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Model hints at 2010 colour scheme for 1Malaysia / Lotus F1 car 15th September 2009, 18:03

The FIA announced today that Lotus will get the final place on the 2010 F1 grid. The Malaysian government has backed the bid and the entry was made by a company called “1Malaysia F1 Team”. 1Malaysia is an initiative of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, intended to promote unity among Malaysians. This brightly-coloured car […]

F1 links: Lotus gets 2010 slot, Symonds gets immunity

Two big developments in the F1 news already today: Symonds offered race-fix immunity "The development comes on the back of interviews between Symonds, FIA representatives and members from the Quest agency at the Belgian Grand Prix where it was deemed his evidence was 'central' to finding answers to what happened in Singapore." FIA going after […]

How Barrichello won and what happened to Grosjean (Italian Grand Prix analysis)

A one-stop strategy worked wonders for Rubens Barrichello in the Italian Grand Prix. That, and an excellent qualifying performance against his team mate. Meanwhile Romain Grosjean had an off-track adventure that seemed to go unnoticed by the TV cameras. This and more in the Italian Grand Prix analysis.

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