Massa shows crash helmet damage (Video)

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa has shown Brazilian television the damage caused to his crash helmet when it was struck be a piece of Rubens Barrichello’s suspension in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Kareem Shaya estimated how hard Massa was hit for us earlier this year and came to the conclusion that:

Massa would have been 14 times better off being hit by Nolan Ryan fastball. He would have been four times better off letting Barry Bonds take a full-force swing at his head. For that matter, in terms of sheer energy, he?d have been better off letting Barry Bonds hit him in the head at the same instant that someone shot him point-blank with Dirty Harry?s gun.

It’s quite phenomenal that the crash helmet was able to withstand such a force to the extent that Massa got away with survivable injuries. Had he been wearing an earlier generation of helmet this story would have had a much worse outcome.

People talk of ‘miracle escapes’ but credit really ought to be paid to helmet designers Schuberth and the FIA for increasing helmet safety standards.

Felipe Massa Hungary crash

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