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Italian GP weather update: rain again? 8th September 2009, 18:14

Earlier this week the signs pointed to a dry weekend at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix. But now forecasts are starting to indicate a chance of wet weather this weekend. The Metrociel precipitation map shows rainfall arriving at the circuit on Saturday afternoon – potentially during qualifying – and remaining into Sunday. (See here […]

Monza’s new kerbs are not likely to stop corner-cutting controversies

The Monza circuit operators have installed new kerbs in four places on the track. Significantly, the kerbs feature high raised parts to discourage drivers from using anything more than the flattest part of the corners. Ferrari themselves have acknowledged their car is not so good over kerbs, which could lead to suspicion that the Italian […]

Your questions: anthems and Glock-gate

The inbox is groaning full so it’s time to tackle another round-up of your F1 questions. This time we’re talking national anthems, libel, 2010 F1 testing, what to take to a Grand Prix… …and Lewis Hamilton passing Timo Glock in last year’s Brazilian Grand Prx. Tinfoil hats at the ready!

Malaysia isn’t ready for an F1 team

Malaysia is considering putting money into an F1 team entry. You might expect Malaysian F1 fans to be keen on the idea, but it’s not the case as guest writer Jay Menon explains. The Malaysian government is supporting a bid for Proton-owned Lotus to return to the F1 grid in 2010. I can’t say I’m […]

F1 links: Mercedes buy into Brawn

As McLaren prepare to confirm details of their latest road car, their F1 engine supplier Mercedes is about to get into bed with a rival team. Production of the last McLaren-Mercedes road vehicle collaboration, the SLR, is coming to an end. Are Mercedes strengthening their ties with Brawn at the expense of their McLaren association? […]

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