Button and Brawn can win titles in Japan

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Update: see how Button and Brawn can win the titles in Brazil.

The Japanese Grand Prix this weekend could see the conclusion of either or both world championships.

Drivers’ championship

Jenson Button will seal the drivers’ championship if he scores at least five points more than team mate Rubens Barrichello. He can do that by:

  • Winning the race with Barrichello fourth or worse
  • Finishing second with Barrichello sixth or worse
  • Finishing third with Barrichello eighth or worse
  • Finishing fourth with Barrichello not scoring

If he doesn’t manage that, Barrichello will go into his home race at Sao Paolo in two weeks’ time still able to win the championship. However, there is nothing Barrichello can do to clinch the title at home.

Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, needs to out-score Button by six points to stay in the championship hunt.

Constructors’ championship

Brawn are very likely to win the constructors’ championship this weekend. Red Bull have to win the race to stay in contention, and that’s just for starters.

Brawn need a 36-point lead after this race to win the championship. They are 42.5 points ahead, so they can lose a maximum of six points to Red Bull and still win the title.

There are many permutations for how that can be achieved and we’ll keep an eye on them during the race live blog. However it’s worth noting:

  • Brawn are champions if they get one car home either first or second, with the other at least fourth, regardless of where Red Bull finish
  • A one-two finish for Red Bull is the only result that guarantees they stay in contention regardless of where Brawn finish
  • Red Bull need to finish fifth and sixth at minimum (with Brawn not scoring) to stay in contention. If they lose a car the other one must finish second at least

The team formerly known as Honda has a good chance of winning the constructors’ championship at Honda’s own circuit…

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