Singapore Grand Prix organiser says: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”

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Has the Singapore scandal brought F1 some useful publicity?
Has the Singapore scandal brought F1 some useful publicity?

The Singapore Grand Prix organisers say they are not concerned that the Renault scandal has detracted from last year’s inaugural F1 race.

Singapore GP CEO Michael Roche told F1 Fanatic:

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The governance of Formula 1 is strictly the responsibility of the FIA. However the World Council investigations may turn out, Singapore is always going to go down in history as having created a truly memorable event.

We feel that event fully delivered on the spectacle, drama and excitement that we promised in bringing Formula One to Singapore.

Fernando Alonso in fact produced one of the most spectacular overtaking moves of the race, when he passed Nico Rosberg for the lead at Turn Seven. Felipe Massa and the Ferrari team produced high drama in the pit lane, while Kimi Raikkonen was one of several drivers who demonstrated the challenges of the Marina Bay circuit.

Despite the recent controversy, the Singapore Grand Prix was an international success that gained Singapore accolades around the world. Any visitor to the 2008 event should be proud that they experienced history in seeing Formula One’s first-ever night race.

We are now fully focussed on ensuring that the 2009 event builds on that success and the continuing ticket sales, now past 85% sold-out, bears witness the the race?s continuing popularity.

Whenever there is a scandal like this one (and it happens a lot these days) there are always some who suggest that such affairs are good for the sport because it keeps it in the headlines.

But there must be a limit to the amount of bad publicity a sport can get before the public turn off and sponsors start leaving.

Fans who shelled out their own money to go the race are not likely to share the view that this sort of publicity is ultimately good for F1. Here’s a comment left on this site by David, who was at the race last year:

I am so angry, I am from London and went to Singapore last year for the first night race, had an amazing time, the race was exciting and interesting, got amazing photos, and most of all have a great memory of running down the pit straight at the end, climbing the fence opposite the podium and seeing the podium ceremony complete with Flavio on the podium.

Now I feel cheated!

I am heading to Singapore again on Monday, if I hadn?t already paid for everything I wouldn?t go! I am actually shocked about this!

Do you think the kind of publicity F1 has had from the Renault scandal benefits the sport?

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