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Who is Renault’s “Witness X”? 22nd September 2009, 21:01

The FIA has formally published the widely-leaked evidence relating to Renault’s Singapore trial, along with various other documents including a 76-minute recording of the discussion at yesterday’s World Motor Sports Council meeting. The material can be downloaded from the FIA website. Although there isn’t much in the documents that hasn’t already been made public, there […]

F1 must redeem itself this weekend (Singapore Grand Prix preview)

If F1 ever needed to go somewhere and put on a show, it is now. The dazzling spectacle Singapore introduced to the calendar last year has been forever tarnished by Renault’s cheating and yesterday’s all-talk-and-no-trousers reaction from the FIA. On its return this weekend we need an event that shows off the very best of […]

Mosley says Renault got the ‘harshest penalty’ but hardly anyone agrees

Max Mosley refused to acknowledge the craven manner in which the FIA backed down from punishing Renault yesterday. He insisted the team received “the harshest [penalty] we can impose”, which was patently false given that they kept all the points and money earned by their ill-gotten victory, and have not been banned from any events. […]

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