Brawn’s new sponsors in Brazil (pictures)

Rubens Barrichello, Brawn, Interlagos, 2009

Rubens Barrichello, Brawn, Interlagos, 2009

The Brawn cars are sporting several new sponsors’ logos this weekend as Brazilian companies seek to make the most out of Rubens Barrichello’s position in the championship showdown.

Itaipava beer, Banco do Brasil, Mapfre and TNT all appear on the cars this weekend. But the clashing shades of yellow don’t do much for the car’s aesthetic qualities…

Brawn have had different one-off sponsors at several races this year, including Singapore where Canon appeared on the sidepods.

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8 comments on Brawn’s new sponsors in Brazil (pictures)

  1. James_mc said on 17th October 2009, 13:56

    At least there’s something on the car now rather than just some silly highlighter pen :-)

    Still don’t really like Brawn GP though!:-p

  2. TommyB said on 17th October 2009, 14:13

    Looks horrific. The different colour yellow on the front wing is just awful.

    Expect a very different livery from them next year

  3. UnicornF1 said on 17th October 2009, 14:19

    if they also add some blue and green they could rename from Br(o)wnGP to RainbowGP :D :lol:

  4. Banco do Brasil is almost invisible at car… :P

  5. Ratboy said on 17th October 2009, 14:44

    Yet another version of the Brawn gp car for minichamps to make!!!

  6. Bartholomew said on 17th October 2009, 18:09

    Looks horrible. They should start all over again with a dominant British racing green, and then add sponsor colours in a way that everything integrates.
    They should take a look at the ex Jaguar F1 team racing colours : fantastic !!!

  7. Four Six Tango said on 17th October 2009, 22:31

    It looks terrible! But its nice to see the sponsors interested in F1!

  8. carldec said on 19th October 2009, 22:32

    I really liked the car without sponsors… now it looks totally disjointed… kinda like some 5 year olds randomly applied some decals.

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