2009 Brazilian Grand Prix stats & facts

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Same number, same engine, same finishing position - different champion
Same number, same engine, same finishing position - different champion

In a remarkable coincidence the championship was won at Interlagos by a British driver who finished fifth in the number 22 car powered by a Mercedes for the second year in a row. But this time it was Jenson Button and not Lewis Hamilton.

Read on for more facts and stats from the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Both championship winners have now been decided – for more stats on Jenson Button and Brawn winning the championships see here:

The focus of the drivers’ championship is now the battle for second place, with Barrichello just points ahead of Vettel.

In the constructors’ championship Red Bull are confirmed in second place but McLaren have taken third place off Ferrari by a single point.

Read more: Championship standings after Brazil

Mark Webber has entered the 71-strong club of multiple Grand Prix winners. His second victory gives him as many as Bill Vukovich, Jos?? Froil??n Gonz??lez, Maurice Trintignant, Wolfgang von Trips, Pedro Rodriguez, Jo Siffert, Peter Revson, Patrick Depailler, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Patrick Tambay and Elio de Angelis.

It was the fifth Grand Prix win for Red Bull. Webber set the fastest lap for the third time in his career and second race in a row.

Barrichello achieved the 14th pole position of his career, matching the tallies of Alberto Ascari, James Hunt and Ronnie Peterson. It was the first time he’d been on pole position since the same race five years ago.

Barrichello is now both the 18th-oldest and the third-youngest driver to take pole position at a Grand Prix. He was 22 years, three months and four days old when he scored his maiden pole at Spa-Francorchamps for Jordan in 1994. That was a record at the time, but since then two younger drivers have taken it off him: Fernando Alonso at Sepang in 2003, and then Sebastian Vettel at Monza last year.

Barrichello’s latest pole position came at the age of 37 years, four months and 25 days. The last older driver to set a pole position was Michael Schumacher in the 2006 French Grand Prix.

As Daniel pointed out this was the fourth consecutive pole position for a Brazilian driver at home. Of the last seven Brazilian Grands Prix a local driver has been on pole for six of them: Barrichello in 2003 and 2004, Massa from 2006-2008 and now Barrichello again. The foreign interloper was Alonso in 2005.

Robert Kubica was back on the podium for the first time since last year’s Japanese Grand Prix. He matched BMW’s best result of the year with second – only this time they got the full eight points for it (the other was Nick Heidfeld’s at Sepang).

Sebastien Buemi scored his first points since the Chinese Grand Prix, and matched his best career result with seventh. He qualified sixth, his best result to date.

Kamui Kobayashi made his F1 Grand Prix debut and became the 25th different driver to start a race this year.

Hamilton started 17th and finished third, gaining 14 places. That’s the second biggest improvement in a race this year – both Toyota drivers gained 16 places in the opening round at Melbourne (though it would have been 15 if Hamilton hadn’t been disqualified).

The world championship was decided at the Brazilian Grand Prix for the fifth year in a row.

If you’ve spotted any other interesting stats and facts from the Brazilian Grand Prix please share them with us in the comments.

2009 Brazilian Grand Prix

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  1. spotted by Norbert Haugh: a second time in a row a car with number 22 on it finishes p5 and its driver becomes a world champion :-) … all this – powered by Mercedes :-)

  2. Lewis Hamilton has now been on podium of each and every track used in Formula 1 since he has debuted. However, he might lose this record if he doesn’t finish Abu Dhabi on the podium.

    Michael Schumacher holds the record for winning a race at least once on each and every track used during his career (with the exception of Turkey perhaps)

    First time, we saw a car of an opponent team’s being helped by its team members (Heikki helped by Brawn). It seems Mercedez teams co-operate on track as well ;)

    This race bears eerie resemblance to the 2005 Japanese GP. There Alonso, Schumi and Kimi started at the back finished at the front.

    Here, Vettel, Button, Hamilton (and Kimi after his penalty) also started last and finished near the front.

    Not often do you see so many drivers moving front.

    1. Not penalty, but a fiery pitstop

    2. Michael Schumacher holds the record for winning a race at least once on each and every track used during his career (with the exception of Turkey perhaps)

      No, there were several tracks which he raced on but never won on. Kyalami, Mexico City, Donnington and Adelaide in addition to Turkey.

    3. Michael Schumacher holds the record for winning a race at least once on each and every track used during his career (with the exception of Turkey perhaps)

      The record you are thinking of is actually that he won a race in every country that he competed in more than once. He only raced in Turkey, Mexico and South Africa once, and did not win there (but was 3rd, 3rd and 4th respectively in his only attempt)

      1. Also, Hamilton has never been on the podium at the Nurburgring.

      2. No, he raced twice in Turkey, in 2005 he wasn’t classified as he finished 26 laps down, and in 2006 he finished 3rd.

        1. He also raced 4 or 5 times in Adelaide, 91-95 I believe. Best result was 2nd in 92 (I was there, so remember it!)

  3. Further to Webber’s Fastest Lap, he now has an unassailable lead in the DHL Fastest Lap award. He could be levelled at Abu Dhabi though.

    2009 Fastest Laps:
    Webber – 3 (Hungary, Japan, Brazil)
    Button – 2 (Malaysia, Turkey)
    Barrichello – 2 (China, Spain)
    Vettel – 2 (Britain, Belgium)
    Alonso – 2 (Germany, Singapore)
    Rosberg – 1 (Australia)
    Trulli – 1 (Bahrain)
    Massa – 1 (Monaco)
    Glock – 1 (Europe)
    Sutil – 1 (Italy)

    Surely this must also be a record for most amount of drivers to set a fastest lap in a year?

    Also, remarkably, Kimi Raikkonen, winner of the first two official Fastest Lap awards in 2007 and 2008 with a total of 16 fastest laps in those years, hasn’t been able to get any this year.

    1. Also, remarkably, Kimi Raikkonen … hasn’t been able to get any this year.

      It’s a tough job when you’re getting electrocuted and burnt to a crisp.

    2. No one of the actual ferrari and mclaren drivers are on that list (Ham, Kov, Rai, Fis)

      1. massa is on the list.

  4. Nakajima continues his abysmal record of being the only driver to have participated in all rounds of the 2009 championship and yet not score a single point.

    Can he ace it in Aboo Dabby? I’m guessing yes.

  5. British drivers can hold their heads high, they now hold the top two spots for most completed seasons before winning the WDC…

    “Victory at all costs… victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.” (Churchill)

    The only other driver that has completed more seasons before winning a WDC is Nigel Mansell (12th season!), Jenson took a mere 10 attempts.

    IF – Barrichello had won the WDC it would have been a massive new record at 17th time lucky!

    1. here here!

  6. Again, we can see here what a fantastic race have made Lewis Hamilton with his poor car.

    For comparison, Vettel had a Rocket in his hand at Interlagos and Lewis, who started the race behind him, changed his strategy and raced his first stint much heavier than the german and, even so, finish the race in front of him — who has a car much better than the MP4/24…

    I think, Keith, you should write a post analyzing how Vettel´s inability to overtake could have compromised his championship…

    1. To be fair, Vettel’s 2nd stint was held up by none other than the newly crowned World Champion. Come to think of it, Button was 2 cars in front of Vettel in the first stint too, altogether held up by Kobayashi. Even Hamilton caught up with Heidfeld at the back of the new Toyota Train(New stat, someone took over Trulli in driving a train)

    2. I think people seem to forget at the start of the season the RedBull was also on fire not just the Brawn – on two occasions Vettel out qualified Button, but Button came through to win – it was these precious points and good drives that has given him the edge and maybe even the championship. If Vettel had beaten button in both these races, button would only be on 85(-4) and Vettel would be on 80 (+6).

      Also on both these occasion Button beat Vettel by overtaking Vettel.

      Vettel is a fast driver maybe faster than Button (but that alone does not make a world champion), Buttons experience and skill in many situation have won him the WDC, and Vettels mistakes have cost him it. The RedBull has been more than capable of winning the WDC and Constructors this year.

  7. Same number, same engine, same finishing position – different champion

    In a remarkable coincidence the championship was won at Interlagos by a British driver who finished in the number 22 car powered by a Mercedes – for the second year in a row.

    And also, the outgoing world champion finished third last year too – who has also driven for McLaren ;)

  8. Forgot something:

    – Button is first English champion in odd year
    – This is first time as English drivers have had back-to-back championships
    – First season since 1999 when there has been five drivers winning multiple races. A record is six from 1981, while five has been achieved also in 1974, 1982, 1985 and 1987.

    1. wrong, i think it was hill and clarke back in the 60’s had back to back championships, britian now has 14 world championships, and a massive 28 constructors championships!.

      ……. I might be a few off.

      1. Harv’s Bleu is correct. Hill and Clark did have back to back championships but Clark was Scottish not English. You’re in good company though, the BBC keep cocking up the British/English consecutive championships thing as well!

  9. Frist time a Ferrari hasn’t won in Brazil since when 05?

  10. Brawn has won a WCC with three teams now as as technical or director principal.

    Anyway, Brawn avoids being tied by Newey for F1 technical-directorship WCCs, extending his lead over Adrian Newey to 9-7.

    However, this is not counting other formulae, where Brawn bagged a Group C drivers crown for the XJR-14 (best and best-looking race car ever, sorry MP4-19B). Newey also has two IMSA GTP titles, and an IndyCar title with a March by his pen. Overall they are roughly equal at a staggering 10 major formulae championship designs total apiece.

  11. I posted this before but it musn’t have shown up (this laptop…) anyway First time since 05 I think that a Ferrari hasn’t won.

    1. Sorry for double post again I know have a better more reliable computer, so if it is possible could my near duplicate post be deleted please Keith? Sory for inconvience :(

  12. Second time this season that Adrian Sutil has taken a big shortcut and been wiped out on rejoining the track. But the first time that he nearly got chinned for it!

  13. It is the 5th time (after 1963, 64, 65 and 69) that a British driver has won the WDC after another British driver. Yet surprisingly, no British driver has ever won 2 championships in a row.

    Jenson Button is the 19th World Champion whose first name starts with a ‘J’.

    Trivia quiz: A driver whose first name begins with J has won the WDC in every decade except one. Which one?

    1. The ’80’s, with championships won by men called Alan, Nelson, Keke, Niki, Alain and Ayrton.

  14. As I stated in the Brazilian Race Report article. I think Barrichello holds and increased his record of number of times being the team mate of the driver that ultimately took the championship in the end. – 6 times now.

  15. As I stated in the brazilian race report article, I think Barrichello holds and increased his record of number of years he was team mate to the driver that ultimately took the championship. 6 times as of yesterday.

  16. Prisoner Monkeys
    20th October 2009, 4:10

    Another piece of trivia: Jenson Button has only driven one chassis this season, and has driven it in every session of every race (Rubens Barrichello acquired a new car in Singapore). Adrian Sutil is the only other driver to have stayed with the one chassis, but it has been rebuilt so many times that most of it is probably new.

    The short version of it is this: Jenson Button won the World Championship in the oldest car on the grid.

  17. Another little fact.

    2009 was the 4th year in a row that the winner of the season opener was crowned world champ in Brazil

    2006 – Alonso (Bahrain)
    2007 – Raikonnen (Australia)
    2008 – Hamilton (Australia)
    2009 – Button (Australia)

  18. first time that the drivers and constructors titles have been won by a team where neither of the drivers have a single driver error DNF to their name, and only 1 mechanical DNF and 1 ‘speared off by a newbie’ DNF between them?

  19. The more I watch the Sutil/Trulli incident the more I think that Trulli must be thinking why didn`t I put my brain in gear before letting my mouth go, Sutil is on the racing line and does nothing wrong, if anything He should of run up to Trulli and had a go at Him. As for Koby He should of got a white/black flag for He`s driving if not a black flag, He weaves in front of Button then pushes Nak onto the curb the lap before the collision in the Senna S and finally does such a dangerous crash causing weave that Nak is lucky to walk away from it. But you got to admire He`s drive and will surely be in next years Championship.

    1. ???? This should of gone in the Koby/Sutil crash section DOH…..

  20. Another one:

    Rubens Barrichello became third driver in the F1 history to finish in each of top 8 positions during the season. Fernando Alonso did it in 2003 and Robert Kubica in 2008.

    Jenson Button has also chance to do it in Abu Dhabi, if he finishes 4th.

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