Rate the race: Italian Grand Prix

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A Brawn one-two and a dramatic last lap – what did you think of the Italian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below.

Rate the 2009 Italian Grand Prix out of 10

  • 1 - Terrible (1%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (0%)
  • 3 - Boring (3%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (2%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (6%)
  • 6 - Not bad (15%)
  • 7 - Good (34%)
  • 8 - Great (25%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (10%)
  • 10 - Perfect (4%)

Total Voters: 2,192

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116 comments on “Rate the race: Italian Grand Prix”

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  1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    13th September 2009, 16:08

    Lucky Ferrari. If it wasnt for KERS, they would have been ‘bested’ two races on the trot by Force India. Well driven Sutil.

  2. StrFerrari4Ever
    13th September 2009, 16:15

    I voted Terrible simply because of the fact that it didn’t have the sort of racing that keeps you hooked like Monza 04.

    Yes the Toyota’s battling was brilliant but apart from that the cars were closing on each other but when it came down to it they didn’t really have anything left to pass.

    I’m going to admit though for the first time ever I was rooting for Hamilton he was driving fantastically and I wanted him to catch Button and pass him but then he crashed.

    Commiserations for Liuzzi he was on course for a points finish but engine problem sealed his fate & Webber well I doubt he would’ve got in the points even if he didn’t crash.

    The Red Bull’s are seemingly out of both title races but it’s not the end of the world as long as Rubens can snatch the title instead of Button.

  3. David Coulthard:

    Do you know her?

    Adrian Sutil:

    Not yet.

    1. Best quote of the weekend, I feel. I was in a fit of laughter.

      1. Poor guy, would have been wonderful to see him on the podium.

    2. I thought that was very quick witted, but did you notice him actually have a quick look for where she went LOL ;)

    3. The same women was hanging around another driver later, carrying a big bottle of champaign. I guess she was trying to set up one big party *shocked*

      When you see him running, I have my doubts about Sutil though :)

      1. And you would stand there?

      2. OOOOOH Chase me!!!!! ;)

      3. Maybe he’s dyspraxic, I run like a [can’t think of appropriate word] as well and that’s the reason…

    1. Thanks for posting this,looks like using KERS on a exit can be a handful.

      1. I’m amazed that there was no external clip of the crash, considering the chase was the most exciting thing happening at the time.

    2. Was that the same spot where he had wheelspin before?

      Brundle commented about it that it was a weird spot to have wheelspin. Not sure if it was this or the next Lesmo where that happened though.

  4. @Random Chimp

    Yer that was funny.

    Im not a fan of Hamilton and im from england it was unlucky for him to crash on the final lap but thats just Formula 1 he pushed on hard and he paid the price.

    they should just now put all their efforts into 2010 now.

  5. Ok so the title is pretty much wrapped up for brawn which I didn’t really want to see but………

    I have to give it up to button. He never folded under the pressure from hammy. Great race and strategy from brawn. I will applaud them. Feel sorry for webber. But vettel is not impressing me at all.

    Funny how everybody in the press questions raikkonens commitment but thee is he again on the podium.

    Exciting race from the beggining. Lots of fun.

    1. I think that’s an very good point about how well Button did. He only needed a little slip and Hamilton would haven been on the KERS button and through.

    2. How can Vettel not be impressing you at all? He outqualifies Webber at every race and outraces him nearly as often.

  6. Pretty boring race other than Hamilton. Typical modern F1, no actual racing just strategies played out on seperate pieces of the track.

    looking forward to losing the strategy nonsense next year when perhaps we might get some actual racing.

  7. How long have you all been watching? Nobody remember cars winning by a lap and cars 3 to 4 laps down. I know nearly all you Brits love him but LH stuffing it on the last lap was the driving of amatures. Mclaren needed the points, he can’t win the WDC but points mean cash to the team. Push as much as you can dou to lose it on the last lap was poor.Emerson won the title here for the first time in 72. Now that was racing just like Stewart in 69. 4 cars in less than 0.2 sec over the line.

    1. Can’t you see that it’s not just fans of Hamilton who are praising him?

      The only bias I can see is from the people who hate Hamilton for no real reason and like to criticise everything he does.
      As I said before, you’re worse than the people who praise everything he does.

      Wouldn’t you rather every driver fought for every position like it was for the win?
      I know I would. Even if they make a silly mistake every now and then.
      I don’t want to watch drivers trying to win their teams a few million dollars for a place in the constructor’s championship. I want to watch racing.

      1. Wouldn’t you rather every driver fought for every position like it was for the win?
        I know I would. Even if they make a silly mistake every now and then.
        I don’t want to watch drivers trying to win their teams a few million dollars for a place in the constructor’s championship. I want to watch racing.

        Well said.

  8. Good race for me, although once the fuel strats were out yesterday i guess we all knew that it would be a Brawn 1-2. But great drive from Rubens, I’m suprised that Jenson couldn’t make more of a fight of it though. Lewis was obviousley ringing the neck of that McLaren, I think Kovis performance indicates that the car really isn’t all that good still, it’s just Lewis that makes the difference, I’m a bit suprised by McLaren taking a glory hunter attitude and leaving lewis that short on fuel, I would have thought with havin a KERS launch the could have started him further down the grid on a 1 stop, I think he could have made 7-8th. Perhaps they had tyre issues.

  9. Well usual pure stragegy “session”, I wouldn’t call it a “race”, qualifying session 2 would be more appropriate.

    1. You could always watch something else

  10. I agree with Mark totally, we want to see RACERS and that is why some of us are such big fans of Lewis.

    He is the most exciting driver since Mansell and Gilles Villeneuve.

    I think those that think a driver should cruise for points are kind of watching the wrong sport really.

    1. “He is the most exciting driver since Mansell and Gilles Villeneuve.”

      No disrespect meant, but you sir, have been hibernating for long! i’m certain that Hill Vs Schumacher, Schumacher Vs Villeneuve jnr., Schumacher Vs Mika, Schumacher Vs DC, Schumacher Vs Kimi, Schumacher Vs Alonso, Schumacher Vs Schumacher, Schumacher Vs Montoya, Kimi Vs Alonso Vs Hamilton… most of the world, we certainly did find it entertaining enough.

      Yes, we didn’t have many british drivers come out of those scraps winning :P but boy was it fun…

      You know what, we even have the greatest overtaking move ever during that time (mika on schumacher, spa 2000)… Schumacher doing 4 stops to Alonso’s 3 and yet winning the race… 2 Imola’s where they were chasing each other’s tails… DC going on the outside of Schumacher, french gp. Montoya overtaking Schumacher only to be undone in a lap or two. Brothers Schumacher squabbling at imola and a couple of other races.

      I could go on and on. Frankly speaking… i guess you don’t have a clue about what you are speaking!!!

      I do not see so many people speaking positively about Button as much as i would like… despite him wiping the floor with the rest of the field in the initial part of this championship. Was that not good enough driving?

      Yes Hamilton is good. I’ll say that again slowly so most people can follow… “he’s good. quite good. great? don’t think so!!!”

      Before you accuse me of some bias, i’m an indian, bloody neutral as hell and appreciate skill and speed more than nationality.

      Teams i root for: Williams and Ferrari

      Man i respect most in the pitlane… Sir Frank, for the way he carries himself with much dignity.

  11. I rated it 6, only because I felt the actioned tapered off a little after a great start. I enjoyed it though and it was good to see the 2 championship contenders at the front for the first time in a while. This bodes well for the run in.

    As for the people on here laughing at Hamilton and rejoicing in his failure and humiliation… May I suggest you get out of the house, meet some people, have some fun, generally get a life because you need a distraction from your anti-Hamilton issues. The guy isn’t in contention for the championship, McLaren aren’t anywhere near the constructors title so he was going for it and trying to finish as high as possible. He went off, so what? It made a refreshing change to see a driver going for it on the last lap.

    And I’m not a Hamilton “fanboy”, just a fan of motor racing so someone racing right to the flag will always get my support.

  12. I didn’t enjoy this race a whole lot. Had some trouble keeping my eyes open. It was more like a battle of maths rather than a battle on track.

    Of course most of the drivers really put in a great effort, but when it’s all about strategy, it just doesn’t translate well to the TV.

    I guess Hamilton showed just how much he was trying. While Kovalainen and Vettel seemed keen on showing how not ro drive a race. Guess they picked the wrong tyres for the first stint or something.

  13. I just can’t believe some 23 people rated this race as “terrible” or “rubbish”…

    Nice Brawn strategy, nice combativity from Ham., nice Toyota fight, tense start wthout casualties, a FI/Ferrari battle… Plenty to look at.

    Bye bye Europe though…

    1. I reckon they musta been McLaren fans. For me, i was happy to see Rubinho winning again. Brawn surprised me!!! Loved the race.

  14. I rated it good as I enjoyed the race, although obviously I’m not happy about the result for the championship. The Red Bulls are basically out of the running now, and even though it wouldn’t have happened it makes me sad that it’s now mathematically impossible for Kimi to win the WDC even if he won every race and the top four guys failed to score.
    I’ll be rooting for Barrichello now as far as the WDC goes. He deserved that win today; for most of the race he seemed to outperform Button.
    I loved the Toyota battle, it was great to see Sutil finally in the points, and I thought Hamilton’s late charge was good to watch even though it ended badly.
    I’m sad that F1 is leaving Europe now…it’s way too soon to all being over for another year.

  15. Knew we’d get a load of Kimi hype again, come on guys he’s a very good driver but don’t milk it. On average he’s put in the best performance over the last 4 races, but I don’t think he’s been the best driver in any single one of those races, except maybe Spa (personally I though Vettel’s late charge was slightly more impressive but Kimi’s performance did deserve Driver of the day consideration, don’t think I’m knocking him for no reason).

    I only wonder, what would Massa have done?

    1. It’s probably a coincidence, but perhaps Raikkonen does better when Massa’s not around? Just a thought.

  16. Sorry but apart from history why oh why is Monza such a great track…?

    Along with Barcelona and Valencia another ho hum rubbish track.

    I actually fell asleep after LH pit stop. Only shame I didn’t see him bin it.

    1. Because it’s all about speed. It’s immensely fast, straight line speeds are way higher than anywhere else. It’s an extreme track – just like Monaco is exceptionally tight and slow, and Spa is all about the fast corners.

      And if it doesn’t produce great racing then I don’t give a stuff because overtaking isn’t the only thing that makes F1 great. Seeing a pack of cars go by at 220mph is pretty impressive too.

      1. go and watch champ cars then…lol

        I cant see how going in a straight line fast is any more entertaining than the drags. Flood the track and it is an enjoyable round.
        Considering how many better tracks to watch Italy has too….

        Every year it is the only track I am guaranteed to fall asleep watching, and has been now for as far as memory serves me (apart from last year).

        1. StrFerrari4Ever
          14th September 2009, 17:44

          Unfortunately this year they didn’t reach 220mph :( thought they’d go close or over that.

  17. That was one of the best races and one of the most important. The top drivers in the championship needed to leave Europe with good performances and the Brawn boys passed with flying colours.
    As for Hamilton, he just made a simple mistake. The Brawn cars were rocketships all afternoon long, on a strategy that really put Lewis under the cosh. The Lesmo series of corners are well known for producing such crashes as they are both 100mph plus inwhich the driver uses all the kerb then some on exit. As soon as I saw Hamilton had crashed it was obvious what had happened. Vettel and Trulli were both lucky to escape their moments there too.
    What fascinated me was the moment during the BBC feed, just before the drivers went on the podium, inwhich you can clearly hear Button discussing Lewis’ crash. One can only wonder what Kimi thought as he approached his former machine, stricken by the side of the road?
    Great race, great drama, and no one got hurt. 7/10.

  18. Big shout out for Lewis, two tumbs up mate. He proved that there are still “real” racers in today’s F1 scene. Adrian and Kimi was also great. Too bad Vitantonio had a mechanical Breakdown. Who knows what might’ve happened if he didn’t.
    This is how an F1 Race should be.
    Also, Big Thanks to F1 fanatic’s twitter feed, I translated your live feed and post it for my mates in the Indonesian W202 club, who couldn’t watch the race, they all say it was awesome.

  19. The race would have been rather processional were it not for the fact that I could only watch a full recording of the race (not the live broadcast) and my mother-in-law had already said “oh, whatshisname crashes out on the last lap” – she forgot the name of the driver. So it would have been dull, but instead it was a nail-biting countdown to the last lap knowing that someone would be crashing out.

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