Giancarlo Fisichella scores first points for Force India in Spa (pictures)

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Giancarlo Fisichella scored a remarkable second at Spa - and could've won
Giancarlo Fisichella scored a remarkable second at Spa - and could've won

Giancarlo Fisichella finally gave Force India their first ever points in Formula 1 on their 30th attempt.

He chased Kimi Raikkonen around every lap at Spa-Francorchamps, rarely more than a couple of seconds behind. With Raikkonen’s temporary team mate Luca Badoer enduring a second dire race, speculation is rife Fisichella will be a Ferrari driver at Monza.

Fisichella kept his lead from pole position at the start while Raikkonen used his KERS – and plenty of the tarmac apron at the first corner – to get a run past Robert Kubica into second.

The Force India driver might well have stayed ahead of Raikkonen if the safety car hadn’t been scrambled following the first lap crash. But on the restart Fisichella was powerless to resist Raikkonen’s KERS-powered attacks and lost the lead on the run to Les Combes.

Raikkonen was never out of Fisichella’s sights all race long – the pair even pitted on the same lap twice. An extra lap of fuel at his first stop could have been enough to get Fisichella the lead – but even so what the team achieved was remarkable enough.

Fisichella has driven well this year, particularly at Monte-Carlo where he was ninth and only a few seconds away from scoring Force India’s first point.

With that milestone finally achieved – and their first podium to boot – can they go one place better at Monza?

The result lifts Force India from last in the constructors’ championship to ninth ahead of Toro Rosso. It means they’re in line to earn a lot more money at the end of the season, a precious lifeline for the cash-strapped team.

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Images (C) Force India F1 Team

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  1. Any chance of all the belguim gp pics?

  2. I think Fisi should stay with Force India and help build on this succses.

  3. I thought that we are interested in who was best driver today ? Force India and Red Bull were best cars but best driver won. If Lewis had been driving like Kimi did, this would have been evidence that he is all time best . Are you guys little bit bitter when Kimi shows who is real master of track ?

    1. Indeed. Kimi seems to get a lot of flak for eating ice cream after his car breaks down, but when he snatches the win from under the noses of several drivers in faster cars, no one seems to be paying attention.

      Great drive from Kimi.

      BTW did Renault send Alonso out again with an ill fitted front wheel? They put on the next fairing, but it really looked like they didn’t get it locked properly. It looked like it was locked but at the wrong angle.

    2. I’m surprised by the bitterness exhibited by some Raikkonen fans to what I think is entirely just praise of the good work done by Fisichella and Force India this weekend. It doesn’t diminish Raikkonen’s achievement at all to praise the guy he beat.

    3. master of track?

      He is not the best driver out there in my opinion. By all means it was a good drive and he is a brilliant driver and yes one of the best on the track. He’s completed 8 seasons in F1 now, 5 times finishing higher than his team mates, but 3 times lower to Heidfield, Coulthard & Massa – all good drivers but you can’t call everyone a master else it kinda defeats calling someone one.

      (Also to note is twice when he beat his team mates they didnt even complete a whole season I believe.)

      Kimi won this race by a fantastic start using kers, and a good restart after the safety car again using kers. Then a good defence using kers. By all means a good drive and excellent use of kers, but without the restart force India would have left him for dust.

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