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Michael Schumacher got back behind the wheel of an F1 car on Friday, driving an F2007 at Mugello.

After subitting a request to the other teams, Ferrari have been given permission to run an F60 for one day’s testing so Schumacher can acclimatise. I’m surpriused they’ve allowed them, but I think it shows a commendable attitude to sportsmanship.

Schumacher testing in Mugello

Video of Schumacher driving the F2007 at Mugello in Italy.

FOTA Teams Allow Schu To Test F60

"FOTA Vice-Chairman and Toyota F1 boss John Howett told SPEEDtv.com: ‘I believe all FOTA teams have agreed to accept their request. The situation for Felipe is very unfortunate, and this is a sporting gesture which we are confident Ferrari will respect.’" An unbelievably sporting gesture. They'll be regretting that if he walks all over them at Valencia.

Bernie Ecclestone Interview

"I’ve got people worldwide that trust me and they know that if I say something, I’ll do it. And that’s why they rely on me to do it. I’m as good as my word. And that’s where I’ve got the luck at getting people to do things, and they say if I say something they generally follow. But when you say “remove,” you know, nobody can remove me – except the shareholders in the company, but they seem quite happy." I wonder how many other 79 year-old business leaders don't have succession plans.

Rossi, Gutierrez get BMW F1 test

"The BMW Sauber team will test former Formula BMW drivers Alexander Rossi and Esteban Gutierrez in December, the F1 team has confirmed." Good to hear they're keeping that up – both are promising drivers.

Schumacher is the wheel deal

"This is what [Schumacher] will inject back into his sport, even at an age when it might be wiser to be trundling around on a mobility cart." What, 40?

Kimi will consider WRC switch for 2011

"I am still in F1 and have another year on my contract with Ferrari but after that everything is open. I always enjoy rallying and it’s nice to be part of it here."

Stamp Shop – Mark Webber

Mark Webber commemorative victory stamps on sale in Australia.

Musical chairs

"I have a sneaky feeling that current F2 superstar Natacha Gachnang will fill the second spot. That’s right, a lady in F1. She drove for Campos in F3 last year, and is destroying everyone in F2 this season – coming 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 so far!

[From the comments:]

Jamie, I guess you have checked Natacha Gachnang in Wikipedia. Sorry to disappoint you, but she is not destroying anyone. 1,2,1,2, etc. refer to the first and the second race, as there are two races per GP in Formula 2. The results are below, in small numbers. Her best result this year has been 11th and she has retired in two races." via BritsOnPole on Twitter

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