009.

Adrian Sutil achieved his and Force India’s best ever starting position with seventh. His previous best was 15th.

Felipe Massa reached the podium for the first time this year. He has now finished in the points in the last five races.

Nelson Piquet Jnr out-qualified Fernando Alonso for the first time since they became team mates. The score is now 26-1 to Alonso.

Rumours suggest Sebastien Bourdais will be dropped by Toro Rosso this week. So far this year he has been beaten 7-2 by Buemi in qualifying, and 3-2 in races where both have finished.

Jenson Button kept up his record of scoring a point in every race and finishing every lap so far this year. He has now scored exactly 300 points in his F1 career.

Despite scoring only a sixth and a fifth in the last two races, his lead over the second placed driver in the championship has fallen by just five points from 26 (over Barrichello) to 21 (over Vettel).

This was the 16th Grand Prix on the ‘new’ Nurburgring, but only the second time it has held the German Grand Prix. It has previously held the European Grand Prix 12 times (1984, 1995-1996 and 1999-2007), the Luxembourg Grand Prix (cough) twice (1997-1998) and the German Grand Prix just once (1985).

Finally, after much discussion on the live blog we decided the last time a driver won a race despite being given a penalty was Michael Schumacher at Magny-Cours in 2002. If anyone can think of a more recent example, please post it below!

Have you spotted any other stats and facts from the German Grand Prix? Post them below…

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74 comments on German Grand Prix stats and facts

  1. Casino Square said on 13th July 2009, 14:46

    How’s this for scraping the barrel…

    -It’s now been 2 years since the last mid season driver change (when Vettel and Yamamoto replace Speed and Winkelhock respectively)

    -Massa, Rosberg and Button all finished in the same order as they did in Silverstone, except this time Barrichello was behind them

    -The top 6 was identical to the British GP, but in a different order

    -Webber was the first driver from the Eastern side of the southern hemisphere to win this century

    -He was also the first driver from outside of Europe or South America to win Jaques Villeneuve in 1997

    -Presumably the first ever win by a driver whose initials are MW!

    -The tallest driver ever to win a race?

    • ajokay said on 13th July 2009, 15:02

      Kubica’s pretty tall, isn’t he?

      • Casino Square said on 13th July 2009, 17:07

        Yeah Kubica could be bigger, it was just a guess. But he’s got to be one of the tallest to have won I reckon. And seeing tinchy Massa on the podium beside him suggested to me Massa might be the smallest GP winner of all time!

  2. Captain Caveman said on 13th July 2009, 15:59

    Mark Webber is the giant of Formula One this year at 6’1″ (184 cm). Whilst Kubica is 1.81 from the sites i have read.

    Sad what you can find on the WWW

  3. Antifia said on 13th July 2009, 16:41

    What about this for a stat: The first time a driver speaks his mind without any PR smoothing for a long, long time. Just so that someone new to the sport do not think it is a first, Nigel Mansel, for instance, gave an interview in the second half of 1987 suggesting that Honda (Williams’ engine supplier back then) could make things difficult for him in his fight against Piquet because Piquet and Honda were moving to Lotus in the following season. See that the guy was not accusing the team of incompetence, no sir. There were no nice blogs in those days so I can’t tell what the British fans made of it, but I believe their reaction towards Mansel’s (“our Mansel”, nonetheless)words were rather kinder.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 13th July 2009, 18:43

      What about this for a stat: The first time a driver speaks his mind without any PR smoothing for a long, long time.

      LOL! Though it occurs to me Alonso may have been a tad off-message in ’07 :-)

    • Patrickl said on 13th July 2009, 20:53

      I remember Prost comparing his (underperforming) Ferrari to a tractor.

  4. dmw said on 13th July 2009, 16:47

    How many German GPs has Kimi not finished now? Keine Schwein gegessen.

    Also, not a statistics thing, but I’ll comment that Hamilton would not have had his tire cut by Webber if not for the airliner-width front wings now in place. Sutil might have the same complaint. I was pretty sure before the season that we would see the sky darkened with flying carbon fiber at every first corner. It hasn’t come to pass, but it happened here to spoil what would have been one of the most amazing starts in recent F1 History.

    • James Bolton said on 13th July 2009, 19:00

      Kimi in Germany:

      2001,02,03,04 Retired in each race
      2005 P3
      2006 P3
      2007 (Euro GP) Retired
      2008 P6
      2009 Retired

      This was Kimi’s second retirement of 2009, he retired from just two events in each of the whole of 2008 and 2009.

      The last time Kimi had so few points at this stage of the season was in 2004, when he had 8.

      • Casino Square said on 13th July 2009, 20:09

        Actually Raikkonen retired from the lead in the 2005 German GP- or are you refering to the 2005 European GP… in which he also retired from the lead?

  5. James Bolton said on 13th July 2009, 19:10

    This is still Ferrari’s worst season since 1993. At this point that year, they only had one podium, compared to the two they have now.

    Using the old points system, Ferrari would have 13 points now, compared to the 7 they had at this point in 1993.

    Ferrari are improving in 2009: in the first four races they had one point scoring finish and 3 points, in the previous four races they have had six points finishes and 26 points.

    However, Red Bull have scored 54 in the past four races…

    • David A said on 13th July 2009, 20:09

      Raikkonen has a 3rd and a 6th: 4+1= 5
      Massa has a 3rd, two 4ths and two 6ths: 4+3+3+1+1= 12

      So 17 points overall, still their worst since ’93 as you said.

  6. James Bolton said on 13th July 2009, 19:15

    Surprisingly, Jenson Button has only had three German Grand’s Prix that have yielded a poorer result then the P5 he got on Sunday:

    2002 – Ret
    2003 – 8th
    2008 – 17th

  7. James Bolton said on 13th July 2009, 19:20

    Jenson now has 9 points finishes in a row. Jim Clark had 12 which I think is the British record.
    The overall record is Schumacher who had 24 in 2001 – 2003.

  8. michael counsell said on 13th July 2009, 19:51

    Alonso was the 7th driver to get a fastest lap this year and Renault were the sixth different manufacturer.

  9. Sergio de la Torre said on 13th July 2009, 23:41

    Alonso did 5 laps in 1:33 when he wasn’t blocked by traffic (from his last stop to the back of Brawns)

    L48 1:33.744
    L49 1:33.365 (fastest lap)
    L50 1:33.526
    L51 1:33.749
    L52 1:33.777

    Trulli was the other driver in 1:33 with 1 lap (1:33.654)

  10. m0tion said on 14th July 2009, 4:31

    Worst Alonso performance ever in qualifying! Piquet’s car was at least 0.5sec slower due not getting the updates again. Pat Symonds must be coming under some pressure by now surely …. those starts … remember the old days of Renault starts with Trulli overtaking half the grid to the first turn?

    • gabal said on 14th July 2009, 10:19

      And then they banned launch control…

      Frankly, it was a good call to make – this should be about best drivers in the world…

  11. top cat said on 14th July 2009, 7:51

    Micheal Parkes was 6’4″ so I think must the tallest F1 winner. Dan Gurney must be taller than Webber.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 14th July 2009, 20:18

      I don’t think Mike Parkes ever won a world championship F1 race. I’ve had a look on Forix and it says he had two seconds in 1966, but no wins…

  12. wong chin kong said on 14th July 2009, 14:28

    Red Bull is the only and first team to date in F1 2009 to have BOTH drivers winning at least a race each. (Red bull race winners: Vettel(2) Webber(1); Brawn race winner: Button (6) Rubens(0).

  13. Well done Mark. This was a great race to win. Its a shame what happened to Lewis at the start, he had such a good oppertunity with the upgraded car. aww well we’ll see what happens next time. excited to see how the season finishes!

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