YouTube and Best Buy to sponsor USF1?

Will we see these logos on the side of USF1's car next year?

Will we see these logos on the side of USF1's car next year?

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley is one of the investors behind America’s new F1 team for 2010, USF1.

Hurley co-founded YouTube with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in 2005 and the trio made $1.65bn when they sold the site to Google in November 2006.

Another American company, Best Buy, is looking to get involved in the project. According to TechCrunch their chief marketing officer Barry Judge recently met Hurley and representatives from US F1.

Best Buy is a major American electrical goods retailer, but its huge electronics warehouses are little seen outside America. It is planning an expansion of its business into the UK and Europe, and bought a half-share in Carphone Warehouse in May for ??1.1bn.

Sponsoring a Formula 1 team would be an ideal way for Best Buy to promote their brand to European audiences.

The potential YouTube tie-up is made all the more interesting because of FOM’s determination to keep F1 content off the world’s most popular video sharing site. This futile, brand-damaging endeavour sees occasional clutches of Formula 1 videos uploaded by fans (including those filmed by fans at Grands Prix) disappear from the site in the name of copyright protection.

F1 teams including Ferrari, McLaren and BMW are already using YouTube.

As for the sponsorship plans of the other two new teams arriving in F1 next year, Manor is tipped to grab the Virgin deal from Brawn GP. Little is known about Campos Meta 1’s plans, but a likely target could be Spanish oil company Repsol. It has a long history of F1 and motor racing sponsorship and has been backing Jaime Alguersuari in World Series by Renault.

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72 comments on YouTube and Best Buy to sponsor USF1?

  1. bruins said on 7th August 2009, 17:02

    are we going to have a black, white, and orange livery with GEEK SQUAD plastered on the side of it?

    • Wesley said on 7th August 2009, 21:49

      Oh man, I hope not!

      For those of you who don’t have a Best Buy in your country “Geek Squad” is the mobile technicians that drive around in ugly Volkswagens painted in the design bruins mentioned above.

      • R.E.M said on 8th August 2009, 2:23

        Yes, for some reason they like the Beetle. The beetle is the ugliest car ever. Just ask the Top Gear hosts.

        • Rikadyn said on 9th August 2009, 4:40

          Most them around here are in Ford E250s in that color livery, though they do have a “display” Beetle

  2. Jess said on 7th August 2009, 17:55

    It is good to know that the new teams are getting some backing. I must say that the last few years of F1 have been good in the racing. Now if we could just get away from the political part. I doubt it.

  3. Max should resign now!!! said on 7th August 2009, 20:07

    Horrible logos I wonder how the liveries will be, i hope we don’t end up with yet another white car.

  4. Gman said on 8th August 2009, 2:09

    Great news on the sponsorship for all three teams- I expect we’ll see some more announcements similar to these in the next few weeks.

    The pairing of Best Buy and Team USF1 could be a Grand Slam for all parties involved. In the case of Best Buy, F1 sponsorship would give them excellent brand recognition in Europe and elsewhere. On the American side, Best Buy is the industry leader in retail electronics sales…their stores are visited by hundreds of millions of Americans each year for al sorts of electronics items. If USF1 gets some exposure in the stores and in marketing campaigns, there will be few better ways to spread awarenss of the team here in America.

    • todd said on 8th August 2009, 8:13

      yeah hopefully it’ll garnish extra exposure in the US and we’ll see a 2nd US based team come in. 2 US teams making enough noise about how not having a US race is hurting their sponsorship opportunities should help bernie / the new FIA to look back into USA for events.

      hasn’t RBS and ING pulled out? USA has plenty of big banks with fresh bailout money to spend.

  5. steve o said on 8th August 2009, 6:29

    Forewarning, the techcrunch guys are douchebags so be carefull about your sources

    this stuff has been floating around the web for a while.

    P.S. Techcrunch doesn’t have to much credibility left, however Utube and Bestbuy would be cool.

    P.P.S. I don’t like shopping at my local BestBuy because the kids from high school they hire don’t know anything

  6. dsob said on 8th August 2009, 8:31

    Was reading the link over on techcrunch. Nothing there is any more definite than other speculation on the web regarding Youtube sponsorship of TeamUSF1. It’s all based on a remark made in a hallway, not on any solid info.

    Now, formula1blog’s Paul Charsley has an interesting idea. Back in the 70’s a fellow named Guy Edwards bought space on a Hesketh, and some other cars I think, and then sold the space to advertisers for as much as he could get.

    With YouTube actually losing Google, this might be a way for YouTube to generate additional income, if they can buy the space on the car cheaply enough and then re-sell it at a premium.

    Advertisers that can’t or won’t step up for a full F1 sponsorship deal, and TeamUSF1, caould all make out on such an arrangement.

    • dsob said on 8th August 2009, 8:32

      With YouTube actually losing Google,

      Sorry, that line was meant to read “with YouTube actually losing money for Google”

      Never pick up typing without proofreading first after having been called away to the phone, lol.

    • Prisoner Monkeys said on 8th August 2009, 9:24

      Now, formula1blog’s Paul Charsley has an interesting idea. Back in the 70’s a fellow named Guy Edwards bought space on a Hesketh, and some other cars I think, and then sold the space to advertisers for as much as he could get.

      I believe that’s what some sponsors actually do. I’ve heard Malboro do it for Ferrari – they buy sponsor space and sell it to other sponsors (subject to Ferrari’s approval, of course) – and that Virgin supposedly had that right for Brawn (the idea being that Branson could attract sponsors so the team could carry on racing).

  7. On a separate note,
    The driver search for usf1.
    They want a driver that is American, and it seems to me if Dania Patric is on the list…then there isn’t that much talent to choose from.

    Speed had a go, Seb had a go, etc etc…Maybe they should look at Marcus Ambrose.
    Ambrose has raced open wheelers, against button, kimi, etc so he has experience.
    Ambrose on road tracks is faster than Speed, Montoya and really is the class of the nascar field when they have to turn right and left.
    He isnt ‘young’ and would be a older rookie…and even though he isnt American he is know in the US thru nascar so it might be an option, just as P Windsor is a Australian/American.

    I dont even know if Ambrose would even want to go in to F1 but give him a test and that might re spark an old flame he was chasing a few years ago.

    • Gman said on 11th August 2009, 6:48

      Danica is no longer under consideration…she should have never been in the first place, in my humble opinion.

      They are probably going to partner an experienced F1 driver (read: Alex Wurz) with a young American, possibly Jonathan Summerton or Graham Rahal. I woulden’t be suprised to see some of the young Americans racing in Europe and America- Rossi, Daly, Newgarden, Hildebrand- signed to some kind of developmental deal as well.

      Plenty of talent bud…now that someone is looking for it and wiling to employ them, watch them shine in a little while ;)

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