Brazilian Grand Prix – rate the race

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A huge crash, a lot of overtaking – and a conclusion to the championship battle.

What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and have your say below:

Rate the 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix out of 10

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  • 2 - Rubbish (0%)
  • 3 - Boring (1%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (0%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (1%)
  • 6 - Not bad (3%)
  • 7 - Good (12%)
  • 8 - Great (29%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (37%)
  • 10 - Perfect (15%)

Total Voters: 2,708

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2009 Brazilian Grand Prix

83 comments on “Brazilian Grand Prix – rate the race”

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  1. Only rain and Kobayashi scoring point(s) would make it better. 9/10 from me.

  2. GOOO HONDA!!!

  3. Ross Brawn is a CHEAT!! How can Rubens have such bad luck..?? This happens everytime, although Jenson is champion, he did not fight for it the whole year as a true champion should….aka Screwmacher having everything his own way…go Rubens..hope you have a better year in 2010.

    1. It wasnt really Ross’s fault that Lewis burst Rubens tyre. But even if that hadnt happened, he just didnt have the pace to keep up with Mark and Robert. And if he did finish 3rd, Jenson would still be WDC.

    2. This happens everytime, although Jenson is champion, he did not fight for it the whole year as a true champion should….aka Screwmacher having everything his own way…

      Is it Michael or Jenson’s fault that the competition wasn’t good enough? The fact that they had everything their own way (dominated the competition) does not detract from their achievement of the world title.

    3. Button would have still won the champ without Barichello’s puncture!!!

  4. Ross Brawn is a CHEAT!! How can Rubens have such bad luck..?? This happens everytime, although Jenson is champion, he did not fight for it the whole year as a true champion should….aka Screwmacher having everything his own way…go Rubens..hope you have a better year in 2010.

    1. Maybe there was team orders at play with Ross in the red team but today that puncture had nothing to do with Ross

  5. Remember Ayrton Senna, greatest driver ever!!!

  6. WDC ending early loses the 1 point for perfect. 9/10 for me

  7. Some great overtaking from Jenson made the race for me.

  8. Shame the title is over. Good race from Button. Hamilton and Vettel did great! Can’t wait for next year to see them battle it out for the title.

    Good crazy race at the start but then just sat waiting for the rain which never came. Bring on 2010!

    1. I’m banking on that too. Vettel & Hamilton are the real forces in F1. Let’s hope they get the cars they deserve for 2010.

      Not to take anything away from Jenson though. It’s his year, his championship, fantastic and a worthy race to do it too.

      Interlagos just has to be up there with the classic tracks now. It’s a bit of a kart track for F1 cars but all the more exciting for it.

      Brilliant race…

      1. The 3 of them today made it look like racing again, rather than parade laps. Although Vettel and Hamilton both had better races than Jenson – Jenson still had a great race.

        1. Did Vettel pass anyone on the track?

          1. Vettel overtook quite a few people on track as well.

          2. He got Grosjean (sp?) like every one else and a fueled up Rubens on cold tyres.

          3. Vettel was very tame on track and pulled out of many half half chances, he needs to bonzi a few moves…or get more agressive. Had he made it past the williams after button did he could have finished 2nd or 3rd. Button would still be champ but this guy did have more luck than LH…everytime he had dramas either we saw a SC or half the field destruct or RBR fail in the pits.

            Congrats anyways still won the WDC.

            My drive of the race was Kobayashi, this guy is the best :) and if anyone wants to question his driving, find yourself the 07, 08 F1 season and watch one LH.
            LH does the same and is considered a master and all the rest of the media BS…he only did it in the best car on the grid and pulled some wins with same style…thus leading to this media BS.

          4. hey..that’s a little unfair. He did end up 4th, after all, starting from 15th.

            Must have overtaken as many as Button, even when we exclude the pit strategy positions gains.

            Also, the video feed editor didn’t bother to show him overtaking Kobayashi.

      2. Vettel did overtake you just didn’t see it. They only showed Buttons moves because he was going for the championship. Vettel finished a place ahead of Button. His move on Rubens was great but yeah he needs to pull more moves off and be more brave.

        Interlagos is a great track, lots of overtaking happens on the old tracks like Spa, Melbourne etc. but the new ones you get nothing!!

  9. Interlagos proved it’s worth today. I lost count of the # of overtakes.


  10. Great race 9/10…
    By the way, what was the odd that a driver with the car number 22 (last team numbers) wins the WDC 2 years in a row!

    1. Get a Brit in car 22 next year and they’re in for a good chance!

    2. And with a 5th place finish, at that!

      1. And with a 5th place finish, at that! And at the same track.

  11. I voted 8/10 but I think mabye I was being a little bit generous. The first third of the race was certainly great, the best few laps of the entire season. But after the first round of pit stops there was very little going on.

    1. You might think 8/10 is generous, but what I’m wondering is who voted 1 terrible to 5 a bit dull? I guess some people you cant impress unless they get the person to win who they want.

  12. Love Interlagos it was a good race, if not great, in terms of racing but not happy at result. :P

  13. StrFerrari4Ever
    18th October 2009, 19:47

    7/10 great overtaking moves and performances from Vettel , Button & Hamilton.
    Congragulations to Jenson he finally did it and good to see a fellow englishman happy but 2010 that will all change as normal service will resume with the returns of Mclaren & Ferrari can’t wait!


    Congrats to Mark Webber. Great weekend for us Aussies, Webber 1st in Brazil, Casey Stonner 1st in MotoGP.

    Well done to Jenson and Brawn GP. People may say that he doesnt deserve to be World Champion but you just have to look at his drive today. He may not be the most tallented driver but he is excellent when stuck in traffic.

    Great drive by Kobbashi (Yes I know ive probs spelt it wrong!) despite some (ok alot) of blocking. If he can stop doing that he will be a really good driver. I think hes got his name on one of the Toyota seats for Next Year.

    I just had to laugh when they showed Jenson hugging everyone after the race then Bernie comes over and Jenson had to full on bend down to hug him. One of the highlights of the Race!!

    9/10 for me. Defs worth waking up at 3am to watch. Best get to bed. Its 5.30, gotta be up in an hour for school. Dont think ill be able to Sleep!


    1. Terry Fabulous
      18th October 2009, 22:18

      That is hard core mate.
      I just finished watching the replay on ONE and am heading to work now.
      Don’t take any crap from teachers on your case when you are fast asleep in English at 2PM!

      1. Not enough here about how good webber’s drive was. absolutely untouchable. awesome weekend for australia. hopefully mark can repeat that performance in 3 races time. bring on Albert Park. i’ll be there, will you?

        1. Unfortunatly not:( My mum wont let me take the time off school. Looks like its just gonna be Clipsal for me. Anyone whos in Adelaide from 11-14 of March i fully recommend going.

  15. Great race – the best so far – lets hope Abu Dabi will be better.

    Congrats Button, sorry Rubens – deserved at least to win the race, even losing the Champ.

    Great McLaren and Hamilton that overtaque – Hamilton – Kimi and McLaren – Ferrari in both championships – ley’s keep it up for the last up!

    And… the best race from Alonso so far… lol

  16. Someone just threw something at Hamilton I think. I’m too polite to right how stupid that is.
    Anyway hopefully Abu Dhabi will be race for sake of it and maybe some more fun

    1. *write, sorry race has turned my brain to mush!

      1. They can’t be an F1 fan, just some crazy person. Anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge knew at the point of the incident it was already over for Barrichello.

        1. With everyone going on about Button it’s a shame Hamilton couldn’t clinch the title last year with how he raced today! 17th to 3rd, incredible drive!

  17. 10 out of 10 for me.
    Overtaking, drama, a masterful drive at the front from Webber, some fantastic charging through the field from Button, Vettel and Hamilton, and all on one of the best circuits – no dull Tilkedrome.
    Can we have this every week?

    1. I’m with you Lewis. Action packed race. Some brilliant overtaking on the track. And WDC decided with the winner surely silencing his critics with some great hard-nosed racing throughout the pack to take 5th from a starting position of 14th. Even the weather had us on tender hooks until the end.


      Wish they were all this good.

  18. I think you must to drop out the phrase before the poll. It can manage to a tendentious answer.

  19. Mark Hitchcock
    18th October 2009, 20:21


    First lap packed a season’s worth of excitement into a few minutes and the rest of the race was still pretty exciting with Button’s overtaking etc.

    A fitting Championship decider.

  20. I’m so glad the championship was decided at a real F1 track. Well done Button, although I wish Rubens could have won in Brazil, poor man.

    Great race 8/10

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