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Renault’s ??2.3bn loss adds to financial gloom 30th July 2009, 22:40

Following BMW’s abrupt decision to quit F1 speculation over which manufacturer might be next if rife. Suspicion tends to fall at the feet of Toyota and Renault. There are many reasons to suspect the latter. Title sponsor ING is leaving the team at the end of the year, talisman driver Fernando Alonso is expected to […]

The new rules, cars and rivals Michael Schumacher will have to get to grips with

When Michael Schumacher makes his return to F1 in three weeks’ time, he’ll find a lot has changed since he parked his 248-F1 after his last race on October 22nd, 2006. That car had grooved tyres, traction control and much less restricted aerodynamics than today’s cars. Not only that, but race weekends have changed, three […]

Why are BMW really quitting F1?

The announcement yesterday that BMW is to quit F1 was a shock – at least, until Michael Schumacher announced he was making a comeback. BMW’s statement had much to say about their corporate strategy and implied reasons to do with environmentally-friendly technology were at the heart of their decision. Is that really all there is […]

Saloolas back in the lead of the predictions championship

The ever-close F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship has seen another change of lead with Saloolas nicking the top spot from Dougie once more. And with Benno, brouard21, Chua, Dank, ianhaycox, Pete Walker and Sush Meerkat locked in a seven-way tie for third, this one’s going down to the wire.

F1 links: Button enters Race of Champions

Other News: Button confirms RoC presence "World championship leader Jenson Button has confirmed that he will take part in the Race of Champions again this year." BMW pulls out, but team should survive "I always thought that they bottled it last year, choosing to work on the 2009 car once they had achieved their 2008 […]

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