Rate the race: European Grand Prix

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Last year’s European Grand Prix was rated the worst of the season. Was this year’s instalment any better?

Rate the European Grand Prix out of 10 and have your say about the race below.

Rate the 2009 European Grand Prix out of 10

  • 1 - Terrible (4%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (4%)
  • 3 - Boring (15%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (9%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (16%)
  • 6 - Not bad (20%)
  • 7 - Good (18%)
  • 8 - Great (9%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (3%)
  • 10 - Perfect (2%)

Total Voters: 2,219

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99 comments on “Rate the race: European Grand Prix”

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  1. what is everyones problem with Lewis Hamilton?

    Are you all jealous of his girlfriend that you all hate him?

    The guy is a great driver sjees

    1. It’s mostly his race, then, well, I just don’t know. He’s nice, he’s kind, he’s polite, he’s the best driver in F1, he’s always thankful to the team, he got into F1 by winning every championship he entered from when he was 10 so it wasn’t a fluke, he isn’t a drunk or a womaniser, he doesn’t swear. He is a black man full of talent and confidence and that jars with a lot of people, some of them unconsciously.

      1. Oh yes and he’s gorgeous.

        mp4-19b, 31 is ancient isn’t it? She should be taken out and shot for being so old. And she isn’t taller than him and she is a beautiful woman.

      2. Grace Lovvorn
        23rd August 2009, 16:00

        Hey there, I’m American, and Nicole Scherzinger isn’t idolized like you guys in F1 want to think. She’s in a craptastic pop group, and is probably only dating our dear Lewis for either a) publicity, or b) money. Just saying.

      3. S. Hughes, here, here. Win or lose for lewis, some people will always have a go at him. He’s doing what most would like to do, but it will never happen. He has the life that most, would like but will never have. And may be most of all he has a woman, that would never give them the time of day or a second glance.
        So it makes for the jealous remarks, but words don’t matter because as Kimmi is so fond of saying ” It won’t change anything”

        1. Grace Lovvorn
          23rd August 2009, 18:27

          I’m not jealous (I am a girl), but I do think that Lewis deserves better. Does anyone else agree?

          1. Nicole seems a nice enough woman. Clearly Lewis seems to think so. The relationship looks serious, so she’s going to around for a long time. She is his choice so good luck to them.

    2. jealous of his girlfriend?? who would want a girlfriend who’s taller,uglier & 6 years older than you?

  2. I’m sorry but it was quite boring. Blown engines, tires, and pitstops don’t make for an exciting race when there’s nothing else going on. The circuit seems to be forgiving of mistakes, by which I mean it appears easier to maintain position in the event of a small mistake.

    Lewis continues to impress when he has to push.

  3. I feel so angry on behalf of Lewis – he had the win in the bag but a 4+ too long pit stop stymied him. That is just unacceptable. Lewis deserved that win. He lost through absolutely no fault of his own. What were McLaren thinking? As for Button – his true useless colours are showing now – managing 7th in the fastest car!

    1. Meh. S**t happens. Considering how bad his season was going this is a good result.

    2. If I remember correctly he was about 8 or 9 secs behind Rubens after the stops. RB’s laptimes when LH went in were very quick.

      1. rubens came out 10 seconds in front.

        even with 4 seconds longer, rubens had 2-4 seconds in the bag to take the position.

    3. I also think Jenson has been over valued up to this point but I don’t think this race can really be used as evidence. His position is the result of a qualifying mistake and a poor start – although we knew Kimi would get him with his KERS. I think he gave too much difference to Vettel who appeared to try to run him into the barrier at the start but if he hadn’t there might have been contact.

      What I think we really saw was the true nature of this circuit which seems to dictate that the running order after lap one is how the race is going to finish barring car or team failures.

      If Jenson is to prove himself truly worthy of being WDC this year, he needs to turn it around and put in a dominant performance. I’m not sure he can. Right now my evaluation of him is as a second tier driver on the level of Rosberg and Kubica. With Alonso and Hamilton (and Kimi when he’s motivated) being in the top tier.

  4. My vote was for “a bit boring”. Mistake. Upon further review it really was Boring with a capital B. Yeah its cool that Reubens won. Hamilton would have if not for the botched pit stop. Thats racing though. Heikki will probably lose his seat. Nico was all over him in an inferior car. Looked like Alonso drove a solid race. With the exception of 1 grandstand looked like the spectators stayed away in droves. No one, hardly, on roof tops. Nothing but concrete walls. Like Detroit in the 80’s. What does Bernie care as long as he gets his piece?
    Funniest moment of the race: Badoer getting out of one of the Red Bulls way in pit exit AFTER HE HAD CROSSED THE ACCELERATION LINE!!!! Oh man!! That was too funny!!

    1. It was Grosjean’s Renault, and then he got a drive through penalty for crossing the white line at pit exit.

      Just like Bernie said last year after Singapore, Ferrari provided the clown.

  5. It may have been boring but RB winning put a smile on my face.

  6. RB would have caught LH without the Mclaren mess up in the pits. He was faster in the 2nd and 3rd sections of the race.It was not the best race but just because Saint Lewis of Mclaren and all things English did’nt win it does not make the race dull. All teams have made errors in the pits, just a shame Mclaren have made more than most.
    all the same well done Rubens on winning a rather dull race.

    1. i don’t care if lewis lost. but this useless kovi shouldn’t be let of the hook. he’ll make ever little excuse available in his brain to prolong his career at mclaren. i personally believe, even with good car under him, he’ll not deliver. cuz he’s an overgrown kid with no talent.

  7. Grace Lovvorn
    23rd August 2009, 15:50

    This race was quite funny for being so dull. First off, I’m glad that Rubens won. He’s been in JB’s shadow for too long now. He has passion, and seems to truly love the sport.
    But, yes, the circuit was really boring. Nothing exciting happened. Although I got a laugh from “BAD” Badoer…Epic fail for Ferrari! Although they did get a podium with Kimi, aka the most enthusiastic person in F1. Hoot hoot. Lewis was upset that he couldn’t do the victory dance with Nicole Whatever-her-last-name-is. Nico the Pretty Boy is totally going to replace Kovalainen (who could have done much better); I can feel it in my bones. And what about Jenson, Sebastian, and Mark? Well, the Red Bulls can say goodbye to the WDC, especially Vettel. Poor boy. We’ll just see how everything shapes up for the rest of the season.
    Sorry for the rambling comment. All in all, it was a pretty entertaining race considering that it was Valencia…they should stick to what they do best: growing oranges.

    1. agreed!!

      …….>>>get rid of kovi
      …….>>>get rid of valencia
      …….>>>ban nicole from entering the pitlane

      ( guess hammi was to eager to have a glance at her one lap too early!)

      1. Grace Lovvorn
        23rd August 2009, 16:06

        LOL…Lewis was too eager to see his cougar that he lost the race! I bet he feels bad now

  8. Prisoner Monkeys
    23rd August 2009, 16:02

    I think that if they made a few changes to the circuit, Valencia could at least produce a semi-decent race. Bring the barriers in closer and reprofile tefirst sector so that the cars go flat out to the bridge. Iron out the switcback to a fast chicane like the one in Melbourne, then change the final bend to a blind double-apex by moving the Start Line forwards a little.

    1. I totally agree the first sector is boring. They could create some fast bends maybe with lifting throttle. Last bit of the track is better but too forgiving.

  9. For me, it was a let-down. I couldn’t call whether Barrichello or Hamilton were going to get ahead – and if it had been Barrichello just ahead of a KERS-powered Hamilton, we’d have had some fun. Seeing it decided by a silly pit lane fumble was massively disappointing. And apart from that, nothing of any consequence happened.

  10. Brilliant to see Rubens winning. His pressure on the Macca’s made the race interesting. Would of been nice to see how close he and LH were without the missing tyres. I reckon it would of been very close, if not slightly in Rubens favour, looking at the lap times he was doing at that point.

    By the way, why is this track compared to Monaco? It has no camber, and nothing challenging about the track at all. Hungary is a more interesting race track!

  11. Even Ben Edwards would have had trouble commentating & making this one sound exciting :)

  12. Was actually a very good and interesting race. Was certainly better than last year!

  13. I voted Boring – I think I’ll stop watching GP2 races before F1 race as without it I can think that overtaking on such track is impossible…

    This is alongside with Bahrain worst race of the season so far.

  14. I thought it was a decent race. Barrichello and Hamilton had a good battle. A safety car would have made things more interesting though.

  15. actually i believe Singapore’s track layout is as useless as valencia, just coz its run under the lights it’s said to be great & everything. actually without piquet’s crash & massa’s pitstop blunder the race there would have been just like the race here at valencia.

    1. On the bright side at least Singapore has bumbs in the breaking zones and hard kerbs.

      Oh hang on… Had

  16. Was it just me, or the summer F1 break, but boy Jonathan Leg-End’s commentary was really irritating me today. Please somebody shut him up!!!

    Unfortunately, I do want to hear Martin Brundle, so switching the commentary to 5Live (or no commentary) is not a good option.

  17. The interest today came mostly from blunders and strategy rather than on track racing. That doesn’t bode well in my book.

    I think it looks a cool place but the circuit is very boring, lacks character. I would have thought if they wanted to they could make some major changes to the circuit layout, barriers and track landscaping to make for a more interesting race that would allow more overtaking. So rather than ditch Valencia all together I would like major track changes.

  18. Bit disappointed Lewis did’nt win. The team lost it for him. But 2nd is better than no points, he would have settled for 2nd during the lean times. So well done to Lewis. I really like Kovi, but he has to go, what a disappointment. Since Lewis is not going to win the championship. I’ll be rooting for Ruben’s, well done to him, hope he can pull it off.

  19. A popular result, nice work by Rubens and Kimi. That was as exciting as a strategic race gets (not very).
    But mostly it was a gridful of wusses who only try to pass when told to, on a track that badly needs a passing place added somewhere in the first half of the lap.

  20. I actually think it was an ok race, although i did have a bet on with my friend that lewis wouldnt win the race so that probably made the hamilton – Barrichello battle more interesting… It would have been better if they had brought out a safety car after Nakajimas incident.

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