Belgian Grand Prix: Rate the race

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Kimi Raikkonen returns to the top step of the podium, Giancarlo Fisichella grabs a first point – and seven more – for Force India, and Rubens Barrichello finishes seventh in a bonfire.

What did you think of the Belgian Grand Prix? Rate the race and leave a comment below.

Rate the 2009 Belgian Grand Prix out of ten

  • 1 - Terrible (1%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (1%)
  • 3 - Boring (1%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (1%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (2%)
  • 6 - Not bad (7%)
  • 7 - Good (23%)
  • 8 - Great (29%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (22%)
  • 10 - Perfect (13%)

Total Voters: 2,271

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86 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix: Rate the race”

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  1. I voted 9, because I voted 8 for the Melbourne GP and this was definitely better, it’s the best race of the season so far. Track looks great, the cars look great on track, lots of action throughout the field and a great result, almost reminiscent of Monza’s underdog victory last year, but that wasn’t meant to be.

    I was a bit dissapointed Hamilton got taken out, he would have made for some great racing, besides the need for a safety car cost Fisi the lead, along with some unfortunate strategy choices, which was also a shame.

  2. Should the stewards summon Barrichello and Brawn for having run with that will-blow-up-any-second engine?
    And Kubica pitting a couple of laps before inspite of having 1 Kg more fuel than Fisi and Kimi not running longer inspite of having 7 kilos more…what could be the reason? Is that mercedes engine that efficeint?

  3. I’m really hoping for Kimi to come back to mclaren. That is where he truly belongs. Its just so shallow to see him in that red car & overalls. I understand even Mika has advised heim to return back to mclaren.

  4. First part of the race good action but then it dropped off abit I just think it was perhaps more enjoyable as underdogs force india could have gone for the win.
    I still think Button will win championship, in fact I can’t imagine him losing it which is incredible and very sad really how a lot of it is down to engine and car reliability.
    Great result from Kimi and a strong drive, very happy with Ferrari but for me Massa can’t come back quick enough.
    Driver of day probably Fisi and never thought I’d say that

    1. The first part of the race was good, but in the second half virtually nothing happened.

      I thought the race was OK, good by recent standards, but I don’t see how that race was so unbelievably amazing as most people seem to think. Put this race in the 2008 season, and it would’ve been one of the weakest races

  5. I ranked this race a 9. I don’t know what a perfect race would be.

    This is what can happen when a great racetrack is made available to great drivers. Is this what we love F1 for or what?!

    Look at the city tracks, ie: Valencia and the last race of the season, Abu Dahbi. (We haven’t sen a race at Abu yet but believe me, it will be real shiney, but boring.)A lot of money thrown at a “pretty” circuit and what do you get. A procession that is nothing but boring.

    Spa is nothing short of majestic. And in 2 weeks another “classic” dramatic track, Monza! Lets just run all the races at Spa & Monza. :-)

    Bernie, are you listening? Oh.. thats right, you always leave before the end of the race ’cause your sooo busy.

    1. Grace Lovvorn
      30th August 2009, 17:04

      Agreed! Spa is a classic for a reason: it pushes the cars and the drivers to the limit. Those new, super-expensive circuits? Nope.
      And Monza is in two weeks! It just keeps getting better. :):):)

    2. I don’t know what a perfect race would be.

      I would suggest the 2005 Japanese Grand Prix – another Fisichella-versus-Raikkonen contest, as it happens.

  6. 9/10, delighted that Kimi and Ferrari won. I’m really happy for Force India, and their pace kept the battle for the lead compelling throughout. Kudos to Vettel for recovering 3rd. BTW had Force India won, Toyota would have been the only team on the current grid that had never won a race.

  7. I gave it eight – plenty of interest, some proper racing, would have been excellent if Vettel had caught the leaders at the end.

  8. I voted 8 – I would probably give more but I watched GP2 race before it which I watched on the edge of the seat whole race. It was that exciting.

    We saw overtaking up and down the field, we saw OVERTAKING FOR LEAD (that happens once in a blue moon this year), field was incredibly close and there wasn’t a dull moment in race. Spa – what a fantastic race-track…

  9. Driver of the day: Kimi. 2nd best (by a mile): GF. Deserving of a mention: Vettel, Kovalainen, & Webber. Why are you paid so much?: Hamilton + Alonso.

    My top 3 dream teams for Ferrari 2010:
    1. Kimi & Alonso
    2. Alonso & Vettel
    3. Vettel & Webber

    1. Hamilton and Alonso both went out because of problems caused by others.

  10. I was dissapointed when Alonso had a bad pitstop and then had to retire. I would have loved to have seen where he would finished.

  11. ANY race after Valencia would be great.

  12. I gave it 7. Mainly because the 2nd half of the race was a lot more quiet than the first. I presume those giving it 9 or 10 are big Ferrari fans because there’s not much room to rate a race higher, and there have been plenty of better races than that. What an awesome track though.

    Good on Kimi and Ferrari for winning, but it was far from a masterclass. I wonder how effective his KERS was at keeping Fisi behind lap after lap. Could Force India have tried fuelling Fisi a bit longer in the middle stint to give him a shot of staying out a couple of laps longer than Kimi?

  13. Well for F1 this was ok,but really the state of f1 is so bad that the bar has been set so low…18 guys over the wall an they still boch up the pit stops…time to watch some old F1 racing from the 90’s

  14. Kimi rocks… He is back again…

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