Alonso finally confirmed as Massa’s team mate at Ferrari for 2010

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Alonso thwarted Ferrari in 2006, now he will drive for them
Alonso thwarted Ferrari in 2006, now he will drive for them

Ferrari have finally confirmed what pretty much everyone in F1 expected by now – Fernando Alonso will drive for them in 2010.

Kimi Raikkonen is set to leave the team after this year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and is most likely to end up back at McLaren.

Raikkonen was contracted to remain at Ferrari for one more season. Despite having won the title for them in 2007, the team are letting him go one year early in his contract, which can only be interpreted as a reflection on his performance.

Felipe Massa clearly out-performed him last year, but Raikkonen has had a resurgence in the second half of this season, including a victory at Spa-Francorchamps.

Giancarlo Fisichella will remain with the Italian team as a test driver.

The development sets up two fascinating driver partnerships for 2010, the first of which is Alonso and Massa at Ferrari.

The pair had a heated row after clashing on the final lap at the Nurburgring in 2007. Massa will in all likelihood prove the closest match to Alonso’s talent since he partnered Lewis Hamilton two seasons ago.

Hamilton, meanwhile, will surely face a stiffer challenge from Raikkonen if he does indeed take the place of Heikki Kovalainen next year.

Anyone else really looking forward to 2010 now?

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  1. Grace Massa and Ferrari…as much as I love Kimi he’s gone to the other side :P

    1. Darn, well, I guess it’s time to get rid of my Ferrari memorabilia. Hammy’s tolerable, but I just can’t stand Alonso.
      Sad day for me! :(

      1. no no no Kimi’s comming back home.

  2. I shall read the other responses after I’ve penned my tuppence worth – saves clouding my opinion. Sorry if I echo anyones sentiment overtly (or sound mad, of course).


    Alonso is a VERY hard nosed and quick driver. Massa is a different beast, able to drive fast, and yet, he relies on the very smart talents of Rob Smedley to such a degree, you almost wish Rob was that fast himself. Odd combo. Alonso will struggle with the new team and car initially one would think, but the hardware maybe the least of his problems. I suspect, just my opinion mark you well, that Fernando needs to feel the team is pulling for him. They will be. But given what Massa has just gone through, there will be a lot of love there for Felippe. Dunno what his team building skills are like, but Alonso is gonna need all of them to succeed at Ferrari (Michael had that in spades don’t forget). Awful thought. But would help his cause if Massa never cleared the final med check – which I sincerely hope he will.

    Now the FUN one. Lewis and Kimi. McLaren. Someone explain to me why this isn’t the best F1 driver line up since, erm…, Senna and Prost LOL.

    Difference is, I got a funny feeling these guys, both being total racers, are going to enjoy racing each other. If McLaren manage to actually produce a good car at the start of the season, forget the rest, these boys are going to rip a hole in spacetime trying to outdo each other. Great news for F1.

    Finally, a word about the Ham vs. Alo opinion that envelopes the blogs/boreds. Both these guys are great drivers, as is Kimi on his day. See a lot of crap about hate between the two etc. But when Alonso stated 2 weeks ago, that he may not be the fastest driver, he wasn’t referring to Luca Badoer. These guys are the best. They know it as well. Damn sure they respect each other and share a healthy respect.

    No excuses for the teams. Minor rules changes for next season. If MCL & FER are slow outta the box, hope their sponsors punish them.

    Looking forward to a resurgent Ferrari and McLaren from week 1 – Bahrain – in 2010.

    Going to be a VERY good WDC. All the big players in decent seats.

    1. Totally agree, damn the haters, next year is shaping up to be great. Hopefully Brawn GP (Mercedes?) and Red Bull keep up their pace as well, with rosberg driving for the former.

    2. Good points. Prost tried to get along with senna but was ultimately shunned by senna. Prost being prost used that to his advantage and psyched out senna.
      Your accessment of hamilton and kimi are probably better, they will race and enjoy the competition.
      Meanwhile in maranello if alonso doesnt start shinning and massa does it is going to be stormy weather. Get out the cheese here come the whine.
      If Brawn can figure out another few things and get his team really tracking the right direction then we will have a 3 car championship as I think red bull has shot their wad.

    3. Good comment, and I hope to see a resurgent Ferrari and McLaren also. If that happens, we will have an extraordinary season!

      But, on the other hand, I don’t totally agree with you in “Minor rules changes for next season”

      They will have to make a car quite fast with no fuel for qualifying, and then put a car full loaded for the race.

      Finally, I hope to see RBR and Brawn in the top also. So it seems to me next year could be one of the best!

  3. Who will have the odd and who will have the even number on his Ferrari car?

    1. Surely they’ll want to go for a non-controversial solution, perhaps just giving the lower number to whichever of them gets the most points this year. That’ll be Alonso.

  4. I always believed that 2 good drivers in one team is not going to be a great success. Look what happened with Senna and Prost combo.

    It will be a good challenge for Whitmarsh if Kimi moves to McLaren. Having said that Kimi is a quite “Mind my own Business ” guy with very less complaints and whining. So it might not hurt. Again Kimi has driven more McLaren than Lewis so he might know the team a lot better. I believe he was not in great terms with Ron otherwise, He would be still driving for them.

    On the Other Hand there is absolutely no big problem in Ferrari. Alonso is clearly the number 1. Felipe is a nice guy and a Hard worker but not a smart worker. Where as Alonso is. All said and done Alonso truly believes that the team should be centered around their star driver like how Ferrari was Centered around Michael. He Truly relishes that and would like that to happen and Ferrari on the same note also believes the same thing. Remember Massa was always the 2 driver until Kimi got bored and switched off in 2008. If it was not for Kimi to lose the motivation Massa would have been still the No 2 driver.

    Exactly oppposite to Mclaren, Ferrari belives in No 1 and No2 driver and that no 2 drivers are equal and should be treated equally.

    It would be also good if Kimi moves to Brawn and Nico to McLaren. But then Nico will spoil his career there teaming up with Lewis.

    1. I always believed that 2 good drivers in one team is not going to be a great success. Look what happened with Senna and Prost combo.

      Completely “agree”. They won only 15 out of 16 races that season. Which team would want a mess like that on their hands?

      *rolls eyes*

  5. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    30th September 2009, 22:01

    Excellent, hopefully back to the good old days next year, Ferrari V Mclaren, Alonso v Massa v Hamilton v Raikkenon

  6. With this deal done in July, I cannot see why Ferrari have hired Michael Schumacher as their ‘advisor’ for 2010 (they are paying him a load of cash for what?)

    How is this going to work exactly?

    Ferrari seem to be making mistake after mistake since they won the WDC in ’07, both on and off the track.

    Massa and Alonso will bring fireworks. They are both firery characters that do not, as far as I’m aware, get on well.

    One thing is ‘for sure’ though… 2010 is going to be absolutely great :)

    1. Schumacher fiddles with their road cars and then Ferrari sells them for more money :-)

  7. Alonso is indeed the best driver in the field and definetly the best one in setting up cars along with Vettel. Hamilton and Vettel are a little more spectacular regarding passing manoevres but they didn’t beat Michael Schumacher twice in a row at his prime. Alonso did and he did it in style too. Alonso had a little bit of bad luck with McClaren and as Martin Whitmarsh said “We didn’t pay enough attention to him, we should have listened better.”, damn right they should have. No doubt Hamilton is a tremendous driver with huge skill, but he did benefit from Fernando’s experience in setting up cars, he pulled McClaren out of a gap hen he went there. He’s going to do the same for Ferrari and he will be world champion next year since he’s more reliable than Hamilton and Vettel (and Massa) and definetly as quick as they are provided Ferrari can give him a good enough car. He just takes less riscs with passing and he’s thinking a bit more in the car.

    Kimi vs. Hamilton is indeed FUN! I think if Kimi has his day he’s the quickest guy on track. The way he can just blaze through the field is just amazing. (from 20 to 3 in Australia, anyone?) The question is wether he’s motivated enough to do so and if he can be as consistent as Alonso and (a little less) Hamilton. I can see him off to go rallyracing and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosberg stepped in. If Kimi does step in we’ll have Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonnen, Massa and Vettel all fighting for the world championship (with Alonso and Hamilton having the best chances IMO) and Possible Button and Rosberg if the Brawn stays on top. Btw Vettel isn’t that much of a car destroyer, the renault engine just sucks. Vettel won a race in a torro rosso and since he came to red bull they scored more points than in the past 4 years COMBINED. It’s ignorant to not acknowledge this guy’s talent.

    Btw, Rosberg in a Brawn/McClaren should be huge as well, the guy is very quick and very consistent (nvm his dumb “rooky mistake” in Singapore) and has had great results at williams. It would be very wise for Williams to get Rubinio in there alongside SUPERTALENT Nico Hülkenberg. He was more devastating than Hamilton and Piquet jr. together at the Gp2 series and he practically dominated every series he’s been in (including Gp2, A1, Formula three euroseries and formula BWM). In test drives for the Williams team he was already a lot faster than Nakajima. I don’t think he’s going to need a guy with experience in setting up cars but he can definetly benefit a LOT from the most experienced driver ever in F1. Do not underestimate this guy, he’s probably going to struggle in his first year but I really think he’s going to be a dominant force in the future.

    Renault would also be wise to hire Robert Kubica, excellent fast driver with huge potential. Grosjean didn’t do bad so far (except last weekend). He could stay with Alonso better than Piquet Jr which isn’t bad at all. Curious if we’re going to see him back btw! Piquet surely has talent, did a good job in Gp2 and A1 but besides his “lack of good material” he also cheated (ok against his will, so he claims, but still!) and he did make a lot of errors himself. And what about Sebatian Loeb? Rumours of the superrallydriver coming over are interesting as well. Perhaps he could drive next to Hamilton and Kimi taking his place in the Citroën :)

    Interesting times!

    1. Agree with many of the comments but 1 of them is not very convincing.

      but he did benefit from Fernando’s experience in setting up cars, he pulled McClaren out of a gap hen he went there. He’s going to do the same for Ferrari and he will be world champion next year since he’s more reliable

      If he has so much of that talent why is that he is not able to do the same thing in Renault where the whole team is dedicated to him, Where people crash cars to make him win. Nobody has supported Fernando more than Flavio. Both of them know that very well. Then why did’nt he pull Renault through in 2 years ? We can’t complain the engine because RBR seems to be doing just fine.

      On a different note. Drivers who seems to connect more with Audience seem to be more popular and make the sport thrilling. My list of the top three are

      1) Vettel
      2) Alonso
      3) Hamilton

      It is no surprise that Bernie is ready to throw his money on Vettel and would like to seem him in a Ferrari Soon.

    2. Hamilton and Vettel are a little more spectacular regarding passing manoevres

      Which passing moves did Vettel make?

    3. Good post Dennis.I am glad someone has shown some respect for Vettel.He is still young and has plenty of time to develope his talent.

      …and yes,the Kimi vs. Hamilton aspect is very exciting indeed.(I’m pulling for the Kimster!)

    4. Good point Dennis ^_^ I’m such a Kimi fan but I am okay with Vettel and Alonso as well. But Hamilton was one of my lesser choices since the Kimi vs Lewis in 2008. anyway, I’m just sad that Kimi is a bit distracted… but he can cruise down the track smoothly if he is just motivated enough :D He’s just not that consistent though but I am still waiting to see him be in back in his days again :)

    5. KImi blazing through the field…..? Yeah, sure, ok.

    6. i agree with pretty much everything, except i really don’t think vettel will be challenging for the championship next year. i just have the feeling next year will be back to mclaren v ferrari and both teams will leave everyone else in their wake. but i guess we’ll have to wait and see. and going on from that, it seems unwise to me for vettel to have extended his rbr contract for 3 years. he should take any opportunity to get in a mclaren/ferrari asap cause he is exceptionally talented

  8. Paige Michael-Shetley
    30th September 2009, 22:13

    I can’t see anything but an epic turf war happening at Ferrari. Alonso is reportedly campaigning for Ferrari to hire his laundry list of engineers. If this happens, Massa will surely not react positively, as he’s established close relationships with everyone in the current team (including those on Raikkonen’s side of the garage) and could only interpret such a move as him being relegated to number two status. Massa won’t accept this after he’s beaten Raikkonen, and rightly so. On the other hand, if it turns out that Massa is beating Alonso at some point next season (a possibility that is much stronger than people might think; personally, I don’t think Alonso is that much, if any, better), then we’ve already seen that Alonso will throw his toys out of the pram if a teammate is challenging or beating him. It’s not just going to be a battle between Alonso and Massa, but among Alonso’s people (if he brings in some engineers) and Massa’s people (Rob Smedley, etc.).

    Very, very bad decision by Ferrari. They ditch Raikkonen just as he’s returned to form, and in a car that hasn’t been upgraded since the Nurburgring at that. By all accounts, he and Massa got along fine, and he didn’t stir up trouble publicly last season when Massa beat him in contrast to Alonso making all kinds of ridiculous trouble in the media when Hamilton beat him at McLaren.

    If Raikkonen goes back to McLaren, he and Hamilton will form the best pairing on the grid. Raikkonen will be more at home in a team that just asks him to show up, drive, and give them feedback instead of having to fit in to any kind of “family.” Hamilton will be motivated by the challenge presented by Raikkonen and will take his game to another level. Neither will throw their toys out of the pram if the other is beating them and will just focus on getting better and doing their jobs. It’s really a perfect pairing for any team.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you Paige.

    2. Fantastic post!

    3. well firstly Kimi has to race

      Raikkonen says he might leave F1 :

      1. That would really be a shame. I know Kimi has said quite a few times that Ferrari is the last team he will race for, but Im much more excited about a Kimi-Lewis pairing than the Massa-Alonso rivalry in the making.

    4. I think Kimi chan’t catch up with Hamilton.
      Mclaren stuff had already relied on Hamilton deeply and he has power in the team.
      Kimi is not a team player and when kimi was in Maclaren three years ago,he didn’t get as good relationship with the team as Hamilton have done.

  9. @ Dennis: Well done mate, couldn’t have put it better myself!!!!…..Excellent post!! :-)

  10. I think an important aspect of aligning the right driver with the right team needs discussion. It seems a driver’s nationality/ personality aligns better with similar management. For example, Ferrari’s results changed when they got Brawn, Byrne and Schu. The previous “spagetti” culture had a hard time with lasting results, even when they had Prost. Now that the British regime at Ferrari has passed, we are seeing something of the old ways in effect. Perhaps, Kimi’s cool doesn’t mesh well with the current regime. An Italian/ Latin mentality may well do the trick with Alonso’s signing. Just as Kimi’s assumed Mclaren signing seems to suit that marriage. That template of observation can be applied to any of the pairings down pitlane.

    1. Interesting insight PL : the spaghetti spaceship against the black beer bomber

  11. Massa-Alonso, Lewis-Kimi is hugely exciting.
    Mclaren is at the moment unquestionably Lewis’s team, everything is centred around him. But although Kimi was champ with Ferrari in 07, I actually thought he was more impressive in 05 with Mclaren. Raikkonen doesnt care enough to get paranoid about the team favouring Lewis like Alonso did. He’ll just get on with the job. I think thats what Whitmarsh wanted: 2 mega drivers who wont cause trouble.
    With regard to the Ferrari line-up, I’m not convinced that Alonso will dominate Massa as many here expect. People immediately claim he wont be the same but doctors have given him the all clear and he has a long time to recover. A long break can do a driver good(anybody remember Schumi coming back in Sepang 99 and blitzing everyone in quali by a second)

  12. Made a note in my diary today. Simply says: “Bugger”.

    I have few doubts that Alonso will do well at Ferrari but there’s just something about the guy I don’t like and I’d really prefer to keep Raikkonen.

    I don’t know what it is about Alonso, when he first came into F1 with Minardi I really liked him but since he first moved to Renault I’ve taken a dislike for him that even I don’t really understand.

    1. Yea, I’m kinda bummed that Kimi got dropped. Everyone is making Massa out to be the hero because he beat Kimi a handful of teams, when in reality, Kimi has a WDC.

      Alsono can be fun to watch though. I think the races are better when he has a faster car….and maybe Ferrari will be fast next year!!

    2. Made a note in my diary today. Simply says: “Bugger”.

      +1 for the Blackadder quote :-)

      1. For the sake of my family & friends I try not to quote it too often but this one was just too perfect and really summed up how I felt.

        It really is a work of Genius !

  13. I guess this is the most dissaopinting news i have heard so far in my F1 followup for 10+ years. Being a hard core ferrari fan, i feel the move isnt any good. we know how alonso ruined the mclaren team and i dont want it to be my fav team. alonso is an aggressive driver and think selfishly about him and his laurels and not a team player. kimi any day is a better choice.

  14. There’s hardly any difference between ham/alo/rai skillwise. It’s just a matter of form/fitness and equipment, really.

    1. Agreed. I would also add a few other drivers to that list.

  15. I think the Kimi match would be good for Lewis. Considering the 2007 season, Lewis is more consistent against the two time world champion than last year. So it should be a trigger for him.

    In terms of consistent lap times and qualifying pace, I think Massa will match with Alonso. But Alonso’s got some extra specialities like overtaking and setting the car. Anyway, I think it’ll be a near battle.

    IMHO, Lewis-Kimi pair is better than Massa-Alonso. Let’s hope these two teams have competitve cars, so we can enjoy the show.

  16. wow didn’t take long for the fanboys and haters to get stuck into this one. TBH, i’m a fan of all the top drivers, they are each fantastically skilled and if they were all cut from the same cloth, well that would be a bit bland, same for the teams.
    I’m looking forward to next year, i just hope there is no FIA governance/penalties controversies and we can all watch a fantastic season. It could be epic, if regulations are quite similar, i think the are, and Ferrari, Mclaren, Brawn, RBR are quite close in performance, it could be an epic season. Heres hoping.

  17. Prisoner Monkeys
    30th September 2009, 23:52

    Okay, Alonso’s at Ferrari.

    Now can we [i]please[/i] shut up and get on with the rest of the season? I’m sick of the endless rumours and people trying to hammer it down our throats, especially the Spanish newspapers.

    1. Same here, and let’s get on with the rest of the driver moves. For two years now the rest of the paddock has moved on Fred’s every whisper…let ‘s get things rolling!! :)

      1. Prisoner Monkeys
        1st October 2009, 2:10

        Well, it’s funny: I crunched the numbers the other day – largely to prove a point – and froma purely theoretical point of view, Alonso isn’t much of a driver.

        He has not won a single race in a striaght fight since traction control was banned. Indeed, his only vicotries – Singapore and Japan last year – came about from a fixed race and the Ferrari and McLaren drivers forgetting what they were supposed to be doing at the start respectively. His podium in Singapore this year is the only time he has been in the top three on his own merits since he left McLaren.

        From a points perspective, Fred is behind both Raikkonen and Massa over the past two years. Even if you factor in his two wins, he’s still thirty points adrift; image ine what that difference would be if Massa hadn’t been KO’d. This, of course, ignores the differences between the Ferrari and the Renault. However, I think there’s something of a paradox going on. From the way people trumpet about Fred, you’d think Jesus was the first coming of Fernando Alonso. Taking in the opinions of him, you’d think his ability would compensate or a poor car. The paradox stems from the fact that Alonso’s fanclub claim he’s the best and deserving of a Ferrari drive, but attribute his lacklustre performance to a poor car.

        I guess the short version is that while he’s a good driver, he’s also over-rated. He might be in the top five on the grid, but I rate both Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel as being better. Massa and Hamilton round out the top five. While I don’t think signing him is a mistake, I don’t think it’s going to be the coup de grace (see, I remembered the proper coding this time) everyone makes it out to be, either. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Massa humbles him on more than one occasion.

        I also noticed in the Autosport article that Alonso only became an option in the past few days. Something evidently changed, probably Ferrari coming to terms with Raikkonen because they couldn’t rightly sign thre drivers for two cars. I doubt the Spanish tabloids will see it that way. I wholly expect that Spanish newspapers will be filled with reports about how people like Lobato (I seriously doubt he and Alonso are as close as he would like us to think) made the Alonso-Ferrari relationship happen back in March.

        1. Excellent observation. Schumacher could and di take cars that were lesser cars and compete with them and even win. When alonso wom his championships the renaults were the best cars on the track, and he still didnt walk away with it the way schumacher did when he was winning championships back to back to back.

        2. I also noticed in the Autosport article that Alonso only became an option in the past few days.

          The way I read that Alonso was expected for 2011, but getting him in for 2010 only became possible recently (presumably because Ferrari only just found a way of getting Raikkonen out).

  18. Best thing that happened to F1 this year. Let’s be done w/ this year’s formal proceedings and fast-forward to next year. I can’t wait !

    Oh, and Kimi is going to destroy Lewis if he gets the same car (which one would expect he would).

  19. @Paige Michael-Shetley: totally agreed!!

    I still think Ferrari is losing a fantastic partnership (Massa-Raikkonen), with two great drivers, championship contenders, that respected each other and spent two years and a half in harmony, just to have Alonso, that, while proving to be best on the current field (making miracles with his under-performing Renault), is arrogant and problematic…

    But the most interesting thing will be watching how Hamilton will react with Raikkonen as a team-mate. In 2007, Alonso was labeled the “bad guy” whinning because the rookie beat him…

    If Kimi and Lewis fail to get along well, probably it’ll be Lewis responsability, because, as we all know, Kimi doesn’t bother anyone, nor does get bothered by anyone… to some extent, 2010 will show us how “good” or “bad”, in terms of ethical behaviour, Lewis Hamilton really is…

  20. I’m ****** off. As a Ferrari fan, I loved the news of Kimi moving there. And now I’m disgusted by how Ferrari ditched him even before the end of the season, just as he was busy showing them what they could have done if they’d made a car to his liking rather than to Massa’s.

    I think Alonso will do well at Ferrari though. He’ll be the leader on-track they want with a bit more positive input than Massa could provide. Massa stands to gain from that as well, if their driving styles are as similar as they seem.

    A Hamilton-Raikkonen pairing seems hugely exciting too. I think two drivers of their caliber going at it in equal machinery can only be good for F1, if they can both keep it all fair and square. I have no doubts about Kimi, but Hamilton has shown cracks in that respect before. Remember it wasn’t Alonso who started the whole unholy mess in Hungary. So as exciting a prospect as that may seem, I’m voting for Kimi to Toyota together with Barichello :) Get Barichello to lead, Kimi to give the feedback and Toyota to do the work. First (and 2nd, 3d, 4th etc.) win for Toyota: here we come ;)

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