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F1 links: Petrov tipped for Campos 19th August 2009, 23:46

The Spanish press is reporting that Pedro de la Rosa will return to F1 racing next year with Spanish team Campos Meta 1. His team mate, the report claims, will be GP2 driver Vitaly Petrov, who until this weekend was Romain Grosjean’s team mate at Barwa Addax. Petrov would be the first Russian to race […]

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley joins USF1

Chad Hurley, the co-founder and present CEO of YouTube, has joined USF1, following rumours that emerged two weeks ago linking him to the team. Hurley said: Getting in on the ground floor of a project of this size and scope is a tremendous opportunity, and I look forward to helping shape the USF1 vision and […]

F1 2010 rules: A return to proper qualifying and real Grand Prix racing

Surely the best news in the 2010 F1 rules is the confirmed return of low-fuel qualifying and a ban on in-race refuelling: 29.1 b) Refuelling during a race is forbidden. 2010 F1 Sporting Reguations The needless and uninteresting complication of fuel strategy and and tedious race-fuel qualifying are being swept away. This is a return […]

F1 2010 rules: KERS to stay

F1 cars will continue to use KERS in 2010. Despite widespread expectations that Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems would be dropped after just one year, the new F1 regulations published today includes provision for the devices. The F1 teams’ association had agreed not to use KERS next year – but I’m glad it’s staying.

Whitmarsh wants Hamilton and Kovalainen to have equal equipment

Nelson Piquet’s attack on Flavio Briatore for not giving him and Fernando Alonso equal equipment has once again cast a spotlight on how teams treat their drivers. McLaren’s policy of driver equality was a subject of furious debate during the 2007 season (not least on this site), when Alonso and Lewis Hamilton fell out spectacularly. […]

F1 2009 by Codemasters: first video

Codemasters have released the first video of their forthcoming Formula 1 game “F1 2009″ for the Nintendo Wii.

Sebastian Vettel’s career in video (Part 1)

F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer looks at how Sebastian Vettel got into F1 and what he’s done since then in the first of a two-part video guide to the young driver’s career. Michael Schumacher has decided to abort his comeback bid, but many feel that the next Schumi is already on the grid. Sebastian Vettel […]

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