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Schumacher, Alonso, Kubica: Who will take Massa’s place at Valencia? 29th July 2009, 15:00

Thankfully the prognosis for Felipe Massa seems to be getting better with every passing day. Though hope continues to grow he may be able to return to racing in the future, it looks increasingly unlikely he will be able to do so in Valencia next month. It leaves Ferrari in the same place they were […]

BMW F1 exit anouncement expected

BMW is expected to announce later today that it is quitting Formula 1, according to Autosport. The site claims the German manufacturer will confirm the news at a press conference this afternoon attended by, among others, BMW motorsport director Mario Theissen. Update: It’s official – more in the comments.

How hard was Massa hit? 28th July 2009, 18:31

The stories of Massa’s accident three days have been everywhere. But how much do we really understand about how hard a blow Massa suffered when he was struck by that spring? F1 Fanatic guest writer Kareem Shaya tries to put the crash into perspective. In all the discussion of Felipe Massa’s qualifying accident at the […]

McLaren jump to the front as Brawn struggle (Hungarian Grand Prix analysis)

The Hungarian Grand Prix was an odd race in every respect. We saw a massive shake-up of the competitive order with McLaren and Ferrari and Brawn – the team which dominated the first third of the championship – struggling even to score. If this sets a pattern for the rest of the year, we’re in […]

F1 links: Smedley on Massa’s crash 27th July 2009, 23:12

Several interesting stories following last weekend’s momentous race. Rob Smedley has been talking about the terrible moment Massa crashed during qualifying. Meanwhile Michael Schumacher’s manager Willi Weber has denied the seven-times champion might return to take Massa’s place. In other stories, Silverstone reckon they are going to have the Grand Prix next year, following Bernie […]

F1 drivers’ video for Felipe Massa

Sky Italia recorded a series of tributes to Felipe Massa from the F1 drivers at the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. Here’s their video (it’s translated into Italian but you can hear a lot of the original comments in English). Thanks to m_compagnoni via Twitter for the link.

Video: Sky interview with me discussing Massa

I was on Sky News earlier this evening discussing Felipe Massa’s crash and its ramification for Formula 1. You can watch a video of the short interview above. Happily since this interview the situation for Massa is starting to look better, with one doctor suggesting he may also recover from his eye injury. Thanks very […]

No easy answers to safety questions posed by Massa and Surtees crashes

The terrible accidents suffered by Henry Surtees and Felipe Massa in the last eight days have left the motorsport world in general – and F1 in particular – asking questions about safety. It has reminded everyone that the oft-repeated mantra ‘motor racing is much safer than it used to be’ will only remain so if […]

2009 Hungarian Grand Prix facts and stats

A youngest-ever driver, a first-time fastest lap and a KERS victory – lots of milestones in the Hungarian Grand Prix. Here’s a round-up of the stats and facts – share yours below:

F1 links: Investigation into Massa crash

F1 to investigate Massa accident "The investigation into Massa's incident will be conducted by F1's governing body the FIA and the Brawn team. Barrichello's car suffered a failure in its rear suspension as the Brazilian, one of Massa's closest friends, went through Turn Three of the Hungaroring during final qualifying." The Ferrari engine is a […]

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