Official: Michael Schumacher to return for Ferrari in the European Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher will drive Felipe Massa's Ferrari in Valencia

Michael Schumacher will drive Felipe Massa's Ferrari in Valencia

We had only just begun talking about who might replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari and now it has been confirmed:

Michael Schumacher will return to Formula 1 in the European Grand Prix driving alongside Kimi Raikkonen.

Schumacher said on his official website:

I was meeting this afternoon with Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo and together we decided that I will prepare myself to take the place of Felipe.

Though it is true that the chapter Formula 1 has been closed for me since long and completely, it is also true that for loyalty reasons to the team I cannot ignore that unfortunate situation. But as the competitor I am I also very much look forward to facing this challenge.

Schumacher will be racing the F60 – a car he has never driven – at the Circuito Urbano Valencia – a track he hasn’t raced on before.

Last year’s European Grand Prix was derided as a boring procession. I fancy we might have something rather more interesting to talk about in three-and-a-half weeks’ time.

Saddened though we all have been by Massa’s crash – and relieved at his continued recuperation – it will be a thrill to see Schumacher up against the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

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317 comments on Official: Michael Schumacher to return for Ferrari in the European Grand Prix

  1. Bartholomew said on 29th July 2009, 19:16

    The Kaiser is back !
    this is really exciting

    • IDR said on 29th July 2009, 19:36

      Well, I think should be more appropiate to say: Grand Pa is coming back!

      (Despite his age, he’s still “the kaiser”) :-)

  2. S Hughes said on 29th July 2009, 19:17

    As much as a lot of F1 fans are wetting themselves about this, and sensational news as it is, to be realistic the guy is 40, has neck problems from an injury sustained earlier in the year, hasn’t driven the F60 and hasn’t tested for a year. I reckon a few people might be a bit disappointed. I don’t think anyone will knock him for coming back though whatever the result because it’s quite a brave thing to do.

    … And then again, he may just blow the field away. I hope he bites Lewis’ dust though!

  3. holy moly!

  4. Hakka said on 29th July 2009, 19:21

    Well, well, well, this season is shaping up to be quite exciting after all. I don’t quite understand Ferrari’s goals with this move, but there it is. How fortunate that he has longer than usual to prepare.

    Kimi probably doesn’t give a hoot. His problem though, is that even if he beats Michael, it’ll be because the latter isn’t in training. But if Kimi happens to end behind him in a couple of races it just will not look good at all. It’s a lose-lose for Raikkonen. He’ll also have to face the inevitable media questions :)

  5. Toro said on 29th July 2009, 19:24

    Now this is interesting stuff. I think this might be extra motivation for the team having Schumacher back. Lets hope he doesn’t spoil the fun and make it his 8th title:)
    That was just a joke but now I’am wondering has F1 ever seen eight consecutive wins?
    Hope we will not be disappointed after Valencia.

  6. Shagrathian said on 29th July 2009, 19:25

    Lewis has nothing to lose!
    Schumi has nothing to lose!
    Kimi has nothing to lose!
    Alonso has… Never think that i miss Alonso. :p
    It’s gonne be awesome! Can’t wait to see!

    • Casino Square said on 29th July 2009, 19:40

      Could it be that the race for the championship will just be a distraction from the battle of the champions? I’m so excited… damn this 4 week break!

      • JoeB said on 29th July 2009, 20:56

        It’s just a shame that the first race with MS back is the awfully boring Valencia track. But I guess that will give him a little car experience before Spa. Now THAT should be an exciting race . . . .

  7. mfDB said on 29th July 2009, 19:30

    Great choice by Ferrari!! I don’t see any of the other options making better sense or being as much fun.

    Ferrari and Kimi are not in the hunt for titles, and anyone else they could have put in the car (except DC) would be fighting for the seat. This choice is the most respectful thing to do for Massa too, because Shumi will race, and then gracefully give Massa his seat back whenever that time comes.

    I don’t think this will make Shumi look bad either, as some of you have posted. “7 time WDC fills in for his prodege after major crash” – just makes him look good, no matter the results.

  8. Casino Square said on 29th July 2009, 19:37

    It hardly seems massively important but I’m a statto so I’ll say it anyway… Schumi will be the 6th German on the grid. There’ll only be 18 cars on the grid at Valencia. A third of the drivers will be German! Schnell schnell, das regenmeister ist sehr gut!

  9. Toro said on 29th July 2009, 19:38

    Sorry I was thinking of eight consecutive wins in races because that’s how many are left in this season:)

  10. utylizator said on 29th July 2009, 19:39

    good luck michael, hope you to see you on the podium in Spain.

  11. simone said on 29th July 2009, 19:41

    A lot of people seem to be questioning his fitness, particularly after his recent injury, but he recently did some bike testing in Germany and a couple of days carting and apparantly trains everyday. I think he also got his superbike licence a year ago? so he must have intended on doing some more bike races and I guess you must need to be fairly fit to do that.

    Can’t wait to see him and Lewis race, I really hope their cars are evenly matched.

  12. Dorian said on 29th July 2009, 19:41

    Whatever happens, I cannot wait to watch the greatest ever F1 driver get back in the racing seat. Whether he comes 1st, 2nd or 20th – it will be a pleasure to watch him race again.

  13. SoLiD said on 29th July 2009, 19:41

    Don’t underestimate Schumi, he’ll do a good job for sure!

    Hamilton vs Schumacher who would have tought it would happen :)

    • pSynrg said on 29th July 2009, 20:08

      Absolutely – least of all Lewis no doubt! He’s always said he would have loved to go up against the cobbler.
      The potential is awesome. Just as Lewis has a real car underneath him too.
      I dare say Vettel will also be totally thrilled at the prospect of racing alongside his inspiration.
      Oh god, I can’t wait – get well soon Massa but enjoy the show in the meantime mate!

  14. flying turd muffin said on 29th July 2009, 19:47

    I hope Felipe drives again next year, but this is gonna be fantastic.

    • Casino Square said on 29th July 2009, 20:20

      Great name, Mr Muffin. I didn’t realise turd muffins could type, especially not flying ones.

  15. DMW said on 29th July 2009, 19:49

    If Kimi gets beaten by the old man in Valencia, he can go aheand and get fitted for a Campos fire suit.

    • Hakka said on 30th July 2009, 4:58

      Rally suit you mean, surely? :)

      Raikkonen lost to Michael by only 2 points in 2003 and beat him in points in 2005 – I think he’ll be able to handle it.

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