Model hints at 2010 colour scheme for 1Malaysia / Lotus F1 car

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1Malaysia F1 car model
1Malaysia F1 car model

The FIA announced today that Lotus will get the final place on the 2010 F1 grid. The Malaysian government has backed the bid and the entry was made by a company called “1Malaysia F1 Team”.

1Malaysia is an initiative of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, intended to promote unity among Malaysians. This brightly-coloured car model was on display at an official announcement in Malaysia today.

The team principal will be Tony Fernandes, who is ranked the 15th-richest man in Malaysia and set up Air Asia, the airline which sponsors Williams.

A statement from the government said: “?σΤιΌ?τThe cars will be made in Malaysia, by Malaysians […] The team will announce its two drivers by October 31, 2009. Currently six local and international drivers have been selected.”

Ex-Renault, Toyota and Force India man Mike Gascoyne will return to F1 as the team’s technical director.

Interestingly, FIA president candidate Jean Todt has links to Malaysia via his partner Michelle Yeoh and his role as an ambassador for Malaysian tourism (about which questions were raised earlier this year).

The model above may prove not to be indicative of what the team’s final 2010 livery will look like – but I think it would be great to see such a radical colour scheme on the F1 grid.

But with Force India, US F1 and now 1Malaysia, is F1 slowly turning into A1 Grand Prix?

Update: Alex Yoong yesterday referred to the car as ‘project raibow’ on Twitter. Is this paint scheme serious?

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  1. lets bring back tobacco advertising and their wicked colour schemes, and also let people know smoking is cool. B)

  2. does lotus actually have anything to do with this team…or is it just a name to get attention???

    1. Yes it does. They are in charge of the engineering but manufacturing will be carried out by malaysians I think.

  3. force india fan(ex toyota fan)
    17th September 2009, 19:04

    hoppfully this is a plastic, 2007, renalt practical joke that “project rainbow” made! come on it needs to scrap that horrable 1malazia name and get the lotus green and yellow that is crap!!!

  4. ok… well for a start, the colours should be in yellow/green… which i am 90% sure they will be… they wanted the name so bad that it cost them millions.. i am sure they are gonna use the colours as well. also as for the lotus drivers for 2010, u just have to look at the facts… they want experienced drivers who are looking at the end of their careers who can give valuable input to the team, they are not looking for malaysians(yet), so… barrichello who does not have a drive for next year, and fisi.. who ferarri already said that he will be a backup driver for them.. in 2010.. but are open to “loan” the driver out to help keep him race ready if he is needed back in the team, they are prolly the two best experienced(quality) drivers available and up for grabs.

    i have looked all over the net trying to find out who will be driving for lotus next year. and could not find much. but when u put it all together. this is the only conclusion i came to.

    Lotus car 2010, yellow and green
    Drivers, rubins, and fisi

    (sorry if there are typos i didnt check)

    1. yellow & green represents brazil that wont happen in F1, &now ive heard that they will play the uk anthem yes ? the foundations of lotus were born in UK i do believe..

  5. UGLY. Its embarrassing. 1 NOT Malaysia. Designer gone mad.

  6. That is far too vulgar to be the colours of Lotus. Bring back the emerald green body with the yellow stripe, I say.

  7. It looks like as if someone blended a pizza and vomitted blue paint all over it

  8. oh no I haven’t seen that color on F1 cars A1 maybe looks awful for F1 cars pls keep colors to a minimum

  9. here are the real lotus colours, looks like pete pigotts got something going.

  10. It looks like an new malaysia lotus F1 racing model

  11. who ever says this team fails deliberately sux dog balls on a daily basis. ive seen the real pictures here!

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