Rate the race: Singapore Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Singapore Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below.

Rate the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix out of ten

  • 1 - Terrible (5%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (3%)
  • 3 - Boring (15%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (9%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (18%)
  • 6 - Not bad (17%)
  • 7 - Good (18%)
  • 8 - Great (8%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (4%)
  • 10 - Perfect (2%)

Total Voters: 2,753

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160 comments on “Rate the race: Singapore Grand Prix”

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  1. Grand Prix Racing. What racing. This season has been about politics and that only. No racing, no close championship, no overtaking. This needs sorting out.

    1. Admit it, we secretly love the politics :)

      1. Admit it, we secretly love the politics :)

        Speaking of our secret-love of F1 politics, if Bernie had his way and had the “medal” system, the championship would’ve been clinched by Button today.

        1. Yeah. Now wouldn’t that have been sad.

  2. The race, for me was just good enough to stop me changing the channel. I rated it 7. The laps need to be cut down to about 52 or 53 I think.

  3. This is rubbish season, I want proper racing and proper racing drivers in the right cars. Bar out qualified But again and ended up behind him.
    This had not been the emergence of strong new talent and new contenders, just the other teams failing imho Tommyb.
    And Mp4 I hope it isn’t 1988 I want Ferrari back! 2007 again I’ll be happyn with as long as the teams don’t implode and no scandals.
    HounslowBusGarage I hope you enjoyed the beach, it’s freezing here :P

    1. One minute people are complaining about lack of overtaking, the next they’re complaining because someone finished ahead of someone they qualified behind! (I am being a little tongue in cheek, btw … I know it wasn’t a proper overtake.)

  4. I kinda like the race. Gave it a 6.

    I’d say it had some action during the whole race. First it was Hamilton and Rosberg chasing. Then the first pitstops. Vettel chasing Hamilton in his much lighter car. Penalties for stupidities for both Rosber and Vettel. At the end there was Vettel with his slightly damaged car being chased by Button. Always the threat of safety cars.

    Granted there wasn’t much overtaking to speak of, but still I didn’t feel bored.

    It was probably one of the longest races of the season though. maybe it was too long for some of the younger viewers? :)

  5. The 2009 season started of great. Who would have thought the grid would be turned up-side-down? We were all shocked to see Button and the new Brawn team win against the old guard. If just got a bit samey will Brawn winning (I didn’t mind it) all the time. I looks like there is no pleasing most people. To me that is what racing is about, the unknown, the new. Not the same old prancing horse and silver arrows dominating.

    Thought this race was tedious in most parts. I always like HAM in the top spot.

  6. What is it with these tracks we keep going to? The ironic thing is that many of them could be improved immeasurably if the layouts were tweaked even just a little. I’m not holding my breath for Korea or even Abu Dhabi. We lose tracks like Imola for these bore-fests? Even the A1 ring was better than a quarter of the stuff we have now!

    1. Yes, cars were overtaking left right and center in Imola

    2. Bernie gets more money for taking it to Valencia or Singapore than if he took it to Imola, so for the foreseeable future we are stuck with these Bernie/Tilke borefests.

    3. Imola while I love the the track, you may have forgotten Schui following Alonso around?
      I can’t think of more than 1 passing spot on the whole track…
      Again I love the A1 ring but not a action pack track either.
      I think the spec tyre is problem…lets have tyre wars again…cars that were faster at the beginning on 1 tyre and the other better on worn…one better at this track and one better else ware, one better pre apex one better on apex….
      I hate control tyres…

  7. @Tiomkin

    surely racing is about racing. Ferrari and Mclaren doing badly isn’t good racing. Good racing is overtaking and battling for wins.

  8. I was between “5 – dull” and “6 – not bad”.
    I chose “6 – not bad”

  9. 3 – boring.

    Very little to liven up a processional race. A few driver errors helped a little, but not much. Sutil livened it up by sticking his nose down the inside of HHHHHhamie. Had he have done that at any one of the opportunities beforehand, he would have made it. Funny he left it until he only had half a chance in which to try the move.

    Shame about Webber and Rosberg’s penalties, but unfortunately they were both justified.

    Hamilton drove a flawless race, and it was good to see Vettel pushing him hard, but it’s just so damn frustrating that a faster car cannot overtake a slower one. Really really is starting to grate.

  10. How can anyone justify giving this one more than a five?

    There was literally no racing going on at all.

    1. No overtaking maybe, but plenty of racing.

  11. Pretty average race I thought, which says a lot for F1 today.

    Feel Webbers penalty was harsh. Okay, so he went off the track going around the outside of Alonso, but Alonso had all 4 wheels off the track as well. Haven’t looked at it in detail, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Alonso forced Mark off. Harsh and unnecessary penalty I feel.

    Of course, its possible I feel this because I needed Mark in third!! No points for me this race :-(

    ps. Still think it was harsh regardless.

  12. It will be Great season if Kimi really comes back to McLaren. I believe Martin will give equal chances to his drivers – then champion will drive by McLaren, is he Lewis or Kimi, I don’t care if will be fair fight and better will win , that’s racing

    Ferrari will be in deep trouble with Alonso without Todt and Brawn. I did not follow Ferrari guys much before Kimi joined them, but I think Luca was much more silent at Todt’s time. Somehow I begin to believe that he is mixing the team

  13. I was not surprised at Vettel’s penalty. The camera shot of him going down the pitlane showed his speeding quite clearly, but for me, it killed the race off. You had to feel a little sorry for Nico Rosberg.
    He had a great jump on Vettel at the start and was driving very well indeed. However, with Vettel’s penalty, Lewis Hamilton took the victory quite easily I thought from the rest of the field.
    There was little, if no overtaking, which was disappointing as last years event had several good moments, including Nico Rosberg’s front wheel locking effort and Hamilton’s scrap with Coulthard.
    In the end, Jenson Button must be laughing his socks off. He hasn’t won a race since June, yet still has a healthy lead going into Japan.

    1. The limit is 100 km/h, he drove 101,4 km/h.
      You´ve got really good eyes!

  14. Ham played it well, Ros well he got what was fair. I did not care for this race so much. I am glad that next year there will be no more fuel games. Just straight racing. I am kool with the lack of passing in F1 (and I do watch NASCAR). F1 is a different type of race and I love it for that. But overall rate, I was bored with the race. The webber penality was a bit much.

  15. Really boring race, but that was to be expected after the last two. Hamilton continues to impress, he is a machine and he’s improved and matured more than anyone. Felt really bad first for Rosberg then for Vettel, both their own mistakes and rightly punished, but so incredibly silly.

    Sad for the championship too. Barichello failed to close in, though admittedly that was some good racing near the end by button. I do hope Barichello manages to snatch it away from him though, in a straight fight at the final race…

    1. Look on the bright side, Sazuka is always entertaining, as is Interlagos. Too bad neither is the finale :(

  16. Admittedly, was a pretty boring race through the middle bits, and I really wished there were more overtaking opportunities. But street races being street races, we knew what we were in for.

    What I find though is that Singapore could be of special interest with regards to a few other factors:

    1. It is a driver-centred track. from all the comments by drivers, Singapore is tough and demands absolute concentration, where a driver can make a difference here. The car is less of an issue. Had RBR kept closer to Brawn, I think this race could be a real wildcard – and possibly in any close title race.

    2. It poses different technical challenges. As we can see, high downforce and grip rather than speed, and definitely a much higher emphasis on brakes and brake durability/temps than any track on the calendar at the moment, if I’m not wrong. Cooling is another issue also, where I think some engines were close to overheating in just the first 10 laps of the race (heard on radio comms).

    3. Again, driver-related. This race is skill-based and as some journalist pointed out, the podium this year was from the top 4 last year. The best drivers get a much bigger chance at a good result here, barring safety car episodes, and it could hold a special place on the calendar. I for one am glad that is it not another race threatening a BGP one-two followed by RBR, or vice versa.

  17. The race could have been exciting, unfortunately, Rosberg and Vettel scored own goals.

  18. While the Vettel penalty was justified (saved miliseconds + danger), the Rosberg one probably ruined what was shaping up to be a great fight. By the letter of the law, it was justified, and they can’t start making judgements based on dirvers’ positions, but it’s a shame there seems to be little in the way of leeway in stewards’ decisions, rather like a referee in football can choose to play the advantage when a definite foul occurs. I suppose the lesson for teams is that if you get a drive-thru on a circuit with high SC porbability, you should take it straight away, especially if it happens around pit windows when cars inevitably get bunched up. You can ay with confidence that Rosberg has been very unlucky 2 years running at Singapore, although I doubt if he would have beaten Lewis.

    As for the race itself, yes, a bit dull, I suppose (although if I were in one of the cars I’d be screaming for mummy by turn 1). People talk about lack of overtaking but has there ever been a golden age where cars are within metere of each other for 2 hours, randomly swapping positions? And if that were so, how interesting would it be? There have always been fast cars and faster cars, and nothing will stop them stretching out. This is one track where the skill is keeping the car out of the walls and looking after the gearbox, brakes and tyres, rather than full-on attacking. It might not look so great on TV but if people understood the sport a little more they’d get more out of it.

    1. Yes! I agree with you Kershan. What would really make this circuit interesting in an easily identifiable way is to have some really bad drivers – crashes, safety cars, etc.

      I bet if Nelson were around he could help out with that, conspiracy or no! As it stands, the brave Sutil had no help at all in this area, although he has himself been consistent at this circuit – consistently crashing and and getting others into the mire with him.

  19. With the streets available i wonder if this track could be opened up.
    It really doesn’t need to be anywhere near as slow as it is.
    If the corners could be widened and the track swept, over taking might become possible and this track could become more worthwhile.
    I mean the locals clearly love it so ive no qualms comming here.
    Give the a track they deserve.

  20. This is the most broing end to the season after last year, Button just calculates things to much instead of going out and showing his performance! Hes got very little charactor. Im British and i’d rather anyone else win!

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