Alonso very light and Button heavy with fuel (Hungarian Grand Prix fuel loads)

Fernando Alonso will make his first pit stop very early in tomorrow's race

Fernando Alonso will make his first pit stop very early in tomorrow's race

Fernando Alonso used a very light fuel load to take pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Behind him, both the Red Bulls are at least 14kg heavier and Brawn’s Jenson Button has 27kg more than the Renault driver. Here are the fuel loads in full:

Grid Qualifying Name Weight Fuel (kg) First stint (laps)
1 1 Fernando Alonso 637.5 32.5 13
2 2 Sebastian Vettel 655 50 22
3 3 Mark Webber 652 47 20
4 4 Lewis Hamilton 650.5 45.5 19
5 5 Nico Rosberg 654 49 21
6 6 Heikki Kovalainen 655.5 50.5 22
7 7 Kimi Raikkonen 651.5 46.5 20
8 8 Jenson Button 664.5 59.5 26
9 9 Kazuki Nakajima 658 53 23
10 11 Sebastien Buemi 671.5 66.5 29
11 12 Jarno Trulli 671.3 66.3 29
12 13 Rubens Barrichello 689 84 37
13 14 Timo Glock 679.2 74.2 33
14 15 Nelson Piquet Jnr 667.7 62.7 27
15 16 Nick Heidfeld 658 53 23
16 17 Giancarlo Fisichella 680.5 75.5 33
17 18 Adrian Sutil 683.5 78.5 35
18 19 Robert Kubica 666 61 27
19 20 Jaime Alguersuari 675.5 70.5 31

Other strategies to note:

  • Lewis Hamilton is on a realistic strategy with almost as much fuel as the Red Bulls
  • But Heikki Kovalainen is fuelled to go a few laps further and could jump his team mate at the first round of pit stops if he can stay close
  • Rubens Barrichello, starting outside the top ten, is very heavy

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56 comments on Alonso very light and Button heavy with fuel (Hungarian Grand Prix fuel loads)

  1. Zahir said on 25th July 2009, 20:00

    Webber seemed a bit unhappy in the press conference being beind vettel but I cant see why because he is on the clean side of the track and at the Hungaroring the dirty side is known to be very dirty.

    Thats why i dont think Hamilton will get such a storming start with his KERS as he is also on the dirty side and i dont think that the run into the first corner is that long in Hungary(correct me if im wrong)

    Alonso Webber Hamilton top three going into the first corner is my prediction

    • F1Fan said on 26th July 2009, 0:16


      KERS is worth about an 18-20 meter advantage here in Budapest. So even though Lewis starts from the dirty side of the track, which as you correctly mentioned does offer a disadvantage on this track, he should be able to pass both RBR’s going on the inside (which he has already done this season, I can’t remember in which race though). But even if this happens, in other words w/ Alonso, Hamilton, Webber and Vettel after T-1, I think Vettel still has the advantage since he will be stopping later than the other three. And it is certain that none of them will be able to open a significant gap on Vettel, the RBR is surely the quickest car here, again.

      I think the real intangible in the race will be the Safety Car, i.e. accidents. This track may be slow, but there have always been eventful races here. Under this light, I really think that Rubens may have something to say tomorrow. He is surely 1-stopping, and in case of an SC he will suddenly have a big advantage.

  2. Lutz said on 25th July 2009, 20:03

    Keith, do you have any news about the mess with the timings at the end of Q3 ?

    Nobody said nothing about it her in Brasil and I found it a quite strange and serious problem. All the timings were gone on TV transmission, on the website…

    and just in the moment the drivers were on their flying laps!

    odd to say the least

  3. sato113 said on 25th July 2009, 20:46

    keith do you think you could look up driver changes during a race weekend? ie. can someone replace massa?

  4. Striay said on 25th July 2009, 21:03

    What’s with Massa then? is he getting replaced by Gene or something?

  5. SamC said on 25th July 2009, 21:04

    Will they leave an empty space on the grid as Massa won’t be racing (if there isn’t a replacement) or does everyone get moved up a place?

  6. Alonso 9º in Q2 and 1º in Q3????
    And the time computer system just come down in that moment????
    And Hungaryan GP is Sponsored by ING?
    I think there is a very, very dirty bussines there…

    • pSynrg said on 25th July 2009, 22:52

      Ummm, look at the fuel load. Maybe one of ING’s people forgot to walk around the track picking up debris.
      Alonso had to abort his final flyer in Q2 due to the accident.
      Oh and don’t forget the fuel loads…

  7. Alonso will get away in a very short stint the softer compound of tyres. Then will get the harder ones and fight for the podium. I think is a good strategy. We´ll see tomorow. Never think Alonso knows less than us, specially if he drives that car.

  8. Brian said on 25th July 2009, 23:01

    Another 1 – 2 for RED BULL, and that ain’t no ‘bull’ pardon the pun. But yeah, this is the race where Red Bull will stick up Brawns exauhst!!!

  9. PrisonerMonkeys said on 26th July 2009, 0:48

    YES! JB’s got at least four laps on everyone in front of him! He claims that it he ended up with four laps’ more fuel than they intended, but given that he’s happy with the car, he could do some serious leapfrogging.

  10. Well, what about fuel consumption here at the table above? Till now we have been used to the sitution when the approximate number of laps were calculated on the same base of fuel used, am I wrong? We should also deduct the amount needed for the first instalation lap?

  11. Are you sure the numbers in the table above are calculated correctly? It seems as we should use the same amount of fuel kg per lap for every car? And deduct amount of fuel needed for the instalation lap, isn’t it true?

    • Patrickl said on 26th July 2009, 12:10

      Not sure why Keith dropped the explanation, but he usually says how he guestimates the number of laps. Just look up one of the previous editions.

      Anyway, indeed he keeps in mind that they need to do a formation lap and such.

  12. wasiF1 said on 26th July 2009, 4:18

    Is Rubens on 1 stop

  13. david said on 26th July 2009, 9:49

    Well done Alonso. He is done the right thing, it will probably not work but at least he is trying. There is no point in fueling the car normally, it would be a guarantee mediocre performance; 4th, 5th, 8th or 15th …. where is the difference?

    With this strategy he has a chance, a small one but a chance to be in the podium.

  14. F14EVA said on 26th July 2009, 11:46

    I think as Keith points out Mclaren do have a realistic strategy. However they could have gone ultra competitive as per James Allen’s article. If Hamilton had gone light like Alonso he would have secured pole and clean side, KERS etc could have pulled 10 sec gap by time of first Pit Stop, combined with Kovi moving up a couple of places from the start and one or both RB’s behind could have given Ham his best chance of winning, bu rumour has it that this was not have been seen as fair. Not sure I agree with that as Alonso doesn’t appear to have any issues with that tactic. Anyhow 10 seconds after the start we should all now exactly how this race will unfold…think it’s gonna be a cracker! -Kimi might have a say…..

  15. martinb said on 26th July 2009, 17:04

    Hungarian GP: Comparing predicted and actual pit stops.

    Grid . . kg . .Pred. Actual . . . . Fin
    .. . . . . . . La. T La T La T La T 70Laps
    01  ALO  32.5  13  s 12 s 13!m 17r  RET
    02  VET  50.0  22  m 01!  21 s 28!m RET (30r)
    03  WEB  47.0  20  s -- - 20 m 51 s 03
    04k HAM  45.5  19  s -- - 21 s 47 m 01
    05  ROS  49.0  21  s -- - 21 s 50 m 04
    06k KOV  50.5  22  s -- - 21 s 45 m 05
    07k RAI  46.5  20  s -- - 20 s 46 m 02
    08  BUT  59.5  26  s -- - 25 s 56 m 07
    09  NAK  53.0  23  - -- - 23 - 57 - 09
    10  BUE  66.5  29  m -- - 27 - 39!  16
    11  TRU  66.3  29  s -- - 29 s 59 - 08
    12  BAR  84.0  37  - -- - 34 - 58 - 10
    13  GLO  74.2  33  s -- - 33 s 61 m 06
    14  PIQ  62.7  27  s -- - 24 s 49 - 12
    15  HEI  53.0  23  - -- - 19 - 50 - 11
    16  FIS  75.5  33  s -- - 30 s 48 - 14
    17  SUT  78.5  35  - 01r  -- - -- - RET
    18  KUB  61.0  27  - -- - 22 - 53 - 13
    19  ALG  70.5  31  - -- - 29 - 53 - 15

    k = KERS, m = soft tyres, s = super-soft tyres
    (Super-softs favoured at start)

    Fine and warm. No rain.
    Temp. air: 25 – 26 C, track: 43 – 45 C
    Wind: 6 – 9 m/s

    Order at end of first lap:
    ALO, WEB(+1), HAM(+1), RAI(+3), ROS, KOV, VET(-5), NAK(+1), BUT(-1), TRU(+1), PIQ(+3),

    GLO(+1), KUB(+5), BUE(-4), HEI, BAR(-4), FIS(-1), ALG(+1), SUT(-2)

    KERS on first lap: HAM(+0), RAI(+2), KOV(-1) Not impressive (Vettel gifted them 1 place)

    Jaime Alguersuari replaces Bourdais in Toro Rosso. Felipe Massa doesn’t race because of

    head injury sustained during qualifying.

    INCIDENTS: (1)RAI touches VET at T1, RAI to be investigated, VET pits for front wing;

    (1)BAR contact with unknown at T2, loses places; (1)HEI hit from behind at start, goes wide

    at T11; (13)ALO loses front wheel after pit stop, drives to pits; (20)WEB long stop (fuel

    hose), nearly crashes into RAI on pull-off; (21)VET long stop; (46)RAI long stop (missed

    gear); (59)TRU long stop. (RBR and Renault pit crew have a bad day)

    UNSCHEDULED STOPS: (1)SUT retires (water temperature); (1)VET front wing; (13)ALO replace

    wheel; (17)ALO retires (fuel pump); (28)VET front wing and suspension check; (30)VET

    retires (front suspension); (39)BUE pits after spinning off

    EXCUSES: ROS–tyres graining; Toyota (John Howett)–need to qualify better; BUT–massive

    graining on rear tyres; Brawn Mercedes (Ross Brawn)–both cars tyere graining problems;

    KUB–Massive understeer and front tyre wear throughout the race; BMW Sauber (Willy

    Rampf)–need to qualify better; BUE–starting on harder tyres was wrong, front wing damaged

    by debris.

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