F1 2009 game exclusive video: first footage of Singapore Grand Prix track

Here’s a new video of Codemasters official Formula 1 game “F1 2009″, which goes on sale for Nintendo Wii next month.

Among the new features in the game is the first appearance of the Singapore Grand Prix circuit in an officially licensed F1 product – as shown in this video.

Have game makers Codemasters done a good job of rendering the new circuit?

Are you going to buy F1 2009, or are you waiting for next year’s version for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360? Have your say in the comments.

F1 2009 by Codemasters

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96 comments on F1 2009 game exclusive video: first footage of Singapore Grand Prix track

  1. No idea why they are bringing it out on the Wii first, looks awful. Waiting for the PC/PS3 version…

  2. inc0mmunicado said on 24th September 2009, 12:41

    Will we ever get to race at Spa on a PS3?!

  3. SimInsider said on 24th September 2009, 12:45

    Are you chaps aware that Red Bull and Brawn use a version of rFactor pro for their simulation? Why buy a “Game” when you can use the same sim the real drivers use?

  4. Rubbish – but what were we expecting on the Wii. Will definately get it on Xbox when it comes out. Hopefully that will be 2010 (why are they releasing F1 2009 a few weeks before the end of the season?!)

  5. predictably terrible.

  6. The physics look like the cars are floating on the track.. dunno have to describe it exactly but has a rubbery feel like most games then.. Will wait patiently though codemasters know what they’re doing.. wii is probably a dl and will buy the ps3 version

  7. Have Microsoft got the licence now to have an F1 game on the 360??? I thought it was unique to the PS3?

    Please tell me i am wrong :)

    • Sony did have the exclusive licence up until about a 18 months ago.

      Clearly when it was found they were abusing this exclusive licence by not using it, FOM put it back up for auction. Codemasters won it, and are now making the new F1 games for all platforms: Wii and PSP this year, 360 and PS3 next yeah.

  8. If this is how it looks like after 1 year, then thank goodness they delayed the high def versions for next season, more time to listen to criticisms and polish up the game.

  9. I think PC and Play Station version will be much better. Wii is total rubbish in first place so dont get angry guys.
    Remember Codemasters have made some nice racing games like GRID. So I hope F1 2009 will be better.

  10. I think I’ll stick to rFactor and F1CE for now… :(

  11. Looks horrible, too bad the FIA didn’t give the license to Simbin. Codemasters had not made a good racing game since Toca 2.

  12. i think codemasters got another company to do the Wii game as they are busy doing the ps3 xbox and pc versions. so i would not draw to much from this game. codemasters have made some very good racing games. the first two TOCA games were fantastic.

  13. stjoslin said on 24th September 2009, 14:08

    I am more interested in the Xbox/PS3/PC version – I will reserve full judgement until then. However while I don’t take this version seriously – I will be getting the PSP version – Certainly now worth going out an buying a Wii.

    I think people need to remember that the Wii and Psp are not consoles for simulation games so it will always fall short of what people are looking for.

    Plus I don’t think that Codemasters first attempt is going to get it right first time.

  14. Mussolini's Pet Cat said on 24th September 2009, 14:16

    Look, there’s no point slagging of the Wii, it simply isn’t the platform for this kind of game! Our only hope for a decent F1 game is if Geof Crammond comes out of where he’s been hiding for the last 5

  15. I’ll be getting it for the PSP to tide me over until the PS3 version comes out next year.

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