F1 links: No BMW buyer yet

Statement BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen

BMW has not been able to arrange the sale of its F1 team in time for the new owners to sign the Concorde Agreement.

FOTA welcomes Concorde Agreement and looks to the future

"Signed by all Formula One teams, with the only exception of BMW-Sauber AG, the FIA, and Formula One Administration (FOA), Concorde 2009 lays down the commercial and regulatory guidelines for Formula 1 whilst guaranteeing the teams’ participation until the end of the 2012 season." FOTA confirms all the F1 teams apart from BMW have signed the new Concorde Agreement.

Doubts linger over Schumacher fitness

"The seven-time world champion was injured in a motorcycle testing accident earlier this year, and [his spokeswoman Sabine] Kehm admitted that until he had been given the all-clear there was still a possibility that he may not race in the European Grand Prix on August 23."

Michael Schumacher: The most divisive man in F1

"I don’t even rate him much as a racer. For me, his wheel-to-wheel skills were rather poor, and he disguised this by being overly aggressive. That was why he often panicked under pressure, such as at Jerez in 1997. If he found himself in the midfield, he sometimes had very clumsy races indeed — his botched move on Takuma Sato at Suzuka in 2003 springs to mind."

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Nico H?β??lkenberg’s GP2 form points towards 2010 F1 debut for Williams

H?β??lkenberg was first to test Williams' 2009 F1 car

The last rookie looking for his F1 break I wrote about found himself making his Grand Prix debut 17 days after I wrote about him.

But on his form in GP2 Nico H?β??lkenberg doesn’t need my blessing to make the grade. He’s looking ever more likely to snap up a Williams drive for 2010. Continue reading

How McLaren went from last to first (video)

McLaren have posted an interesting series of videos on their official YouTube page featuring interviews with team members explaining how the transformed their MP4-24 from one of the slowest cars in F1 this year into a race winner.

Here are the videos: