Alonso finally confirmed as Massa’s team mate at Ferrari for 2010

Alonso thwarted Ferrari in 2006, now he will drive for them

Alonso thwarted Ferrari in 2006, now he will drive for them

Ferrari have finally confirmed what pretty much everyone in F1 expected by now – Fernando Alonso will drive for them in 2010.

Kimi Raikkonen is set to leave the team after this year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and is most likely to end up back at McLaren.

Raikkonen was contracted to remain at Ferrari for one more season. Despite having won the title for them in 2007, the team are letting him go one year early in his contract, which can only be interpreted as a reflection on his performance.

Felipe Massa clearly out-performed him last year, but Raikkonen has had a resurgence in the second half of this season, including a victory at Spa-Francorchamps.

Giancarlo Fisichella will remain with the Italian team as a test driver.

The development sets up two fascinating driver partnerships for 2010, the first of which is Alonso and Massa at Ferrari.

The pair had a heated row after clashing on the final lap at the Nurburgring in 2007. Massa will in all likelihood prove the closest match to Alonso’s talent since he partnered Lewis Hamilton two seasons ago.

Hamilton, meanwhile, will surely face a stiffer challenge from Raikkonen if he does indeed take the place of Heikki Kovalainen next year.

Anyone else really looking forward to 2010 now?

F1 2010 driver moves

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331 comments on Alonso finally confirmed as Massa’s team mate at Ferrari for 2010

  1. steph90 said on 30th September 2009, 19:42


  2. adz2193 said on 30th September 2009, 19:57

    Hopefully a Hamilton-Alonso rivalry will bring back the old fiery rivalry we’ve been missing >D

    • Nitpicker said on 30th September 2009, 20:52

      There was no love lost between them just before going onto the Singapore podium eh! Alonso had a handshake for Glock, but not for Hamilton.

      • yeh he did.
        when he came into the ?waiting room? first thing he did was aknowledge hamilton.

        It was very tense though. None of the chatter when it was Brawns or Redbulls up their.

  3. hehe this is great news. Not only will Alonso beat lewis, but so will Kimi!

    Also, Lewis is not better than Alonso. To be better, he would need to two more world championships (to end with 2-3).

    Lewis lost the championship last time he had to compete with a high ranking driver (Alonso – 2007), and still struggled when the situation was reversed in 2008 (Kimi took a lot of points off Massa, while Hekki took hardly anything off Lewis).

    With 4 race winning drivers in the top 2 teams next year, either the championship will be won by the faster car(Two way contest), or by the best driver (four way contest). Hopefully its the later.

    • Nitpicker said on 30th September 2009, 20:56

      Hello! Engaged your mouth before your brain?

      Lewis is not better than Alonso. To be better, he would need to two more world championships (to end with 2-3).

      You’ve got your maths screwed up here mate. Alonso was in his fourth season (ok, third season with a good team) before he won his first championship. Hamilton became champ in his second season. Sounds more impressive doesn’t it?

      Lewis lost the championship last time he had to compete with a high ranking driver (Alonso – 2007)

      Lewis lost the lead in the championship, but only to Kimi. He finished in front of Alonso because he won more races/seconds.

      the championship will be won by the faster car(Two way contest), or by the best driver (four way contest)

      If it’s down to the best driver, surely it will be a 26-way contest?

      • Antiriad said on 30th September 2009, 22:23

        Hamilton had a championship winning car in his first two seasons. Alonso drove in a Minardi in his first and two in a Renault car which was not a championship winning car. Sounds less impressive doesn’t it?

        Alonso convincingly won both his titles, Hamilton bumbled his way to the second…

        • in his second year…
          i acept it was by no means a perfect campaign but seriously, HIS SECOND YEAR. He had a fraction of the race craft Alonso had by this point. I think Lewis is going towards many more WDC and some in much more dominant fashion.

          • Antifia said on 1st October 2009, 16:46

            Jack Villeneuve also won the title in his second year – he also almost won it in his first year. And he is one of the most mediocre F1 champions ever…But I agree that LH is not in the same league a JV.

        • Phil T said on 1st October 2009, 1:34

          Alonso won both championships with an illegal car that went unpunished because the powers that be were sick of Schu winning every year, end of story.

    • Martin said on 1st October 2009, 2:50

      That is absolutely the most rediculous statement yet.
      Hamilton came in to f1 and went toe to toe with a 2time wdc and tied him in points and coming in second in the championship. He put so much pressure on alonso that alonso tried to blackmail special treatment out of r dennis. This kid has been in f1 for 3 yrs and has won 1 wdc been 2nd his first year and will still place well this year with a car that was clearly inferior to the competition early on. Base his abilities on number of races and how well he has placed and no one but no one has the record of hamilton.
      I also believe that he will get the better of alsonso if the car is remotely competitive to ferrari. I am not a hamilton fan, but I do recognize his abilities.

      • Well, Jacques Villeneuve started out with a similar F1 record: 2nd in rookie year (with 4 wins), WDC in second year (with 7 wins) and 5th in third year, all at Williams. Later results with BAR were less memorable.

  4. Three world champions in two teams, neither of whom will get preferential treatment and cause fireworks or complaints about “illegitimate” titles…and of course, there’s always Seb Vettel and Nico Rosberg to spoil the party…

    Maybe we should have three-car teams after all and get these two in equal machinery to the others ;-)

    • Oh, and I’m including Massa in there too.

      Glad you were happy about 5th in Singapore, Jenson. You’re going to have to get used to them!

  5. HounslowBusGarage said on 30th September 2009, 20:34

    Arun.India said

    Being a hardcore Ferrari fan i would consider this a black day.This is the worst decision Ferrari could ever take.This jackass is going to convert ferrari into a bunch of jokers.If Kimi shifts to mclaren i think i would also switch my allegiance towards mclaren and support the iceman.If thats not the case i will go ahead and support only baby.No way in hell i am supporting this jackass.

    I don’t think your wrong, but for different reasons.
    Next season, apart from any other changes, each car will be carrying two or three times the amount of fuel it has this year for much of the race. And that amount of extra weight is going to make handling very different over a race distance. It occurs to me that the cars will have to be radically different from this year’s versions to deal with the extra weight.
    As far as I can see, Ferrari have not been the swiftest to react or the most agile in the design department this year, and unless they have already imported new design talent, they aren’t going to be at the sharp end next year.
    Alonso when he’s winning seems like a very different creature to Alonso in the midfield or Alonso at the back.
    Unless Ferrari produce a heavyweight front-runner for next season, Alonso might descend into a sulk that could outdo Heathcliffe for brooding resentment. And his first target could be his teammate.
    Todt, Brawn and Schumacher held Ferrari rigidly together for many seasons. If Briatore is right, and Schumacher is gone next year, Ferrari could suffer bigtime.

    • Nitpicker said on 30th September 2009, 21:05

      If Briatore is right, and Schumacher is gone next year, Ferrari could suffer bigtime.

      Why? What has he contributed? Apart from a bit of advising Felipe he doesn’t appear to have any function in the race team. It sounds a daft idea that Ferrari would fall apart because Schuey can’t get a third car or can’t be bothered sitting on the pit wall any more.

      Briatore says what he likes. Like when he repeatedly claimed he didn’t cheat.

      • HounslowBusGarage said on 30th September 2009, 21:39

        I think Schue had a centralising influence and exercised a certain discipline and singlemindedness of purpose. If he’s gone, I can see effort being disipated very easily.

        • Agree on this HBG. Schumi walked into Scuderia Ferrari when the family was bigger than the product. I believe he DID provide the focus and drive, along with Ross and Jean, that made the Ferrari resurgence possible. I believe that, he still provides SOME motivation, but suspect things are slipping.

          Completely off topic, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Schumi leading a team in the paddock. Far better than Prost or even Stewart, Michael has shown himself to be an excellent player on the F1 board.

            spend a few years as sporting director be the mans apprentice and learn Team Principling from the hands of the master then in 5-10 years take over.

            Between them they could build a dynasty to match McLaren.

  6. worst thing to happen in F1 since Schumi’s retirement..2010 will be a driver-supporting season for me, with Massa Kimi Nico and Sebastian (Vettel, that is)..Hamilton and Alonso belong in the same team, whining about each other and losing titles together, as they’re both extremely egocentric..and frankly, both are pretty overrated on the same level, only each with his supposed god-like skills (Hamilton with busting tyres with his “determined and aggresive” i.e. irresponsible andimpulsive, and Alonso winning when his car stays on the track or when a certain team wakes up only half-way through the season, or when his team-mate causes a safety car) since this site is full of brits, I know my opinion won’t be well received, because any british driver from your point of view is the next Senna or the next Schumi

  7. driving style*

  8. This is the best F1 history in years, I just cant wait to see the man in red and driving a Ferrari.

    I hope to see Felipe in good shape too because he is not the pet that Alonso had in Renault. It will be a Titans fight!

    James Allen have written the best words about what we will see next year:

    Formula 1 has it’s dream scenario, which harks back to the Prost vs Senna days – Hamilton in a McLaren vs Alonso in a Ferrari, two drivers on the same level with some history between them. F1, like any sport, works at its absolute best when it has a really great rivalry and we now have that. Except that it’s even better than that because Kimi Raikkonen is also in a McLaren and he’s out to get Alonso too.

    After all the pain and misery of the off track politics in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the scene is set for some classic years of racing.

    • Nitpicker said on 30th September 2009, 21:07

      Villeneuve has said today that F1 drivers are boring, are too nice and polite, and the sport needs a bit more fire and gladiatorial combat. Maybe next year we’ll see some :) can’t wait!

      • Villeneuve didn’t just say this today,he always has said this.Being unpolite and not too nice himself,he is just trying to promote himself because he wants back in F1.

  9. steph90 said on 30th September 2009, 20:56

    Nice driver choices Sicali and I am British but support Italian team and Brazilian driver.
    I don’t think Alonso and Massa will neccessarily have a problem; a lot of it has been hyped up but Alonso wasn’t the only one at fault in 2007. There is room for tension but hopefully, and I half expect it’ll be fine and we can get back to watching the best race each other. Excellent.

  10. Grace Lovvorn said on 30th September 2009, 21:23

    Well, what can I say? We all knew this was coming. All I have to do now is replace my Ferrari wall, and maybe make it a McLaren, a Ferrari-sans-Alonso, or a McLaren-sans-Lewis wall. As you can see, Raikkonen and Massa are possibly (if not definitely) my favorite drivers. I can’t wait to, though, see how both drivers do with their teammates. Lewis and Kimi are going to be unstoppable (although I don’t know how Lewis is going to like not having horrible Heikki to compare to) and Alonso and Massa (if he’s completely recovered) are going to be pretty darn good, as long as no scandals/arguments/etc. are stirred up.
    I’m starting to think next year’s going to be pretty promising. Even if I have to commit the ultimate crime and wear Ferrari and McLaren tee shirts :D

  11. steph90 said on 30th September 2009, 21:29

    Grace Massa and Ferrari…as much as I love Kimi he’s gone to the other side :P

  12. I shall read the other responses after I’ve penned my tuppence worth – saves clouding my opinion. Sorry if I echo anyones sentiment overtly (or sound mad, of course).


    Alonso is a VERY hard nosed and quick driver. Massa is a different beast, able to drive fast, and yet, he relies on the very smart talents of Rob Smedley to such a degree, you almost wish Rob was that fast himself. Odd combo. Alonso will struggle with the new team and car initially one would think, but the hardware maybe the least of his problems. I suspect, just my opinion mark you well, that Fernando needs to feel the team is pulling for him. They will be. But given what Massa has just gone through, there will be a lot of love there for Felippe. Dunno what his team building skills are like, but Alonso is gonna need all of them to succeed at Ferrari (Michael had that in spades don’t forget). Awful thought. But would help his cause if Massa never cleared the final med check – which I sincerely hope he will.

    Now the FUN one. Lewis and Kimi. McLaren. Someone explain to me why this isn’t the best F1 driver line up since, erm…, Senna and Prost LOL.

    Difference is, I got a funny feeling these guys, both being total racers, are going to enjoy racing each other. If McLaren manage to actually produce a good car at the start of the season, forget the rest, these boys are going to rip a hole in spacetime trying to outdo each other. Great news for F1.

    Finally, a word about the Ham vs. Alo opinion that envelopes the blogs/boreds. Both these guys are great drivers, as is Kimi on his day. See a lot of crap about hate between the two etc. But when Alonso stated 2 weeks ago, that he may not be the fastest driver, he wasn’t referring to Luca Badoer. These guys are the best. They know it as well. Damn sure they respect each other and share a healthy respect.

    No excuses for the teams. Minor rules changes for next season. If MCL & FER are slow outta the box, hope their sponsors punish them.

    Looking forward to a resurgent Ferrari and McLaren from week 1 – Bahrain – in 2010.

    Going to be a VERY good WDC. All the big players in decent seats.

    • Totally agree, damn the haters, next year is shaping up to be great. Hopefully Brawn GP (Mercedes?) and Red Bull keep up their pace as well, with rosberg driving for the former.

    • Martin said on 1st October 2009, 3:03

      Good points. Prost tried to get along with senna but was ultimately shunned by senna. Prost being prost used that to his advantage and psyched out senna.
      Your accessment of hamilton and kimi are probably better, they will race and enjoy the competition.
      Meanwhile in maranello if alonso doesnt start shinning and massa does it is going to be stormy weather. Get out the cheese here come the whine.
      If Brawn can figure out another few things and get his team really tracking the right direction then we will have a 3 car championship as I think red bull has shot their wad.

    • Good comment, and I hope to see a resurgent Ferrari and McLaren also. If that happens, we will have an extraordinary season!

      But, on the other hand, I don’t totally agree with you in “Minor rules changes for next season”

      They will have to make a car quite fast with no fuel for qualifying, and then put a car full loaded for the race.

      Finally, I hope to see RBR and Brawn in the top also. So it seems to me next year could be one of the best!

  13. UnicornF1 said on 30th September 2009, 21:43

    Who will have the odd and who will have the even number on his Ferrari car?

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 30th September 2009, 21:54

      Surely they’ll want to go for a non-controversial solution, perhaps just giving the lower number to whichever of them gets the most points this year. That’ll be Alonso.

  14. I always believed that 2 good drivers in one team is not going to be a great success. Look what happened with Senna and Prost combo.

    It will be a good challenge for Whitmarsh if Kimi moves to McLaren. Having said that Kimi is a quite “Mind my own Business ” guy with very less complaints and whining. So it might not hurt. Again Kimi has driven more McLaren than Lewis so he might know the team a lot better. I believe he was not in great terms with Ron otherwise, He would be still driving for them.

    On the Other Hand there is absolutely no big problem in Ferrari. Alonso is clearly the number 1. Felipe is a nice guy and a Hard worker but not a smart worker. Where as Alonso is. All said and done Alonso truly believes that the team should be centered around their star driver like how Ferrari was Centered around Michael. He Truly relishes that and would like that to happen and Ferrari on the same note also believes the same thing. Remember Massa was always the 2 driver until Kimi got bored and switched off in 2008. If it was not for Kimi to lose the motivation Massa would have been still the No 2 driver.

    Exactly oppposite to Mclaren, Ferrari belives in No 1 and No2 driver and that no 2 drivers are equal and should be treated equally.

    It would be also good if Kimi moves to Brawn and Nico to McLaren. But then Nico will spoil his career there teaming up with Lewis.

    • Patrickl said on 30th September 2009, 22:38

      I always believed that 2 good drivers in one team is not going to be a great success. Look what happened with Senna and Prost combo.

      Completely “agree”. They won only 15 out of 16 races that season. Which team would want a mess like that on their hands?

      *rolls eyes*

  15. Mike "the bike" Schumacher said on 30th September 2009, 22:01

    Excellent, hopefully back to the good old days next year, Ferrari V Mclaren, Alonso v Massa v Hamilton v Raikkenon

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