Model hints at 2010 colour scheme for 1Malaysia / Lotus F1 car

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1Malaysia F1 car model
1Malaysia F1 car model

The FIA announced today that Lotus will get the final place on the 2010 F1 grid. The Malaysian government has backed the bid and the entry was made by a company called “1Malaysia F1 Team”.

1Malaysia is an initiative of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, intended to promote unity among Malaysians. This brightly-coloured car model was on display at an official announcement in Malaysia today.

The team principal will be Tony Fernandes, who is ranked the 15th-richest man in Malaysia and set up Air Asia, the airline which sponsors Williams.

A statement from the government said: “?σΤιΌ?τThe cars will be made in Malaysia, by Malaysians […] The team will announce its two drivers by October 31, 2009. Currently six local and international drivers have been selected.”

Ex-Renault, Toyota and Force India man Mike Gascoyne will return to F1 as the team’s technical director.

Interestingly, FIA president candidate Jean Todt has links to Malaysia via his partner Michelle Yeoh and his role as an ambassador for Malaysian tourism (about which questions were raised earlier this year).

The model above may prove not to be indicative of what the team’s final 2010 livery will look like – but I think it would be great to see such a radical colour scheme on the F1 grid.

But with Force India, US F1 and now 1Malaysia, is F1 slowly turning into A1 Grand Prix?

Update: Alex Yoong yesterday referred to the car as ‘project raibow’ on Twitter. Is this paint scheme serious?

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  1. I hope Alex Yoong doesn’t return to F1 as one of the Lotus drivers…

    1. The days of pay drivers seem to be over- now drivers seem more likely to be chosen on their nationality. Bernie Ecclestone wants Force India to take on Karun Chandok, USF1 will run at least one American driver (even though none of them seem to have the credentials right now). Perhaps the Malaysian tourist board will decide employing Alex Yoong for Lotus will draw in a few more tourists to the country…

    1. Are sidepods & stuff allowed next year?

      1. Not the winglets, no, this looks like a pre-09 model that someone’s painted.

        1. look like the renault R24 or R25.

          1. it is a renault

  2. Well thats…. different

    1. One way of putting it.

      1. a very nice way of putting it, I had a diff word on my head….

        1. I had several.

          1. I had a stick of rock from the seaside that looked like that once…

    2. as long as red or white aren’t on it i’m happy. these colours are way to common. the old black/gold or the dark green/yellow schemes were the best.

      1. The dark metallic green with yellow would be great.

        1. i meant as long as it isn’t dark blue or dark blue and white.

    3. I’m a fan of colourful things, so I like it. But then again I like the Renault livery so perhaps I just have bad taste…

      Regardless, I’d be very surprised if they actually kept this livery, I think it’s just a publicity stunt. If Petronas are involved, it’s far more likely to be turqouise, a bit like Sauber used to look.

      1. Your not alone, I loved the 08 Renault color scheme the best, and Vettels Bahrain helmet

    4. lewisisoverated
      16th September 2009, 3:46

      as ridiculous as that looks, im sure that was just for show.. i looked at it again and if you notice that is actually the colours of the malaysian flag! for anyone who doesnt know what that looks like, its has a blue rectangle with a yellow moon and sun in it. and the red and white stripes. well it looks just like the american flag except the 52 or whatever stars the septics have is replaced by the sun and moon. not too sure about the number of stripes. havent counted either.

    5. Looks like ice-cream to me.

  3. The back looks alright I think but I do not like the front. I like vivid and distinctive liveries but that is just odd…

  4. haha.. Dun be like Spyker or MidlandF1 disappear from the grid less than 2 seasons..

    1. Yeah they will. So will Manor and Campos

  5. I have a feeling this won’t end well.

  6. Lol TommyB one way to describe it! :P
    Maybe they kept running out of paint and just picked up the nearest can?

    1. Haha yeah. Looks a bit like a stick of rock you get from the sea-side or something.

  7. Nice to see Mike Gascoyne will be back for next year…. Well the design and colours are erm.. different!

  8. Now I wont say a bad thing about Renaults ING livery. I love it now as I know there may be worse paint jobs :O

  9. But with Force India, US F1 and now 1Malaysia, is F1 slowly turning into A1 Grand Prix?

    Yes. It’ll soon be half A1GP half Formula Cosworth.

    Hopefully F1 will be sorted out with a new president

  10. What if it’s Todt Tommy? Bernie wouldn’t even give Vatanen a pass to the Monza gp. Wish we could vote or get one of us or Keith for president

    1. Yeah that’d be a shame. Isn’t Todt going to run for president then when he gets it make Mosley in-charge again?

  11. I would be very surprised if that livery made it onto the grid.

  12. Please god, no!

    That’s horrid, really don’t like it one bit.

    The cars will be made in Malaysia, by Malaysians […]

    If that’s the case, why not use a Malaysian name than possibly tarnish a great teams record.

    Just my tuppence worth.

    1. Yes I agree. The majesty of the Lotus name should not be tarnished by tacky liveries. They will ruin the brand appeal and commercial value of the name if they do. But try explaining this to people in this Berniefied era – F1 does not seem to have too much awareness of history or classy looks these days (the exception being McLaren)

      1. Well, Mclaren and Williams also.

        1. Mclaren, Williams and Ferrari. Oddly enough they’re the only teams to have won more races than Lotus.

      2. They can even paint it the national flag colors and it would not look so ugly. Gah. When I was last in KL, the ING Renault F1 advertisements were everywhere — you’d think they’d recoil from the horror, not get sunken deeper into the morass…

        Ironically, the local Malaysian car makes (Proton and Perodua) tend to be, in my opinion, very elegantly designed, they just have a reputation — not wholly undeserved — for poor reliability and safety.

  13. Oh God……please….no.
    If they show up with a color scheme like that it is probably an indication of the performance we can expect from the team…….like none.

  14. What’s with all the Pink on the front wing & nose? It will definitely not be received well in Canada & USA for obvious reasons ;) I dunno how Colin Chapman will be feeling at this moment. The first thing that comes to mind at a mention of a Lotus is “JPS Golden Black” . I would rather not see a lotus car. This is absolutely going to destroy the legacy of Lotus & Chapman.
    Wasn’t Mike Gascoyne fired from Force India last year? I wonder how good will he be. Hasn’t been sucessful despite being the highest paid in 2003 with earnings crossing $8 million per year. Malaysian folks will go mad if this new “Lotus” doesn’t deliver. I just hope this misadventure doesn’t damage the reputation of the original Colin Chapman Lotus brand.

    1. That car is as ugly as it will be slow. That car is really a joke. FIA doesnt which direction to take f1 in.. but allowing a crappy teams and cars in f1 will only spoil the sport

    2. That car is as ugly as it will be slow. That car is really a joke. FIA doesnt know which direction to take f1 in.. but allowing a crappy teams and cars in f1 will only spoil the sport

    3. I hope they don’t do black and gold. It was a great livery, but it matched the sponsor, so dragging it out now seems wrong. I suppose if the sponsor black and gold it wouldn’t matter, but otherwise it seems like exploiting there history. I’d rather they just find a scheme to match a new sponsor or go back to green with yellow.

  15. Bit off topic but Mp4 if you look on autosport there is news about the future of mclaren and mercedes relationship.
    Isn’t Lotus being based in Britain first and then being moved across to Malaysia?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if McLaren come up with their own engine by 2012. Ron Dennis has clearly stated they are in the process of building a Brand name. McLaren would look awfully incomplete without its own engine. So, the news to me was on expected lines. Ron also made it very clear that they are taking on Ferrari .

      1. Re McLaren building its own engine — well, they’re building their own engine for the new road car — wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see them aim for their own F1 powerplant in 2012 or 2013 after the Mercedes connection withers…

      2. I see a great future for McLaren, building their own engines and expanding their range of road cars.
        I can see Ron entering a Second Youth, and creating wonderful and different things for the times ahead.

  16. I hope the team will be called Lotus and not 1 Malaysia. I was looking for the return of the evocative British brand and team, but this is Lotus only in name. Really sad. And I don’t belive Malaysia has any local driver who is F1 material, except perhaps Fairuz Fauzy.

  17. I can deal (uhum!?) with the livery but is that the best they could do with the name…

    1. they’ll be called Lotus. what’s wrong with that?

  18. But with Force India, US F1 and now 1Malaysia, is F1 slowly turning into A1 Grand Prix?

    Funny, thats exactly what I was thinking!

    But thats an awful colour scheme, they had better be taking the p**s! :P

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