F1 2009 game exclusive video: first footage of Singapore Grand Prix track

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Here’s a new video of Codemasters official Formula 1 game “F1 2009”, which goes on sale for Nintendo Wii next month.

Among the new features in the game is the first appearance of the Singapore Grand Prix circuit in an officially licensed F1 product – as shown in this video.

Have game makers Codemasters done a good job of rendering the new circuit?

Are you going to buy F1 2009, or are you waiting for next year’s version for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360? Have your say in the comments.

F1 2009 by Codemasters

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  1. The physics look like the cars are floating on the track.. dunno have to describe it exactly but has a rubbery feel like most games then.. Will wait patiently though codemasters know what they’re doing.. wii is probably a dl and will buy the ps3 version

  2. Have Microsoft got the licence now to have an F1 game on the 360??? I thought it was unique to the PS3?

    Please tell me i am wrong :)

    1. Sony did have the exclusive licence up until about a 18 months ago.

      Clearly when it was found they were abusing this exclusive licence by not using it, FOM put it back up for auction. Codemasters won it, and are now making the new F1 games for all platforms: Wii and PSP this year, 360 and PS3 next yeah.

  3. If this is how it looks like after 1 year, then thank goodness they delayed the high def versions for next season, more time to listen to criticisms and polish up the game.

  4. I think PC and Play Station version will be much better. Wii is total rubbish in first place so dont get angry guys.
    Remember Codemasters have made some nice racing games like GRID. So I hope F1 2009 will be better.

  5. I think I’ll stick to rFactor and F1CE for now… :(

  6. Looks horrible, too bad the FIA didn’t give the license to Simbin. Codemasters had not made a good racing game since Toca 2.

  7. i think codemasters got another company to do the Wii game as they are busy doing the ps3 xbox and pc versions. so i would not draw to much from this game. codemasters have made some very good racing games. the first two TOCA games were fantastic.

  8. I am more interested in the Xbox/PS3/PC version – I will reserve full judgement until then. However while I don’t take this version seriously – I will be getting the PSP version – Certainly now worth going out an buying a Wii.

    I think people need to remember that the Wii and Psp are not consoles for simulation games so it will always fall short of what people are looking for.

    Plus I don’t think that Codemasters first attempt is going to get it right first time.

  9. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    24th September 2009, 14:16

    Look, there’s no point slagging of the Wii, it simply isn’t the platform for this kind of game! Our only hope for a decent F1 game is if Geof Crammond comes out of where he’s been hiding for the last 5

    1. Anyone know what hapenned to Crammond? The GP series were so good…

  10. I’ll be getting it for the PSP to tide me over until the PS3 version comes out next year.

  11. Sony dont own the license anymore for Formula 1 since they have done nothing since alonso won his 2nd world title. so Codemasters has got it now and the real game will be out in 2010 and for the 360 and PS3 and im not sure about the PC since i dont use it that often.

  12. I’ve been disappointed by codemasters in the past. Too Arcadey.
    Sim Bin is the better developer, but they probably didn’t have the bag of cash to throw down to get the rights.
    Rfactor is a bit dated graphically, but with a good steering wheel it’s a lot of fun. I prefer that the game works well over how great it looks. I could care less how much damage cars can take, if it doesn’t drive well what’s the point?
    This game is going to be a rush job. They have to port if for all 4 major platforms. The fact that the Wii gets the maiden realease is head scratching. It looks like hell!

  13. I count myself as a semi-pro gamer and I have to say that the game looks totally unrealistic in every way.

    The graphics are terrible, The sounds are unrealistic, the physics looks totally crap. I really can’t find anything i like about it.

    Hopefully they’ll have sorted out the graphics for the PC Version as I’ll hopefully buy it :-)

  14. Wow, what a bunch of elitist professional race car driving snobs here!! I have rFactor, I love rFactor, and anyone who compares rFactor to this is not getting it.

    As 100 other people have said, the Wii is not a platform for sim racing… THIS IS NOT A SIM. Many of the negative comments seem to stem from the fact that people would not *ever* lower themselves to lesser graphics, arcade style play, less than real physics. Guess what?? IT IS A GAME.

    To me, looks like a hoot. I’m not going to retire rFactor by any means… But I will not think twice about cranking the Wii up and racing other cars around a track without first investing hours in car setup and practice. rFactor equals intensity, challenge, and realism. But F1 2009 on Wii looks like it might equal FUN. Nothing wrong with fun, people. Lighten up!

    1. It’s all subjective!

      Some people class ‘fun’ as arcade style with millions of overtakes, and some people have ‘fun’ by spending time setting up the car and racing accurately.

      However, even with an arcade style game, It doesn’t take high processing speed or memory to program physics correctly.

      I get your point about being a little snobbish about it (I am probably in this category!), but as an official game personally I would rather it be more GP4 than Virtua Racing….

      Honestly, I have had more fun playing GP4 than any other game in my life!

    2. For fun, I’d suggest Wipeout from Studio Liverpool, or Gran Turismo 4 or % Prologue. The learning curve is not as steep as rFactor or Grand Prix Legends…

      When will we see a game with a race engineer mode, and do we get the option to say “Felipe baby, stay cool!”

      1. Oh yes, by the way… “BeeHave baby, stay cool!!!” :D

  15. I have DIRT, DIRT 2 and GRID and they are all based on the same graphics engine and it really is a beautiful engine. Cars feel good and drive really well. With the Force Feedback steering wheel it makes the experience on the Xbox even better and challanging. If the new F1 game for the Xbox/PS3 is based on the same engine as the games i have listed then we are in for a treat.

    I can’t wait to see Codemasters effort at F1 :)

  16. Lots of flat-spotted tires I noticed. 50p pieces all round! :-)

  17. what is everyones opinion of the best steering wheel/pedal combo for the xbox for racing games?

    There are so many choices and I plan I buying Grid to warm up for next years 360 F1 game (can’t wait!) But I definitely dont want to use the regular game stick.

    Thanks for the suggestions in advance!

    1. Try the Logitech G25, my favorite.

  18. The Microsoft Force Feedback Wheel and Peddles are great mate, cost me 130 euro, thats about 110 sterling? But is well worth the money. Each bump feeds through the wheel and you feel the car fighting against you.

    Great fun but is very hard sometimes.

  19. Thanks K! I will be heading to the store after work for that. I never mind spending the money, as long as the products perform.

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