Have you spotted an F1 lookalike?

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Kimi Raikkonen and Phil Coke
Kimi Raikkonen and Phil Coke

F1 Fanatic guest writer Gerard Hetman met baseball player Phil Coke recently – and was struck by how much he looked like Kimi Raikkonen. Which got him thinking about F1 lookalikes…

Last year I paid a visit to the Yankee Stadium while clad in McLaren gear to conduct some impromptu market research on how well-known F1 is in America.

Recently I visited the Yankees brand new stadium and, by sheer luck, spotted their player Phil Coke – who bears a striking resemblance to F1 pilot Kimi Raikkonen.

At six feet and one inch tall (1.85m) and 210 pounds (95kg), Coke stands a bit taller than Raikkonen, but he?s a near-double for him from certain angles.

The relief pitcher was autographing baseballs, caps, and other memorabilia. A native of Sonora, California, Coke has been enjoying steady success with the New York Yankees since his debut with the club in September of 2008.

Phil Coke
Phil Coke
As Coke signed my game ticket, I yelled over the many voices nearby to ask if anyone had told Coke of his resemblance to Raikkonen. I was quite surprised to hear that he hadn?t, but if he continues to pitch well in America?s biggest media market while playing for one of the sport?s most famous team, the comparisons may soon become commonplace.

To his credit, Coke appeared to sign something for nearly ever fan at the fence, and no doubt brought a smile to many faces, despite the Yankees suffering a 6-4 loss to the Oakland Athletics later in the day.

Can name any other F1 lookalikes? Do you look like an F1 driver or personality? Post links to images below or upload pictures to the F1 Fanatic drop.io.

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141 comments on “Have you spotted an F1 lookalike?”

  1. humm i don’t know what to think about that…. i can’t see the resemblance with those two… however i think Mark Webber and the actor Eric Bana look a lot alike (different weight and height) and they are both Australian…. what do you think?

    1. I am ALWAYS being told I look like Vettel. The fact that I have a Toro Rosso jacket doesn’t help matters :P

      Thats me and my Display pic too not Vettel :D

  2. Oh come on, this is a non-article. First there’s no resemblance, second this is just plain silly and should at least be in the “Articles in Brief” section, shouldn’t even be on the front page. Belongs in the forum at best, maybe not even that.

        1. Everyone moans about the amount of politics in F1 then when something light hearted and funny is posted, people moan about that too.

          Come on guys this isn’t an F1 website. It’s a fun f1 blog :D

          1. Besides, it’s a guest entry and these, as a rule, belong together. They provide a different texture to F1 Fanatic than would be the case if only Keith wrote for it, but they do that most effectively when treated as full articles.

    1. To be fair, I agree with Hakka here.

      1) I dont see the resenblance. Maybe its just not the best two pictures.
      2) I’d much rather hear about this ‘market research’ that appears to have been the original aim of this expedition.

      1. The market research was covered extensively in an article a fair while ago. Maybe someone can find the link to it. It was an interesting read though.

      1. haha maybe it IS him!

        i remember seeing in F1 racing magazine a few years ago (they had this f1 look-alike feature) how michael schumacher and celine dion looked alike.

        they also had this side-by-side picture in a different issue showing how fernando alonso’s helmet in 2005 resembled a thomas the tank engine beach ball – all the bright colours.

    1. good call I remember thinking that myself in the day. There’s a flag holder for the road crew on my way to work, he is spot on to the iceman. He’s even got a tribal tat on his wrist

    1. Jake you are the saving grace of what otherwise might have been a non-article.. Too many of those these days on this website

      On reading the title I had expected something on Neil Davis the Hamilton lookalike

  3. Bernie’s a regular to a pub in Knightsbridge (where he lives and I work near) – I’ve seen him a couple of times. Last year I even saw him there in a heated debate with Flavio over lunch. As I walked past Flav mentioned Alonso whilst waving his arms aronud exageratedly and Bernie even caught my eye in a ‘$%^* off and stop staring at us…’. I didn’t stop talking about it for weeks!

    1. Actually I think when I was digging up some of the rally youtube spots I found a vid of him being interviewed and he was actually smiling, laughing a bit as well. The interview was in his own language though so, hard to tell if he is just super self concious of his english or something else.

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