Lola reveals 2010 F1 car model

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Lola B10/30 2010 F1 car model - 50% scale
Lola B10/30 2010 F1 car model - 50% scale

The first F1 team to reveal a design for the 2010 F1 season is Lola – even though it doesn’t have a place on the grid.

Lola applied for one of the three places on the 2010 F1 grid offered by the FIA earlier this year – but was turned down in favour of applications from USF1, Campos Meta 1 and Manor Motorsport.

Racecar Engineering snapped this picture of the team’s 50% scale model at a publicity event for the Silverstone 1,000km sports car race, in which Lola’s Aston Martin-powered cars are competing.

The model has already had ten days in a wind tunnel. However some parts of its design look fairly basic, such as the uncomplicated front wing.

Lola are hoping to land a place on the F1 calendar for 2011. But when they’re already this far down the road to getting a car on the track for next year, you have to wonder why they weren’t offered an entry in the first place.

The model is designated B10/30. Lola’s last, unsuccessful, attempt to compete in F1 was in 1997 with the T97/30. It failed to qualify for the Australian Grand Prix that year and was never seen again after the funding behind the project collapsed.

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Image (C) Racecar Engineering, reproduced with permission