Abu Dhabi F1 track – first video lap

A lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix track, which will host the final race of the F1 season this year, is shown for the first time in this on-board video.

The footage posted by James Allen shows Bruno Senna lapping the circuit in a two-seater racing car.

A couple of things strike you from watching the video:

First, the underground pit lane exit is narrow, but it looks like there’s enough room for one car to get past another if it becomes stuck.

But they’re going to spend along time on the pit lane speed limiter there, which will discourage drivers from strategies that involve lots of pit stops.

The opening sequence of bends (which were originally dubed a ‘reverse Eau Rouge’) don’t look anything like as quick and as challenging as we first thought.

At around 1’24 we get a good view of what the run-off area beneath the stadium looks like. This is an interesting innovation which will hopefully allow spectators to sit closer to the track without compromising safety.

It raises the question of what would happen if a car were airborne at the point where it goes off the track – presumably that risk has been assessed and deemed acceptable.

The entry to the left-right-left chicane at around 1’43 has a very flat kerb on the right which blends with an additional piece of track. We could see drivers getting into trouble for using too much of the entry kerb.

There’s not a lot of run-off area in the latter part of the lap, but that series of similar, sharp, short-radius corners is not very inspiring.

What do you think of the track and the video? Have your say in the comments.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Yas Island Marina Circuit - click to enlarge

Yas Island Marina Circuit - click to enlarge

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118 comments on Abu Dhabi F1 track – first video lap

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  1. Praveen Titus said on 16th October 2009, 15:36

    This seems like another boring track by the King of Boredom, Hermann Tilke. Speaking of which, there are and have been other kings of boredom that make Formula 1 actually Formula Yawn and completely ruin the show. It’s not beacause they’re bad at their job, it’s because they’re too good at it. Examples include Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher in F1, Jimmie Johnson in NASCAR, Scott Dixon in IndyCar and Valentino Rossi in MotoGP.

    • Prometheus said on 16th October 2009, 16:28

      And I always made the mistake to think sport was about finding out who was the best… sometimes it’s close, sometimes one contender is dominant. That’s the nature of competition.

  2. Platine said on 28th October 2009, 5:14

    I dont think you can tell anything from that, I could lap faster jogging.

  3. A fan of f1 said on 29th October 2009, 19:54

    The most interesting part was guessing when he’s going turn off like at 0:45, if the safety car comes out this’ll officially be more boring than Valencia

  4. manatcna said on 30th October 2009, 3:08

    Well, from these comments, it looks like only about half of you will be watching.

  5. maletto said on 13th November 2010, 16:51

    wonderful circuit

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