Domenicali criticises 2009 rules (Video)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari’s Stefano Domenicali believe the 2009 technical rules haven’t helped promote overtaking as planned.

In an interview with Ferrari’s fuel partner Shell (above) Domenicali said the new rules had only changed which teams were competitive, but not improved racing:

If you look at the races that objective was not really achieved, so far, at the moment. When there is a change of regulations, before doing something it is very important we make sure that what we want to achieve in terms of objectives is achieved.

The objective that was achieved was that we had a different grid: different cars became more competitive. This is the only thing I can say on the new regulations.

We’ve had a lot of debates about how this year’s radical new rules have changed the sport.

I think Domenicali’s view is broadly correct – we’re not seeing much more overtaking or closer racing, and much of what have seen has come down to KERS.

At the beginning of the year we all hoped that the ugly 2009 cars would give us better racing. But it hasn’t happened.

The question now is, what should they do about it?

The final 2010 technical regulations have not yet been published. They are expected to be broadly similar to this year’s rules, but with refuelling and KERS banned.

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